Friday, August 12, 2016

Black and White Checkered Comforters & Bedding Sets

Under $30 Black and White Checkered 3-Piece Bedding Set

Black and White Checkerboard Bedding

These budget-wise, black and white checkered comforter, duvet and sheet sets are a great beginning to a fun, high-energy bedroom.

Highly visual, classic checkerboard bedding is an ideal way to rev up an otherwise boring space. And the noncommittal pattern of checkered bed sets pave the way for a plethora of bedroom  decor schemes from the expected race car, checkered flag theme to a throwback in nostalgia, with spindle beds and other period pieces added to the mix.
Because black and white checks are among the boldest of patterns, balance is oh-so-important, lest you wind up with a dizzying array of checks gone wild and a sudden aversion for the game of checkers [enter your own scary visual, here].
It's true, too much of a good thing in your bedroom can be exhausting to the eye.
Keep your love of the checkered design intact: start with your bedroom's star attraction--the bed--and incorporate a few of the balancing tips below for a black and white checkered-flag finish you've long been dreaming of.


A Bold Beginning for a Winning Finish - Black & White Checkered Bedding

Black and White Checkerboard Bedding: 4-Piece Duvet Set Under $40

Beds: Your Bedroom's Show-Stopper 

Twin, Queen & King Black and White Checkerboard Duvet Set
Ideally, your bedroom's focal piece is the bed, as it's most likely the space's biggest contributor, so you'll want to play it up with great bedding that contrasts nicely with the wall and its surrounds.
Bedding has a big list of criteria it must meet; it's your room's welcome mat, ushering in guests, introducing your room's theme and transforming an otherwise, cold slab of a bed into a warm place worthy of retreating to. That's quite a job description!


4-Piece Black and White Checks Bedding Set with Matching Pillow Cases and Bed Sheet

A Quick Word About Keeping Your Checks In Check

(more bedding below)

Checkered Flag Design Full Curtain Two Sizes

Going uber-big on your bedding is a perfect way to start your decorating venture. Having your bed and its dressing serve as the room's base makes easy work of appointing the rest of your checkered decor or racing theme, as you'll want to keep your bed the showstopper it is. Don't add anything that will trump the spirit of your comforter or duvet, so keep supporting pieces, your art and accessories, just that--supporting pieces.
Bold beginnings like the highly-visual pattern in this black and white bedding are fabulous at capturing and holding our attention before the eye moves smoothly to other pieces. What great start to what will be a sure win at your 'finish line.'


4-Piece Black & White Checkers-Theme Duvet & Sheet Set


Corralling the Madness: Using Patterns Wisely - Black & White Checkered Flag Accessories for Kids' Rooms

Checkered Flag Black & White Race Car Theme Bedding For Kids' Bedrooms


Twin Size Checkered Flag Race Car Theme Quilt for Kids
Kids' Black and White Racing Car Theme Quilt Set

Decorating Kids' Rooms in Busy Patterns: Words for the wise

These two race car themed bedding sets are very busy, indeed. I don't think I'd add more to the bed and I'd be hesitant to add more checkered flag themed pieces around the bed, either; it's just too much.
Since the checkered bedding does such a good job being the highly-visual focal piece, it would be best to focus your themed pieces on opposing walls for adding other decor like wall decals.
In the model room below, even the matching curtains seem to be too busy, diluting the value of the comforter; the eye just bounces to and fro with little appreciation for either piece. Solid window panels are best here; they won't compete with the bed set, keeping comforter front-and-center as it should be.
I love the strong hues of both bed sets; nothing else needs to be in close proximity of either set and play into my, 'less is more' mantra.


Nascar Racing Checkered Flag Theme Bedding

Kids' Nascar Black and White Checkered Flag Theme Comforter and Bed Sheet Set


Keep Your Checkered-Themed Space "Awe-Full" Not Awful

Black and White Checkered Flag Window Penants for Kids' Rooms

Obviously, the black and white checkered pattern is one busy design, so you'll want to be conservative about adding other checkered pieces, lest you wind up with a space that renders its victims nauseous and dizzy.
Imagine all your textiles: bedding, window panels, throw pillows--even a rug--being the same pattern. I'd venture to say you'll be blinking at little black and white squares well into the evening.

Are you blinking rather madly at just the thought?



Inexpensive Race Car Checkered Flag Idea For Kids  

Race Car Checkered Flag Idea For Kids of All Ages

60" x 84" Solid Black or White Sheer Panels/Curtains Under $10 Set of Two

One way to keep your retinas checker-free is with careful balancing of checks and solid pieces like the white and black, reversible comforter set, here. With nondescript bedding you can add your checkered pattern with window panels like those above or use white, sheer panels and a checkered valance. It's important to remind yourself how strong this design is and keep from indulging in too many themed pieces.




Checkered Flag Racing Theme Bedding: Black and White w/Orange Border 3-Piece Twin Size Comforter Set

Checks and Balance Patrol

Another way to balance your black and white themed decor is with added color. Choose a strong solid hue to complement all the black and white checkers. Opt for red, blue or yellow as an accent color. They're great choices for adding weight to your scheme without combating with your themed pieces.

With most patterns, it's good to go with a 3:1 ratio but with black and white checkered themes, you may want to go for one themed piece to every four plain/color pieces. This way you avoid the dizzy issue and add interest and depth to your space. Less is more!

Warm Up Your Checkered Space With Fun Rugs

Large 5' Round Racing Tire/Checkered Flag Theme Area Rug

51" W x 80" L Black and White Checkered Area Rug
Hardwood floors are very popular and I much prefer them for their air-quality value alone. But it's the hardness of bare floors that can leave your bedroom space looking and feeling cold and not at all welcoming.
Accent and area rugs work well to keep bedrooms grounded, and not lost in an expanse of floor space.
I'm loving the balance of themed and plain pieces with the splash of orange accent on the bedding. Window dressing is spot-on with solid black sheer panels and a checkered valance; they're much like I mentioned, earlier, where the focal point isn't a dizzying clutter of squares everywhere. Hints of color helps keep the eye from becoming mesmerized on the patterned elements. 

What's your black and white checkered bedding fave? I'd love to hear from you!