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Black, White and Turquoise Bedding Sets

Black, White and Turquoise Bedding: Comforter & Pillow Set

White, Black and Turquoise Bedding Sets: A Celebration of Purity and Drama 

These budget-friendly turquoise, white and black comforter and bedding sets in twin, double, queen and both king sizes are the perfect way to add the pure essence turquoise blues and white bring to your bedroom's color palette, while adding the drama of black you or your teen girl loves.

Along with lots of comforter ideas, I've added some fabulous decorating ideas to keep your space balanced and your efforts a success.

Let's get started! 

To see more about each bedding set, just click the highlighted link below each image.

Getting Started with Your Turquoise, Black and White                                  Palette: Your Bedding's Personality

Black White and turquoise Bedding: 11-Pce Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter, Pillows & Sheet Set

Your Bedding and Defining Your Bedroom's Personality

Turquoise Black and White Bedding: 6-Pce Comforter Set
Turquoise White and Black Bedding: 7-Pce. Comforter Set

What's In a Bed Set?

Obviously, you've chosen a turquoise, white and black color trio, but it's your bedding design that will betray its vibe.

I've included lots of bedding sets, and even despite the similar design, even still, they have their own look.

So what's a girl (or guy; I'm impartial) to do?
Well, I would begin by scrolling down to see what--if anything--grabs the eye, as this eye-grabbing is the life blood of the bedding's job description.

Indeed, a fabulous bed set should first grab and hold the eye, then it should shout, "I'm a fan-tab-u-lous modern, or cool . . . or funky comforter," before setting the admirer's eye free to look at the rest of your bedroom's decor.

I often say that's quite the job description, especially for budget-friendly comforter and duvet sets, but something in the space has to do it! Suffice it to say, see what style grabs you or your girl's eye.

  Modern Turquoise Black and White Bedding Sets: Keeping Busy                                Patterns In Check    

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: Chevron Duvet Cover by DENY

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: Uber-Cheap Duvet Set

Busy patterns can be a stunning way to add instant WOW to your bedroom space,  and the chevron (zig-zag) duvet above is a perfect illustration.

But just as it is quite the stunner, you want to keep it 'stunning' in the right direction and not be a dizzying array of jagged lines that leave you holding on for dear life and asking for sea-sickness remedies.

It's true.

Turquoise Black and White Bedding: Uber-Cheap 5-Pce Comforter Set
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   For strong patterns, I strongly suggest you keep your pattern relegated to the bed and maybe one supporting piece, like an accent pillow on the bedroom's wall opposite the bed. This way, you let your bedding do all the talking--as it should--and have pieces of wall art in your turquoise, white and black palette.

Black White and Turquoise Animal Print Bedding

Turquoise Black and White Bedding: Budget-Wise 4 Pce. Leopard Animal Print Comforter & Pillow Set

Supporting Your Animal Print Bedding

Turquoise Blue, Black and White Bedding: 5-7 Pce Comforter Set

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: Zebra Print Comforter Set
Isn't the model room above smashing? There's one thing I'd like you to take away from that space, and it's what I preached about earlier: let the bed do the talking, and allow the rest to balance out your turquoise, black and white color scheme.

Doesn't it look amazing?

The otherwise 'boring white' sheer window panels (which are uber-cheap, by the way) allow light into the space, and the night stand is quiet, yet oh-so-cool.

Black White and Turquoise Zebra/Leopard Print Comforter Set

Now, the disaster model room here at left is the quintessential do-not-at-all-costs type of arrangement you want to avoid!

I'm guessing the distributor must have used one of those software programs to design their own model room, but floating beds in Dad's man cave doesn't cut it.

Not one bit.

So, we have to be creative and use our own bedroom to envision the comforter set at work.

The zebra print turquoise, black and white set is a prime example of zebra stripes aplenty with WAY too many look alike pieces. As a matter of fact, I'd say the space is a major fail with the bedding lost in the stampede.


At left here, is a great space: great walls, night table, mirror and sheer window panels, but the bedding appears to have suffered a major episode of morning sickness, having thrown up on the 'white' rug.

Obviously, I'm just kidding.

The rug should either be a white shag at best, or turquoise sans the zebra stripes, please. Please!

This is one fabulous bedding set. Allow it to take center stage without the over-processed look of nearby competitors stealing the show.

Indeed, less is more.


     More Sophisticated Turquoise Black and White Bedding

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: 7-Pce. Comforter & Pillow Set

White Turquoise and Black Bedding: 4-Pce Comforter Set

Enduring Patterns In Turquoise, Black                    and White

You've got the cool colors, but if you're decorating for a tween or early teenager, you might find yourself redecorating if you opted for the fun and funky print on your girl's bedding.

Kids do grow out of phases and if you want your efforts to last, a more mature style bedding like these two may be just your answer.



Wait, Where's the . . . ?

                        Getting That Missing Color

Turquoise and White Zebra Print Bedding: Comforter & Sheet Set

Finding turquoise, black and white together and in the style you find irresistible is downright a task in itself--never mind the rest of your bedroom space.

Trust me, I've given it my best shot putting this page's collection together. 

But just as scarce color schemes might be to find, filling in that allusive hue gets tricky in the grand scheme called balance.

Hmm . . .

Black White and Turquoise Bedding Set: 7-Pce Damask Comforter

Accent pillows and bed sheets in that lost color are an easy~peasy way to get your bedding into focus with your decor.

The damask comforter set here at left is defined as turquoise and clearly has the black, but a white sheet set turned down with the comforter may meet the trio requirement.

It's all in what you're willing to compromise and how much of a given hue you can do with or without.

It's your space: live it!

Turquoise and White Bedding: Uber-Cheap 3-Pce Comforter Set

Accessories & Extras for Your Black, White and Turquoise                                                  Bedding

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: Turquoise Blue Bed Sheet Set

Turquoise Window Panels Under $10 pair
Turquoise Black and White Bedding: Chevron Pillow Cover

White Sheet Set From Under $5

Turquoise Black & White Eiffel Tower Wall Art Poster

Which is your favorite bedding set? i'd love to see your comment and thanks for stopping by!


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Bedding with Birds On It

Bird Print Bedding: Duvet & Sheet Set with Birds On It

Bird Comforter, Duvet & Bedding Sets: Design to Love

These budget-wise bird themed comforter, duvet, quilts and other bedding sets have birds on them, promising to be a favorite feature among your bedroom decor.

Bird design bedding can support several decor genres from traditional to modern, so you won't need to throw the whole bedroom away to suit your new passion for feathery friends  . . . er . . . birds.

Scroll down to see the collection of fabulous bird print bedding that will for sure be among your fave

Getting Started with Your Bird-Theme Bedding

Bedding with Bird Design: 7-Pce Bird Themed/Motif Comforter & Accent Pillow Set

A Flock or a Few: How Many Birds On Your Bedding?

Large Image Of Bird Design

Pleasant Abode or Pesky Critter Aviary?

Keeping your bird design in check is a must. You don't want your efforts at decorating to take flight (a bit of pun), leaving you with a flock of pesky critters, and drowning the beauty in these bird-themed bedding sets. If you already have tons of bird accessories, consider opting for the comforter set above this one, where a few birds on the pillow works to balance your bird art and/or other, related pieces. Let your comforter or duvet be the room's starring attraction; then add bits of birds until you feel your bedroom is finished. 

Bird Themed Bedding: 4-Pce. Duvet Cover with Birds Design

Bird Design Bedding & Your Space's Natural Light

Not all of us have a fabulous splash of morning light streaming into our bedroom come the first crow of the rooster. If your bedroom is less than ideal, and shadowy corners abound, opting for birds designed against a white or bright bedding background just makes sense. I love this bird-themed duvet and sheet set; its second theme--I like to say, 'co-star' is the cherry blossom. Note the wall art in the bedding set's model room, below. If your bedroom lacks essential lighting, get bright bedding where light is magnified. Easy-Peasy.

Bird Themed Bedding: 4-Pce Duvet & Sheet Set with Birds  

Bird Design/Motif Up Close


Bird Design Quilt Sets

Getting More Light to Enliven Your Bird-Themed Bedding

Bird Design Bedding: 3-Pce. Quilt Set with Mockingbird Print
3-Pce. Quilt Set with Bird Print Design: Colorful Birds On It

Isn't this model bedroom striking? The floor-to-ceiling windows are fant-tab-u-lous! But most architecture is limited, and we're stuck with what we have.

Not to worry, though; there are a few easy ways other than windows and a brightly-hued bird print bedding to boost light and brighten your morning mood--although these quilts are prime fodder for a great start.

Mirrors bring in light from every angle, while adding the illusion of more space: infinite depth.
Note the painting in this brightly-colored quilt set. Because the flora in the quilt is so alive, fresh, the wall art falls woefully flat, kind of . . . well . . . dead. Be sure you keep colors on the same plane.

This quilt has amazing birds that lift one's mood. While the bedding won't add light per se, but its image heightens the mood, and one feels like the space is quite bright and airy.

Embroidered Bird Motif Enlarged
The white walls adds light, and pairing the paint with sheer window panels allow natural light to filter in all day long. Sheer panels are uber-cheap, so you can get them extra long for very little investment. If you have mid-century architecture, where window sills are chin high, hang your panels above the window just below ceiling high and let them touch the floor. Let that 'light' in!

Hmm . . . Accessorizing Your Traditional Bird Design Bedding

Bird Themed Bedding: 3-Pce. Bird Print/Motif Quilt Bedspread Set

Bird Design Bedding: 4-Pce. Quilt Set with Bird

Traditional Bird-Themed Quilt Sets

Traditional style quilts with flowers and/or birds on them need birds-of-a-feather kind of support (I know, I know). What I mean is it's best if your bedding's bird design is paired with natural elements.

Think natural grasses. Pieces like wicker baskets or a wicker rocking chair will look fabulous. Not into rockers? Opt for an accent chair with a woven seat, then place a large woven basket on the floor next to it.

Look for easy-care potted plants. A nice ficus tree looks fabulous along side your bedding. See this arrangement next to those super-budget-wise white sheer window panels?

Note the light that makes it through the panels despite them being gathered. These panels are available in both regular and extra long, and work well hanging well above the window as these are.

Please don't hang your wall art as shown here, on the right; I call this, the 'postage stamp' syndrome, where a teeny picture gets lost in a sea of wall area. If your frame isn't commensurate with the wall, use another size piece. If you'll need magnifiers to see the image inside the frame, go bigger. 


What bird-themed bedding set suits you best? Leave me a note; I'd love to hear from you!


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Seafoam Green Comforters, Duvets & Bedding Sets

Seafoam Green Bedding: Embroidered Coverlet Set

Seafoam Green Bedding: a spritz of all things light & airy 

Seafoam green bedding like these budget-wise comforters and duvet covers, will create a majestic, ocean-  breeze ambiance you'll love waking up to. With seafoam green as part of your color palette, even the darkest of bedroom spaces will come alive. Add breezy seafoam pillows and uber-thrifty, sheer window panels, and the rest is breezy-easy!

Scroll down to see lots of seafoam green bedding sets with great ideas for pulling your room together without a lot of fuss--and funds--beyond your comfort zone. The result is a fabulous spa-like arrangement that's cohesive, bright, and airy: a bedroom that's alive, yet serene.

Prepare to be impressed with your endeavor!


Seafoam Green: a bit of blue and green


Seafoam Green Bedding: Comforter Set with Accent/Throw Pillows

Scroll down a bit to see more fabulous Seafoam Green Bedding Sets

Use Your Sheets to Lend a More Green or Blue Look to Your Comforter or Duvet

Add Seafoam Green Sheets to Strengthen Your Color Palette

The majestic hues in Seafoam green can be visualized as blue or green--or a combination of both. 

Too, seafoam can lend to a tropical theme or serene getaway . . . or, the more posh, spa-like impression; it's all in how you accessorize. 

I love the seafoam green comforter and accent pillow set above, and I'm seriously considering this bed set as my new bedroom decorating venture. This sheet set will shift the comforter or duvet away from blue, towards a more green tone.

Can you visualize a number of themes with this comforter?



The Serene Seafoam Green Genre in Your Bedroom 

Seafoam Green Bedding Set: 5-Piece Pinch-Pleat Comforter & Accent Pillow Set

Seafoam Bedding Sets & Matching Pillows

7-Pce. Seafoam Green Comforter and Pillow Set

Getting the Designer Look for Less: begin with your seafoam comforter

When shopping for your new bedding, always take note of the model bedrooms while you're at it. 

You might go for a different seafoam green comforter or duvet, but don't discount the beautiful image of another bedding set. 

Seafoam Green Bedding Sets: 7-Pce Comforter & Pillow Set
I absolutely love the model bedroom above, but I've a gotta-have attraction to the comforter set above this one. BUT, I've a headboard much like this one here at left, so I know seafoam green will work well with what I have. 

You might want to blend two model rooms to achieve a look that's truly you.

Don't think you have to pay a lofty sum, as there will always be a lesser-priced . . . er . . . cheaper alternative. 

Keep a file or shoe box of your favorite images for easy recall. 

Remember, you are simply going for the look, not necessarily the price tag. There's no bigger sleep bandit than paying to much for those sheets!



Seafoam Bedding for a Luxurious Hotel Suite Ambiance

Seafoam Green Bedding: Quilted Embroidered Bedspread


3-piece Quilted Seafoam Green Coverlet Set

Hotel Fabulous: Seafoam Green Bedding As a Start

Budget-Wise Embroidered Quilted Bedding Set
Have you ever been to a hotel--or visited a 5-star hotel's website--where you fall in love with the suite or its images?

It goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway), you have; we all have, I bet.

If you've been away on holiday and had the fortune of bedding down in those luxurious sheets and the plush duvet or comforter, it's hard to leave and return to a ho-hum or stale bedroom arrangement.

On easy thing you can do to recapture that fabulous vacation or honeymoon, is by visiting the venue's website to see the hotel suite where you fell in love--with the decor (I had to add that!).

Remember, all you need is a similar look of your seafoam green bedding being the starring attraction, and the accessories.

You don't have to invest in a new bed. Headboards can be found for uber-cheap on Amazon. I bought mine, a tufted tan faux suede headboard, on Amazon and just attached it to an old bed frame. You can see them by clicking any of these bedding links.



Budget-Wise Bedroom Decor Options to Think About

Wall Sconces Can Be Lighted w/ Remote
Budget-Wise Large Round Wall Mirror

Remote Control Light Bulb

I included these accessories that are budget-friendly while mirroring the last model bedroom. I wanted to give examples that will work well, giving you both the look and scale of the model space's decor. While the sconce here can be hard-wired to your wall, if you're not handy you might want to consider bunching the wires inside the mounting panel, placing a battery-operated light inside with a remote control for on/off--instant lights on both sides of your bed. Who knew?!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hot Pink Zebra & Leopard Print Comforter and Bedding Sets

Hot Pink Zebra and Leopard Bedding: 7-Pce Budget-Wise Comforter Set

Hot Pink Zebra & Animal Print Bedding

Decorating in these hot pink and zebra comforters and bedding sets can transform your girl's so-so bedroom to oh-so- cool without breaking your decor budget.
Tween and teen girls have entered a new realm of coolness~ where everything has to be funky, awesome and drama~filled. And their bedroom is no exception. Creating that one~of~a~kind pink and zebra print retreat doesn't have to break your budget from here to next year.
These fun and funky hot pink and zebra stripe comforter sets for girls have it all: total coolness and with a price tag cheaper than you'd imagine. I'm a stickler for going the economical route; you could say it's my mission as a mom: save without sacrifice.
Scroll down for a sneak peek at some really cool hot pink and zebra print bedding along with a few basic decorating ideas you and your girl will agree on. And I'll show you how to great from point A to Z-ebra in not time.


Beginning Your Palette: Creating a Focal Point with Your Zebra & Leopard Print Bedding

Hot Pink Animal Print Bedding: Polka Dot & Cheetah Print Comforter Set


Catching the Eye with Animal Prints

Hot Pink Zebra Print Bedding: Comforter & Accent Pillow Set

Beginning a successful pink and zebra or leopard print base for your girl's bedroom can be a bit daunting when you consider the finished product: a really cool, ideally appointed tween-to-teen bedroom. There's layering to think about, colors, textures, shapes and theme.
Hot Pink and Zebra & Leopard Print Pillow & Comforter Set
But really, I recommend decorating in steps beginning with your room's biggest piece (usually the bed). Themed zebra striped and pink comforter sets like the one will 'set the stage' announcing your room's personality and defining its pink and zebra theme. While there's plenty of matching pink and zebra accessories I don't recommend using too many like pieces; doing so dilutes the effect of your main element: the comforter.
The model room here illustrates the 'dilution' I'm referring to. See how the matching accessories mirror the bedding? It's the 'seen one, seen 'em all' effect. There's nothing unique about the wall art, window valance and accessories. Ideally, each piece should stand uniquely on its own and lend to the room's total look, not compete with it.
Zebra stripes are the strong element you need to make a big statement and capture the eye without a lot of fuss; just make up the bed ~ easy peasy!

**More zebra print bed sets further down.

Using Accessories That Add~Not Compete~with Your Zebra Bedding

Wall-Size Zebra Theme Decals Like This Work Well for Balance in Your Theme Bedroom

 Girls' Twin Size Hot Pink Zebra Stripe Bedding Sets

4-Pce. Hot Pink Zebra Print Twin Size Comforter Set
Accessories are a fun way to add to your room's decor, define your theme and add that finished look you're after.
But going overboard with a zebra prints will result in a dizzying array of 'stripes gone wild'. Resist the urge to splurge on all those cute 'gotta have' zebra stripes. Corral the cluttered look from the start of any addition that upsets the balance in your space. You do want to layer 'like-minded' pieces but do so with caution.
here's the definition of the process: Layering is the process of adding related pieces that work well together and lead the eye pleasingly around the room.
Remember, using too many stripes will result in a hypnotic, spell~like look and feel. Not soothing.
These pieces will work well to support your theme without creating a cluttered bedroom vibe. Look for decor with zebra stripes that are used sparingly, like solid window panels like those below for best results. Less is more!

Hot Pink Zebra Stripe & Skull Comforter Set for Tween to Teen Girls

Going Plain Can Be a Good Thing!

Hot Pink Sheer Panels Are a Good Match

Two Solid Sheer Window Panels in Many Colors ~ Under $10

As I've been going a bit overboard in my 'overdone' warning, I'll be brief (if that's at all possible):
These hot pink window panels have the solid look you need to create harmony and avoid an overkill of zebra stripes. They're great for allowing filtered sunlight to stream into your room and striking enough to catch the eye. PLUS, they're downright cheap ~ as in low cost at under $10 for the pair!
Too, the panels are available in tons of tween and teen-friendly colors (just click on the image). Using large-sized solids to balance your printed pieces makes great sense and will lead to a successful, cohesive look you're after.


The Planning Phase: Balancing Pattern & Plain with Zebra Print & Hot Pink Panels and Comforter Sets

Twin Size Pink Zebra & Peace Sign Comforter Set

Being Successful in decorating is achieved with balance. Really, it's not as complicated as some algebra problems teens have to solve, rather just being careful with zebra prints and solid pinks will do the trick.
The model room here on the left is a prime example of balancing busy, themed pieces and nondescript decor.                                                                     

Hot Pink Faux Silk Curtain Panels Under $20 Pair

These window panels are solid pink and take their color from the comforter. The result is a smooth transition for the eye to follow and 'digest'. Use busy pieces on opposing walls instead of side~by~side. 

Experiment on paper or take a picture of the wall with a helper holding up wall art before you commence to drilling holes.
A little forethought goes a long way in decorating.


Grounding Your Space - Dramatic Hot Pink & Zebra Bedding Set

Consider floors and ceilings when decorating for a total, pulled~together pink and zebra ambiance. Bare floors can be warmed up easily with area rugs 'grounding' your space.
Remember, don't overwhelm your bedroom with too many zebra stripes. A larger room can support a bit more of the zebra influence but I recommend the solid pink rugs so your bedding shines.

Hot Pink Zebra Stripe Bedding: 7-Pce. Comforter Set

The darker comforter set here is ideal for teen girls. The richer pink hue is more dramatic rather than cute. If you're planning to use the hot pink and zebra theme for a few years, I recommend this set over the more juvenile bedding.
Pink is one of the easiest colors to work with; you can pile on the pink in any number of shades without worry of being ghastly. Pink is also a very forgiving color and you're wise to use it liberally in your tween or teen's bedroom.
I suggest bathing walls in the same pink shade you've pulled from the bedding. Or decide how light or dark you want your walls and go with it.


30-Piece Zebra Print & Pink Dorm Room or Bedroom Decor and Bedding Set

Complete Dorm Room Pink & Zebra Print Bedding Window Decor Set


Now, About Those Walls - Hot Pink Zebra Print Comforter Set

Since pink is such an easy and forgiving color to decorate with, its many hues work in harmony, each tone complimenting the other.
If you're like me, 'easy' is such a good thing, these days. If you're decorating for a tween or teen, you can still keep the princess pink walls and go total cool with hot pinks and black.Who knew?

Aside from the wan white, pink is the next best thing to versatility, so, go as bold as and wild as you please!

Which zebra print bedding set did you find most fabulous? Leave me a comment; I'd love to hear from you!


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