Monday, February 29, 2016

Funky & Cool: Multi-Color Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Room

Cheap Multi-Color Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Rooms

Multi-Color Chandelier with Gypsy Crystals for Girls, Tweens & Teens' Bedrooms

This multi-color chandelier is quite the unique lighting solution for small bedrooms and girls who love color and instant WOW!

Looking for small crystal chandeliers with multi-color splender, I found this sweet, 4-arm chandelier. Its Mardi Gras appeal will fill any corner with color and light.

It's quite the spectacle and I see this fixture hanging out in girls of all ages rooms. One great feature is, the different-colored crystals will make themselves at home in all color palettes.

For well under $75 and free shipping, this party-fun and funky cool small BOHO crystal chandelier for girls and teens' rooms plugs right in or hard wire it.

Isn't this multi-color crystal chandelier too cool?


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Small Black Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Rooms

The Mini Black Chandelier for Small Bedrooms: enduring & inexpensive lighting for girls of all ages 

This small black crystal chandelier may be for small bedrooms--even baby girls' nursery--but it sure offers up big rewards.

Here's a few . . . er . . . several reasons to love this design:

This chandelier, with its black crystals will last many years. In baby girl's nursery room, the black hue will look striking against pink or white walls.

Too, the chandelier's small size promises to light up a focal corner with its four bulbs. AND, if you're not handy, the chandelier can be plugged in until. . . .

You've the option to hard wire the fixture or leave the chandelier as a plug-in and take it everywhere your girl goes.

The sweet little beads have faceted crystal-like gems are well-rated by us moms and dads, and the chandelier's low price puts this light as among the best for small bedrooms. This Tadpoles Four Bulb Chandelier, Black  price is well under $100! When you figure the years a black chandelier will work for your girl--from nursery room to teen scene, I believe this cute-to-cool and funky-to-fab, will be among your best investments.

Note: The chandelier's chain links can be shortened, if your girl's room is smaller with lower ceilings.


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Fabric Shower Curtains with French Script & Other Words of Inspiration

Fabric Shower Bathroom Curtain with French Script/Writing

Shower Curtains with French Writing for a Designer-Inspired Bathroom

These fabric shower curtains with French script, bring an air of sophistication and inspiration to your bathroom. 

I arranged these bathroom curtains by theme and color: vintage to fun, then back to black and white fabric for a glimpse of early-morning cheer or late-night luxury.

You decide!

This vintage Paris Eiffel Tower and butterfly design shower curtain is 72x72-inches of polyester fabric that's washable.


Vintage French-Script Shower Curtain with a Breath of Color!


Fabric Shower Curtain with French Script on Paris Cafe

Not all vintage inspiration need be from a serious selection of hues--and from a limited palette.

This fabric shower curtain has a bit of everything: fun, sophisticated history, and the black and white typeface and French script to boot.

I see this curtain as the perfect guest bath element for relatives and friends at every level of admiration. 

Use bathroom accessories in any of the hues pulled from the shower curtain. Use red towels, or green, or keep to black and white; there's no limit to the festive or totally French space you love most.

Fabric French Script/Writing Shower Curtain with Seashells

White French Script Fabric Shower Curtain with Seashells & Vintage Stamps

I absolutely love the color scheme in this bathroom! I often talk about getting ideas from model spaces like this one. 

Find natural elements to keep your bathroom spa-like and fresh. This sea shall and French Script fabric shower basks on its own and looks quite majestic. Pull a basket from another room, and incorporate a mirror to add space and shine--especially to smaller bathrooms with shower stalls.

Simply stunning!

Whimsical or Wondrous: the freedom of black and white 


White/Black French Script/Writing Shower Curtain

French Script black on white shower curtain. 

Can you see the freedom you'll have with this fun or funky, fresh or just all-out French shower curtain?

What a fabulous addition to a common bathroom begging for a French flavor! While this model room is minimal: no color, you can really use its plain-ness to your advantage and envision the colors you want in your space.


Vintage French/Eiffel Tower Shower Curtain with French Writing

French Travel Gone Demure in Vintage Detail & Script

Travelers should love the vintage-montage design of this fabric, French script shower curtain.  

For unique wall art, consider investing in old post cards or even letter correspondences in script from years gone by, then frame them for easy, one-of-a-kind art. 

Oh, the mystery pulled from French writing and the majesty of the Eiffel tower featured in this shower curtain. Who knew?


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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Four-Wheel Rolling Walkers with Seat and Basket

Heavy-Duty Walker with Wheels, Basket and Seat 500 lb.

Keep on Rolling: Walkers with Seats and Baskets 

These budget-friendly rolling walkers make daily chores at lot more comfortable--for a lot less. Living with a handicap doesn't mean giving up on what we most enjoy, and these four-wheel, rolling walkers with a handy seat and basket are a real boon in helping us get to our favorite activity.
I've had rheumatoid arthritis for over 40 years and time has really taken its toll on my activity level. I know I'm not alone: over 46 million of Americans alone suffer with daily pain. And don't think it's just an 'old people disease' either, as two-thirds of us are under aged 65!
Luckily, we can use rolling walkers in helping us keep up with life. I like the idea of having an all-in-one walker with a seat at the ready along with a handy basket to keep all my goodies contained when I'm out shopping.
Looking through all the available walkers with both seats and baskets among the masses of inferior models, proved daunting, so I wanted to share what I've learned with my fellow 'wheelers' and write about my findings, here.
Hopefully, I've saved you a bit of time. Let's get rolling!

Plus-Size Heavy Duty Walkers with Seat and Basket

Heavy-Duty Walker with Wheels Basket and Seat 400 lb.

A Few Thing to Think About with Extra-Wide Walkers

This heavy-duty walker has it all: large wheels, wide seat, big basket underneath, brakes and sturdy frame--and a 400 lb. weight capacity. But like the large walker above, if you'll be wheeling around tight spaces with narrow doors, you'll have to keep to your home's most open areas.

Budget-wise Rolling Walkers with Basket Under Seat

4-Wheel Rolling Walker with Seat, Wire Basket Under Seat in Red
If you're like me, your budget has more weight on your decisions than you'd care to acknowledge but I was happy to find several quality-built four-wheeled walkers sporting our favorite features: comfy seat (with padded backrest) and wire or covered baskets for shopping.
Personally, I like the wire baskets over the covered pouches. Really, the covered containers make more sense - especially during in-climate weather or sudden storms but there''s just something about tossing things in a basket that appeals to me.
Blue Rolling Walker with Seat & Basket Under $100
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I like taking public transportation, so a basket is a must-have for me, as is the seat. Can you imagine having to stand when there's no seats left on a train or bus? Not to mention long lines at holiday time!
The padded backrests are a real plus, especially if your have the slightest tic in your spine (that would be me).
This selection is priced right, too. At under $100, they're a great deal for a sturdy rolling walker with all the bells and whistles! And did I mention free shipping?


Super-Lightweight Folding Walker: Fold, Stow & Go               

Lightweight/Portable Walker with Wheels, Seat, Basket

 Great 4-Wheel, Folding Walker with Seat, Basket and Backrest for Small Vehicles: In red, blue & black

I'm forever playing the Goldilocks game with "too big" "too hard" "too high." NOT fun. But this foldable-frame walker has it all for smaller vehicles and minimal storage space. 
I appreciate the fun colors of this walker: red, black or blue, the lightweight frame and not having to forsake any of the goodies: shopping basket, handy seat and padded backrest.
The price is right, too at under $100 (free shipping). Love this one!

Whichever walker you choose as being the right one, will help you achieve those things that need tackling daily. 
Get out there and get out there!


Rolling Walker with Curb-Climbing Wheels/Seat/High Basket

Curb-Climbing Walker with Large Wheels, High Basket Under Seat

I've seen rave reviews about this 4-wheel walker that's specially built for taking curbs. Too, this walker allows you to stand straighter which is a great relief to one's back.
This walker has a more compact design and looks at lot less like a walker. Most notable is its quiet, easy-roll design where you can stroll more fluidly than some other walkers. The under-seat basket is removable, which I like. For a walker that doesn't look, sound or 'act' like a walker, I'd say this Rollater is a good one!
The universal walker accessories I included here are but a scant few of what's available. I even saw a wine glass holder. Imagine that! While these walker accessories have their own hookups, you can further fit them to your walker using cable ties, if need be.
Also available, are ,esh baskets and cell phone holders, etc. My poor walker would be SO overloaded if left to my own devices!

Choose your accessories wisely but know you can change them out quite easily - just as you would a purse or jacket. You can find other walker accessories at the basket and cup holder links.

Here's an ideal rolling walker with a seat large enough to accommodate 600 pounds with its strong, heavy-duty wider frame.
It's important to make sure your new walker has the capacity for all your needs. Certainly the seat and backrest is essential, as one in every four people have damage to their hips and the ensuing pain can be unimaginable. Knee pain is also prevalent with arthritis sufferers and those with osteoarthritis and age-related joint problems.
You can find the specifics by clicking the image, here on the right. I read where users are happy with the durability, wide, comfy seat and removable backrest. The brakes get high marks, as well and some report being on their second NOVA "Mighty Mack" walker.

I imagine this roomy, rolling walker will serve you well if you're looking for a heavy-duty model with high ratings from repeat users.

You can see even more walkers and accessories at any of the image links!

What walker do you think best suits your needs? You might just give me an idea--or three!

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Purple and Pink Butterfly Comforters and Bedding Sets

Pink/Purple Butterfly Bedding: Comforter & Sheet Set

Pink & Purple Butterflies Galore

With these budget-wise and oh, so majestic pink and purple butterfly comforters and bedding sets, you can create your own magical butterfly garden in your girl's bedroom.

A butterfly themed bedroom evokes a feeling of serenity, a calm after a stormy day or a promise of reward for all your girl's efforts at day's end. By arranging your space thoughtfully and artfully with just the right amount of butterflies in pink and purple, you'll have created a retreat your girl will appreciate for many years ~ her very own butterfly boudoir.
Under $50 Pink and Purple Butterfly Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter and Sheet Set

Pink Butterfly Themed Comforter Bedding Set

Keeping Your Butterfly Bedroom on Budget

Oh, boy -- that pesky budget.
I'm always preaching the same ol' mantra: "keep to your budget, keep to your . . . "
Well, you get the point. I've made the mistake of paying too much for decor, regretting my purchase and never enjoy the piece knowing I paid too much. Trust me, there's always a cheaper look-alike to be had at a fraction of the cost that 'gotta-have' piece is.
Determine what it is that you love about said costly treasure: color? size? texture or design? Figure that out and you'll get that look-alike for less.
Here's an idea of a super-cheap alternative to pricey pink and purple butterfly bedding sets. For under $75 and free shipping, this comforter set has all the elements you need for a great focal piece without going overboard and waving the white flag before your room is finished.

Purple Butterfly Comforter & Sheet Bedding Set

Under $50 Purple and Pink Butterfly Garden-Theme Comforter & Sheet Set

Surrounding your girl, tween or teen in butterfly things she'll love can get tricky. And if you don't balance your decor you may result in butterfly bedlam instead of butterfly bliss.
I know, I've been there with my first efforts, too. I'll show you how to corral your senses and harness that butterfly garden theme ~ all while keeping things practical with my decorating tips along the way.
Together we can build that enchanting bedroom your girl dreamed of.
Scroll down for a look at pink and purple butterfly bedding sets and decor ideas you're gonna love.
Expect to be enchanted.

Pink and Purple Butterfly Comforter & Sheet Bedding Set

Your Butterfly Focal Point

Starting a butterfly themed bedroom can be exciting. You'll do best if you begin with a focal point and build your palette around it.
Most times, beds are the room's largest element, so it makes sense to dress your bed in theme-based bedding. I always stress going as 'large' with your bed as budget allows.
Your bed should hog all the attention at first glance followed by a pleasing 'tour' as the eye moves about the room from piece to piece.
Here's several good ideas for pink and purple butterfly bedding where you'll achieve the 'look-at-me' focal piece you're after.
Start with the bed and you'll be well on your way.

Sweet JoJo Purple/pink Butterfly Bedding Set for girls


Purple & Turquoise Comforter & Sheet Set for Girls

Decorating for the Long Haul: Purple & Turquoise Butterfly Bedding for Girls & Teens

Girls seem to mature faster than their boy peers and decorating for that tween-turning-teen can be a conundrum when it comes to your investment of time, money and energy. I hope I got you thinking on that note. No, the bedding set here doesn't have a single butterfly--and for good reason: tweens and teens are apt to change face on a dime and having nondescript bedding will support any number of decor genres.
This purple and turquoise butterfly bedding set's design will work well with butterfly wings, while adding a cool bed canopy and other themed pieces will build one very nice focal image but can be changed out in a flash come your girl's next craze.
You won't have to toss everything in the room with this versatile bedding set.


Cool Tween Girl Butterfly Comforter/Sheet Bedding

The Picky Tween Girl

Sometimes it's a matter of strong tastes when decorating--especially for tween and teen girls who've made their minds up and it's cool or nothing. These bedding sets have unique qualities.The set on the left has plenty of tween-friendly design: peace signs, butterflies and hearts with cool colors, while the other bedding boasts the cooler, more sublime teen hues and a more serious note. You'll have the option to switch out the butterfly theme with this set, too.
Go with what your girl loves for that perfect retreat.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cool & Funny Cycling Jerseys for Men

Men's Cool & Funny Bike Jersey: Novelty Beer Cycling Jersey

Men's Novelty Cycle Jersey: a Cool Way to Show Your 'Funny Side'

Cool cycling jerseys like these budget-wise, novelty styles are a must-have for keeping nature's elements from interrupting your ride, while adding a funny twist to some serious riding apparel.
We might not be quite ready for the Tour de France but we can look the part while we ready for the spotlight. Having the right gear is half the battle and sweat is cycling's brutal alter ego. Congratulations on making the stride, pumping power behind the pedal toward making the grade ~ one mile at a time.
Cycling jerseys fit just right. They don't rub, bind, bunch up, flap in the wind, and spare you the appalling 'plumbers' crack' that might become fodder for Youtube (I shudder to think). If that's not a scary enough visual to prompt you to make the cycling jersey plunge, consider the handy pockets for all your stuff and/or zippers to stabilize your metabolic temp while grinding away over hill and dale: up when you're chilled, down when you're heated.
But not every jersey is alike; some are way cooler than others, but that's subjective to your taste. There's quite an assortment for your riding styles ~ both athletic and design-wise.
Scroll down to peruse what's so funny with cycling jerseys.

Funny 'Old Fart' & Fat Bastard Cycling Jerseys for Men - Be Unique & Express Your Wild Side

Novelty Cycle Jersey: Men's Funny Beer Cycling Jersey

Another Reason to Drink Beer . . . er . . . Cycle

Did you know if you actively cycle five days a week for only four miles per session, you can reduce your chances of heart disease by half! That's incentive enough for me to get fired up on the two~wheeler.

  • Chest Sizes (Small 36-38")(MED 38-40")(Large 40-42")(XL 42-44")(XXL 44-46")
  • 3 Rear Pockets for storage
  • 15" Hidden Front Zipper
  • High-tech Heat Sublimation Printing
  • Elastic Waist & Cuffs

Men's Cycling Jersey: Funny/Cool XXXXXL

Extra Large Cycling Jerseys Like 'Arrogant Bastard Ale' . . .

come in uber-large sizes: to XL. This too funny, novelty cycling jersey has the humor for light-hearted cyclists but the features needed to enjoy a good ride.

  • 100% Polyester DryCore
  • Made in U.S.
  • Dripro fabric
  •  Fitted t-shirt design
  • Flat seam stitch design 
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Triple pocket in back
  • Dry core fabric for ultimate breathability and moisture control
  • Full length railroad zipper

Oh, Yeah . . . Cool and Funny Works for Serious Cycling

Cranky Old Bastard Funny Cycling Jersey 

There's nothing wrong with having fun while doing some serious cycling. This Old Fart cycling jersey has the bold orange hue to keep you--or your favorite cycling bud--visible to all those cranky motorists on a foggy day.


Cool/Novelty Men's Cycling Jersey

Funny Cycling Jersey with Vintage Design: Popeye

To keep my post here from becoming the 'War & Peace' of posts, I'll list a few . . . er . . . several either novelty, cool, funny, etc. designs available with the same features this Popeye jersey has:

Star Trek, Ghost Busters, Felix the Cat, Hunger Games, Gas Sucks, and lots more. The back of the Gumby jersey below is the same on all jerseys as well.

Funky/Cool/Funny Cycling Jersey for Men

Funny & Funky: Men's Vintage Cartoon & Movie Theme Jerseys to Size 5XL

The back of these novelty cycling jerseys are fitted, yet comfortable. I love the highly-visual, all-around graphics (sublimation).

The style jersey above, those I listed and the one, here don't discriminate with size; they all come in size X-Small to 5XL and the price of these jerseys are more budget-friendly--a plus-plus. 

  • Breathable quick-drying fabric, wicking, to make products more soft and fit skin

Funny/Cool Men's Cycling Jersey: Gumby & Pokey

Men's Funny Cycling Jersey: Fun Black Tuxedo Jersey to XXXL

Dressing Up To Head Out: Tuxedo Cycling Jerseys

Cool Cycling Jersey for Men: Funny Tuxedo Jersey S-XXXXXL


Men's Cool Primal Wear Cycling Jersey

Fun Novelty X~Ray Bones Cycling Jersey - Totally Funky

I'm rating these cycling jersey number one for funky. The very popular X~ray graphics on front and back are realistic in design. I've noticed this style is the most often sought after style of novelty jerseys and I can see why. They've all the features you'd expect of a cycling jersey with a extra touch of coolness.

The Rock and Roll Band Cycling Jersey

Rock and Roll Cycling Jersey: Pink Floyd Band Jersey

Any self-respecting rock 'n roll fan should pay tribute to one of the greatest bands of the 70s.
With a penchant for the Stairway to Heaven jersey, Though, I'll give them all an equal measure of coolness in both form and function.
These bike jerseys are form-fitting and promise to keep your epidermis breathing and not begging to come up for air.

Rock and Roll Cycling Jersey: Grateful Dead Men's Jersey
If you're begging for visibility, I'd opt for the cautionary orange-hued jerseys; you never know how ill-sighted folks behind the wheel can be when it comes to having to share the road.
With its great fit and longer-in-the-backage-to-hide-your-package (I couldn't resist), the style and fit is just right.
Imagine that.


Funky Cycling Jersey: The Racing . . . er, Turtle

Funny/Novelty Bike Jersey: Cool Turtle Cycling Men's Jersey

Unique Cycling Jerseys Can Be Fun, Too

Well, you can always say you've a reason to lag behind: a funny, turtle cycling jersey!

Did You Know?

Did you know that cycling everyday will render you physically ten years your junior? Yup, it's true. Just one more reason we need to suit up and set out on a cycling mission. I'm thinking there's nothing wrong with starting a jersey collection. 


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