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Tea Carts & Beverage Trolleys With Wheels

Wooden Tea Cart with Wheels: Vintage Style Serving Trolley

Wood & Metal Tea Serving Carts

These tea and beverage carts with wheels are an affordable way to add form and function to your favorite social setting. If you can imagine the form and function of vintage style serving carts like you would a old china cabinet, it's quite the neat arrangement: period pieces from Victorian, to modern where everything's in one tidy place and at our fingertips. 

How comforting is that? 

Here's a look at several style tea and serving carts with wheels for every occasion and decor genre along with helpful tips you'll love for getting the most from your 'wheeled cart of confidence' below.

Lets roll!

You can see the details of each cart by clicking the caption under the image.

At Your Service: Tea & Serving Carts on Wheels for Decor & Dining

Vintage/Antique Style Wood Tea Serving Carts with Wheels: Cherry Wood Rolling Beverage Trolley

 Tales From Files of the Forgetful Host

 (that would be me)

Rolling Serving Cart with Chrome Finish and Glass Shelves

Having an attractive serving cart with wheels like these for tasty appetizers as well as being a lovely decor piece makes for a "double-your-pleasure" (hmm, somehow I'm thinking of Wrigley's Gum) investment you can depend on when company comes 'a calling.

Indeed, serving carts on wheels are a great idea for us entertainers and decorators alike, as there's a plethora of lovely styles-- with features we hosts can appreciate for making guests feel welcome and appreciated. 

When the doorbell rings and friends or family pay a visit, (drum roll for suspense, please) there's no second guessing, "Do I have everything at the ready?" or "What did I forget?" Those doubts can leave even the most confident among us hosts doubting ourselves.
Sound famil?


Vintage Serving Cart: a waft of yesterday just now rolling in

Vintage Red Metal Serving Cart on Wheels for the Dining Room or Kitchen


The History of the Tea Cart - Traditional Style Serving Carts with Wheels



Victorian Antique Repro of Mrs. Crumpet Mahogany Tea Cart with Wheels

Tea carts first appeared during the Victorian era ~ a time when sophisticated, ornate design reigned within the walls of the affluent. Often, tea carts were used to display fine china while en route to serving up a bounty of food. It was all about appearances.
After the turn of the 20th century, tea carts were more in keeping with their name, being the prized piece in dining rooms but used daily for afternoon and social teas during the 1930s. But after fancy luncheons and tea times fell out of favor, the tea cart became an unlikely fixture rather than the norm.

Today, teas carts enjoy a spot in many homes as a decorative piece; they're quite attractive and serve as a conversation piece during social gatherings while serving as a portable beverage station. And there's no shortage of tea cart styles (as I'll mention below) to make delivering your favorite beverage an attractive, enjoyable event.


Entertaining & Decor: Finding Your Style - Traditional to Modern Serving/Tea Carts


Vintage/Rustic Modern Warehouse Style Serving Cart on Wheels for Dining Rooms & Kitchens

Your Serving Cart: What's Your Style?


3-Tiered Tea Cart/Beverage Serving Trolley with Wheels

As I've mentioned, there's an array of beautiful style serving carts to mirror your decor. For conservative, more traditional decor, you may want to opt for the original look like the one in my intro.

Conversely, modern decor requires a more linear arrangement with sleek metal finishes like chrome, glass trays and no-frills styling.

Even the rustic-warehouse-industrial-metal-and wood serving cart like the one above, with its tell-tale casters screams modern--or antique, if that's where you want to go with style.

 A word about this tea cart image on left: I can only guess the . . .er . . . floating trolley isn't a levitation trick; rather it most likely fell victim to a new image software program. I love a good laugh, but the tea cart is quite nice for tea, coffee, wine or spirits.


Metal Tea Serving Cart with Glass Shelves

 Find pieces that work in kitchens and dining rooms as part of your room's 'landscape,' while serving cake and coffee . . . lemon pie and hot tea . . . let your taste for pastry, your decor's color palette, and your fun personality shine.

Finding a tea cart that best suits your style is very easy as this varied selection suggests. It's all in what you like most, how you'll use your serving cart and what size you'll need.


Now, About Those Wheels - Unique Wheeled Rolling Tea Cart


Outdoor Serving Carts: Great for Unique Decor & Indoor Use

Large-wheeled tea carts like these help betray the dated look of yesteryear. I think of English gardens and afternoon teas in their true setting.

I can envision any of these serving carts working in both indoor and outdoor settings, making for an ideal pick in sun rooms and covered porches.

It's a good idea to consider a cart's wheels and whether they'll work with your decor, as they're such a major factor in the cart's overall appearance. too, for best results, be sure to take in each feature of a cart's design for your space's best fit. 

Isn't this tea trolley quite the vision?


Simple Yet Sophisticated: Modern Sleek Chrome Finish Metal & Glass Serving Carts


Modern Glass & Chrome Finish Metal Serving Cart for Dining Rooms with Large and Swivel Wheels

 Glass & Metal Serving Carts: fabulous for dining rooms

Chrome/Glass Portable Wine Serving Cart on Wheels

Modern decor means clean, uninterrupted lines and sleek finishes-- a simple, yet steely look. 

These modern beverage carts have all those elements, making for a successful contribution to your space. 

While not the 'tea for two' cart, or even the teetotalers, these carts can serve more aptly as a beverage cart for cocktail parties, where you might stock them with setups: olives, ice buckets and swizzle sticks among a host of other cocktail accoutrements. 

I can see the infinite possibilities: Hawaiian umbrellas, champagne flutes, fruit kabobs, and on and on. . . .
Rolling Metal & Glass Modern Serving Cart on Wheels

Between parties, your cart would look amazing adorned with martini glasses or a lovely decanter or two. 

Ironically, the carts' simpler lines make them all the more sophisticated. Maybe that's why I love modern design so much; it's uncluttered but oh, so strong!






Decorating in Large Spaces: Roll in the Whole Bar

Distressed Industrial-Style Serving Bar Cart on Caster Wheels

Industrial Warehouse Modern Bar/Beverage Cart on Wheels

Large rooms means large pieces--of everything. When decorating for those ample spaces, it's best to think bigger is better. A few substantial pieces make a much better presentation versus several small ones that will result in a messy, cluttered ambiance.
Keeping it simple in large spaces doesn't mean forsaking what you love, just use small accessories and collectibles at the minimum in a three-piece arrangement, so they can stand out rather than contribute to the clutter.
I like this large serving cart on wheels for its eye-catching detail, ample storage and usefulness. You can create the ideal focal point by placing this big guy on a prominent wall with a large painting overhead. Keep things simple and strong with a trio of large, matching vessels of different heights and maybe a large bowl to complete the tidy arrangement. You wouldn't get such a cohesive look with a clutter of small knickknacks (can you imagine all that dust settling around and over top of them?).
Simple and neat make the best presentation.

Plain Yet Plentiful Design: A Balancing Act - Rolling Serving Carts

Rolling Wrought Iron Style Serving Cart/Trolley with Wheels for Dining Rooms



Metal & Wood Rolling Serving Trolley/Cart on Wheels

Plain doesn't mean having to ditch style, on the contrary, using plain pieces like these less-fanciful but oh-so-fabulous, rolling tea carts allow you the most freedom in decorating, serving and convenience ~ especially if you've a prized tea set or super busy print or loud design accessory piece.
A dining room, kitchen, or living space can become easily overwhelming in an instant if you're not careful. Too many great things can fast become a jumble ~ not at all visually appealing.
Ideally, each element you add to your decor should support your room's theme, not compete with other substantial pieces.


Metal Tea/Beverage Serving Cart with Glass Shelves

So, plain makes sense; it paves the way in making your space your space.
I like using the ratio of 3:1, where it's three plain pieces to every loud or themed piece. I've found his practice to be a success in balance.

I love these nondescript tea carts for their endless decorating options,don't you?


Modern Style Just Rolled In: Metal Beverage Trolley/Bar Cart with Glass Shelves

Entertaining Outdoors With Your Serving Cart ~Or NOT


Rolling Serving Carts with Two Wheels: Outdoor Patio Serving Trolley


Indoor/Outdoor Wine & Tea Serving Cart

While some furniture pieces may have 'outdoor use' as their initial purpose, there's no reason you can't bring them indoors.

 As a matter of fact, those outdoor pieces can hold up for quite some time compared to their indoor cousins, as they're made to withstand the weather.

Why not offer these hardy tea carts like this lovely one a place in your home?

Wrought Iron Style Rolling Outdoor Patio Serving Trolley Cart on Wheels

With outdoor serving carts, you'll realize all the perks as the delicate models, plus you'll have the option to take things outdoors on a bright, starry night.

Doesn't dinner and drink on the veranda sound enchanting?

Don't limit yourself to labels. Think outside the box ~ in this case, literally outside.



Large Outdoor Patio Serving Cart with Big Wheels

Outdoor Patio Metal Rolling Serving Cart/Trolley with Glass Shelves and Wheels




Entertaining in Small Spaces - Low~Profile Tea & Beverage Serving Trolleys


Outdoor Patio Wicker Style Rolling Serving Cart: White Brown or Black

In small spaces there's no better pick for furniture than dual-purpose pieces like these small yet attractive tea carts. And with ample space for housing your stems and other glassware, you've quite a substantial addition in one tidy package.

I love the idea of 'wheeling' my goodies to the scene of action, ready to go at a moment's notice.

When planning for a get-together these great looking beverage carts can be loaded down ahead of time, leaving little room for forgetting your olives or cocktail napkins.

Small Antique Brass Rolling Serving Cart Wheels: Round Glass Shelves


Planning your gathering and being well prepared in advance can promise a successful ~ and with much less stress ~ affair.

I like the idea of dividing up my tasks among several days versus the last minute rush to the punch bowl.

Don't you?

Leaving You With One Tea Cart: I couldn't leave this trolley unattended

Outdoor/Patio/Garden Rolling Tea Cart with Large Wheels

 Here's one last tea cart for my final farewell. It's a metal 'outdoor' style but there's nothing keeping you from rolling this trolley inside for a fabulous bit of whimsy while serving up beverages.

Please leave me a message, sharing which cart you found most lovely and useful to you.

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Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture Pieces

Large Wood Dog Crate Furniture: looks like end table

Decorative Furniture-Style Dog Crates: End Tables or Night Stands & Kennel In One

These affordable to designer, furniture-style dog crates look every bit the end table you need while serving as a kennel your small, medium or large dog needs. 

Adding to the beauty and function in your favorite living space, these dog crates are simply fabulous.

Available in a host of furniture finishes and modern, trendy paint hues, these decorative, indoor dog kennels promise to sit side-by-side with your living room, bedroom or your favorite space's decor without missing a beat.

Who knew your fabulous end table housed your large dog 'below deck'? This big-guy Lab looks totally happy with his smiley face!

 Click the caption (below any dog crate image) to see the specs and more info. I've updated each image.


 Wood Dog Crates For Large & X-Large Dogs (that look like end tables)

Indoor/Decorative Brown/Black/White Wooden Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture for Large & Extra Large Dogs

Wood Dog Kennel/Crate in Brown, White & Black

Decorative dog crates serve as great indoor dog houses and/or kennels to keep your pooch safe and secure while you're out for short periods, while safeguarding your room's more expensive furniture pieces. We used our dog's crate in a bedroom to help house train new additions. I waited until my puppy was past the uber-hyper chew-everything-in-sight stage before I graduated my dog to these, solid wood fancy or designer crates, though.

Your Dog's Crate Features: furniture style all-the-way ~ or not?

Brown Wood Finish Dog Crate/Kennel End Table Furniture

Your Dog and Her Crate: Some Things To Consider 

Me being the decorator spirit I am, it's only natural that I go for the crate that looks most like the furniture in my space.

Oh . . . wait . . . is the kennel for the dog?

Who knew?
Decorative Dog Crate Cover Looks Like Furniture End Table

The perfect answer is one that finds the happy median between you, your furniture and your dog.

At left here, are two great dog crates that look like end tables, but with one major difference:

The all-wood crate is just that: a furniture-style dog crate, while the kennel below it, is actually a dog cage with a furniture-grade wooden cover and bottom--usually with a slide-out bottom for easy cleanup.

Both are decorative dog crate/kennel/cage options; the rest will depend on you, your room, and your dog's personality.


Decorative Wood Dog Crate That Looks Like Furniture: End Table/Kennel

I'll continue from where I left off, above. If your dog is feisty, you may want to opt with the dog crate with metal all-around, and wooden, furniture-style table tops and bottoms. This way, your dog can't chew his way through your wood table--or,good grief, try to dig his way out! I love the modern look of this dog crate; it looks like furniture, to be sure. But for a puppy wanting a romp with a ball, decorative, solid-wood crates and kennels will have to wait. Be sure to consider your dog's age before you turn that must-have checklist from pencil to pen.

White Furniture-Style Dog Crates: for small, medium, large & extra-large dogs

White Wood Dog Crate & Cover Looks Like Furniture: End/Side Table or Nightstand


Your Dog's Breed & Her Crate

I never suggest any dog owner use a crate or kennel of any kind for hours on end. These furniture-style crates are great for overnight use--after our dogs have been fed, watered, walked briskly and cuddled.

A worn out pooch is a sleeper, indeed!

Obviously, if you've a tiny or toy breed dog, you don't need a large crate, but some breeds are known hyperactive dogs.

For these frisky critters--even if they're tired--I would at the least opt for a partial metal crate table like this one on the left. There's plenty of area to look out, and should your dog want to make noise, they can rattle the bars.

My Olde Boston Bulldogge came to know his crate as his 'bed,' running into it at night.

Later, I just left the door open at night, but was happy to have the crate when company came over.

If your beloved dog turns pesky critter when guests arrive, these crates are a must-have; they'll keep your dog in the room and in on the action, but out of the way: A definite win-win.


All Wood & Wicker Decorative Dog Crate Tables

Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture: Espresso Brown Wood Kennel/End Table for Medium Dogs

Furniture-Grade Wooden Dog Crate End Tables

Wooden Decorative Furniture Dog Crate/Kennel with Removeable Door Panel: Looks Like End Table

Dog Crate/Kennel That looks Like Furniture: Wood End Table

Should You Invest In A Designer/Furniture Grade Dog Crate?

These designer-look furniture grade wooden end table dog crates make an attractive end table or night stand in your nicest room. 

While these crates are a bit more than the less-decorative dog crates, they're still cheaper than investing in both furniture and kennels  separately.

Really, if you're well-vested in your home's decor, there's little to no sense in falling flat in the dog crate department.

Trust me, you'll regret it.

Fold-Out Dog Crate Table With Safety Fence & Gate

Decorative Indoor Furniture Style Wooden/Metal Folding Fence/Gate/Dog Crate: Folded, it looks like end table furniture

Company Coming? Wooden Dog Cage/Crate End Table Unfolds

Furniture Style Brown Wood Dog Crate as End Table

This posh furniture style wooden dog crate makes a sturdy piece of furniture as an end table in any room, but easily unfolds to create a great indoor safety fence with a gate that latches.

Click either caption to see the measurements & other specs.


Wicker/Rattan Dog Crate End Table - Available in Small,Medium to Extra Large Sizes

Furniture Style Wicker Dog Crate Looks Like End Table

If you've a beach getaway, Florida room, sun room or love natural elements, wicker and rattan furniture pieces are a given when it comes to decor.

I've included just two crates here, but there are several more if you click either link.

These decorative crates can easily double as a coffee table, while saving valuable floor space--especially in tighter vacation homes.

If you want a nice-sized coffee table but have a small dog, opt for the large crate anyway; you're little dog won't mind one bit.


Here's Some Decorative Dog Crates That Belong In Their Own Category

Chew-Proof Amish Furniture Style Dog Crate Wood Cover End Table

Modern Furniture-Style Dog Crates for a Splash of Wow!

Modern Decorative/Fancy White Furniture-Style Dog Kennel/Crate That Looks Like End Table

Decorative Modern Dog Kennel Looks Like Furniture

Fun, Yet Sophisticated Modern Dog Crates

If you love modern design, and most if not all, your furniture pieces are modern, dog crates with the sleek sophistication these boast may be your best bet.

The dog crate here on the left is available in several colors, and the high-gloss finish add to a convincing, modern look, while keeping small, medium and large dogs safe and sound.


An Easy Semi-DIY Dog Crate Coffee Table 

Wire Dog Crate Can Be Made Into Modern Coffee Table Kennel for Less

If you need a large-and-long dog crate that doubles as a coffee table, consider this metal kennel. Simply add 1'x6' wood planks atop the crate and VILOA! You've a nice industrial warehouse loft style dog crate table!  The crate already has its door; all you need is a few wine glasses and a nice cheese platter. 

Furniture style dog crates, dog kennels that look like furniture, indoor dog kennels that look like furniture; fancy dog crates; luxury dog crates; luxury dog crate furniture; fancy dog crate furniture; decorative dog crate furniture

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How To Dislodge A Pill That Is Stuck In Your Throat

Having A Pill Get Stuck In Your Throat Is Can Be Scary

What You Can Do To Remove A Pill Stuck In Your Esophagus 

Here's several easy ways you can dislodge pills stuck in your throat. I've also included some tips I haven't seen elsewhere for getting that pill down. 

It can be really scary when you have a vitamin, capsule, stubborn pill stuck in your esophagus. and you're wondering what to do to remove it. Pronto. 

You can skip my 'word fluff' here, and scroll down a bit if you're in the midst of trying to get the culprit out of your throat. It can be an ordeal indeed. Hopefully, my how-to will work for you or a loved one.

First, I am not a doctor or medical professional and if you have trouble breathing, by all means, call 911 and pronto!

You Need to Dislodge a Capsule That Is stuck In Your Esophagus (throat)

Capsules can be a challenge for two reasons: If your throat is dry, capsules can stick anywhere in the mouth. I had a capsule stuck to my lip, and when I peeled it away the very thin skin came with it ~ big OUCH! The other really important reason capsule-type pills can be a problem is the medication inside them.

Some medication will burn your esophagus once the capsule dissolves. For this reason, I recommend you do this:

If you can swallow but still feel the pill in your throat, heat milk or tea until very warm in the microwave. Dissolve a bit of baking soda in the warm liquid (milk, tea, even hot cocoa). You only need 1/4 teaspoon of the baking soda; it may help neutralize the caustic acid of the medication. If you don't have baking soda, chew (until very fine) an antacid, or sip a dose of liquid antacid. 

You will still need the very warm liquid to dissolve the capsule. Be careful you don't heat the liquid to too hot; then you will have more problems. Sip the liquid until the capsule is dislodged from your throat and fully on its way to your stomach. If the pill is just moving about, try taking a large gulp.

Your mind can take over and work against you on this last swallow, causing your throat muscles to become tight. Try to relax by thinking positive and swallowing normally.

Do NOT bring your mouth down to the drink! Bring the cup up level with your mouth, then move your head forward just a little, drink normally. A straw can help aim the liquid toward the capsule. I've had plenty of pills stuck in my throat and moving my head forward has cut down the incidence by 98%.


You Have A Vitamin Tablet or Caplet Stuck In Your Throat

(if you are alone, text someone that you are having trouble)

Vitamins and medication in tablet, caplet (capsule-shaped pill) form can take longer to dislodge than capsules, but don't panic. Getting upset will only work against you. Do not try to vomit by sticking things in your throat! You need to be in control as best as you can of where the pill is going, and fingers may make your problem worse.

Throat Sprays Like Pill Glide Can Help
First, put a pea-sized bit of butter or oil on your tongue. Work it around until your mouth is coated. Swallow gently. Repeat. Heat tea, coffee, cocoa, milk or anything you have on hand--even water. Make sure you have enough liquid to dislodge a stubborn pill. Bring the drink up to your lips'  level. Move your head forward, then sip. Don't tense up or your throat muscles may constrict. 

Hopefully, the butter/oil and the very warm beverage will dissolve the vitamin or pill enough to swallow it. If you gag, let it happen naturally; don't force anything. If you feel like the pill is in a 'iffy' place, slowly inhale through your nose and cough; never resist gagging, but focus on breathing ONLY through your nose any time you think you could choke. 

NOTE: This is good practice with food, too. A panicked breath through the mouth will drive lettuce, hot dogs, etc. further. Control your breath, inhaling through the nose, cough up the pill or food, followed by more breaths through the nose until you are sure of yourself.


Ways To Avoid Getting Pills, Capsules and Tablets Stuck In Your Throat: Why This May Be Happening

Make Sure Your Pill Is Safe To Split
I bet you're asking, "Why do pills keep getting stuck in my throat?" Well, you're not alone; it happened to me--too often. And the more I thought about it, I could almost count on a sort of mind game where any pill: capsule, caplet, tablet . . . well, you get it . . . would get lodged in my esophagus. Why? What was I doing? You may find yourself in what I describe:

Over the course of several years, I figured out why (for me) pills kept getting stuck in my throat. You'd think I was a slow learner having so many years go by and not much relief in the pill-gets- stuck department. Well, I kept hoping that changing my vitamin from tablet to capsule would remedy the problem. Then, hoping that large pill being traded out for a smaller one would fix things. Or the big tablet for a caplet . . . or, well, whatever; you get this, too. I think my first two or three harrowing experiences had me so nervous I unwittingly tensed my throat, making swallowing pills crazy-difficult.

Here's some tips that work for me (pardon any redundancies):          

Cheap pill crushers work well
  • Be sure you always take a drink of water before you place the pill on your tongue
  • Move the capsule or tablet around in your mouth to make sure it's wet all around
  • If you just can't seem to get any pill down--even when it's wet--you might coat it in a bit of oil or butter.
  • Make sure capsules end up vertically on your tongue before you take a drink. Curl your tongue to be sure the pill is longways, if necessary. 
  • Keep your drink counter height; this helps remind you to bring the glass to your mouth
  • For some reason, moving your head forward keeps swallowing less an effort
  • Use soda and a straw. But make sure the straw isn't too narrow or you'll have to suck harder, and the pill will be all the more difficult to get down. 
  • Don't swallow your pill with warm or hot liquid. Your capsule will melt in your mouth and may burn your esophagus with its caustic contents. Warm liquid will melt the protective coating on many pills. Only use warm liquid when the pill is stuck.
  • Use a pill splitter if your doctor or pharmacist says it's safe to do so.
  • Pill crushers are handy, too. Usually, if you can split a pill, it's safe to crush. You can buy one, or place the pill between a cloth napkin folded over, then use the bottom of a thick glass to pound it into powder. 


Well, that about sums things up. If you have a tip or want to express your experience trying to swallow a pill, I'd love your comment!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tractor Theme Bedding for Kids From Baby's Crib to Toddler On Up

A Night on the Farm: Tractor Bedding for Kids, Baby & Toddlers

Tractor Bedding for Kids: 5-pce John Deere Tractor Comforter Sheet Set

These budget-wise tractor bedding sets for cribs, toddler beds and big kids' beds are a great way to introduce your tractor theme to any bedroom space.
Indeed, tractor bedding for boys (and the adventurous girl) has any number of genres from the classic down-on-the-farm green to a more formal tractor and plaid design; the choice is yours depending on your taste in color and formality--or not.
Starting your new tractor bedroom theme is made so much easier when you begin with the bed and work outward. I've included several fun tractor bedding sets to help you decide where your child's love of tractors will take you in your decorating venture.

 I'll start with toddler and crib/nursery bedding, then on to big kids' tractor-themed bedding. You can click the bedding's caption (on the bottom of each image) to learn more about each bedding set.

Getting Started with Your New Tractor Theme Bedding 

Tractor Theme Bedding: Comforter Quilt, Sheet/Pillowcase, Pillow, Window Valance & Banner Set for Toddler


Tractor Bedding for Toddlers

Johnny Tractor Toddler Comforter and Bed Sheet Set

Your Bedding as Focal Piece

Starting your decorating venture should, ideally begin with your bed as it's most likely your room's largest contributor ~ especially if it's visually in direct line with your child's bedroom door.
If you want to paint the walls, decide if you want your bedding to influence your paint's color choice or if you have a strong preference for your walls' color and you'll be following up with the bedding afterward.
Toddler Tractor Bedding: Under $30 Duvet/Pillowcase Set
I suggest taking a color from your bedding and following suit on your walls with a shade or two lighter/darker paint. You can really warm up a space quickly with wall color; paint is the simplest way to dramatically change your room's ambiance, so choose wisely and sample the paint on each wall before going full-on with your painting process.
You'll want your child's bed to stand out from the walls and take over with a "look at me" impression. Bedding is important in that it introduces your room;s theme and is the basis for everything that follows it (like accessories and wall art).
My mantra is, "Go as big as you can with your bedding." All other pieces should support your room's main attraction: the bed. Here's a few ideas for tractor themed bedding. They feature a high visual impact and will earn their keep as your room's focal point. So, start with your tractor theme bedding; everything else is easy-peasy when you start with a great focal point.

Nursery & Toddler Tractor Scene: Giant Wall Decal/Removable Sticker Kit

Extend the Life of Baby's Tractor Bedding with Colorful Toddler Beds

(more tractor bedding & decor below)

Tractor-Themed Nursery Bedding: Red Tractor Crib Quilt, Sheet, Window Valance & Crib Skirt,

Getting Started with Your Tractor Theme Bedroom or NurseryYour Space's Focal Point

Tractor Crib Baby Bedding for Nursery: Comforter, Sheet & Skirt

Tractor bedding--especially crib sets--are hard to come by, so you may find that you're settling for a less-focused bedding set than you had envisioned. 

Really, the farm crib bedding sets like these that include tractors in their design can be made to look like they're more 'tractor-ish' than they really are by adding tractor wall art and perhaps a tractor themed lamp and accent rug (like I've shown below).
These added, tractor pieces will trick the eye and our memory into envisioning and 'remembering' more tractors in the bedding than actually exist! 

Nursery Crib Bedding : This Tractor Baby Blanket Can Be Repurposed

I love babies' rooms that are colorful and have a story; these nursery rooms are quite the interesting subjects for little eyes hungry for knowledge and zeal to discover.

What better way to help your little one grow intellectually? I know, that sounds a bit much but it's true. Providing subjects of different size and color helps wee ones grow, expanding their world.

Kids' & Toddler Tractor Accessories: Barnyard Toy Box

Making a Bedroom Your Child's Own
Personalizing Tractor-Themed Pieces

Kids love bedroom that betray their passions and  these toy boxes, are certainly one-if-a-kind pieces that will command attention in your tractor-themed bedroom. 
Tractor Themed Accessories: Tractor Toy Box Seat
Specialized/custom furniture can be crazy-pricey, but if you're like me, the idea of personalizing the wooden pieces is very attractive.
You can save a ton of money painting your child's name yourself. All you'll need are stencils, red or green acrylic craft paint, and a sponge tamping kit.
You can also personalize your child's room with other fun and attractive artwork. Wall decals are often available with kids' names on them or you can paint wooden or cardboard letters to spell out a name or just their initials. 

For a super budget-friendly way to personalize, consider painting their name above their bed or on your child's door using stencils and those under $1 acrylic craft paints in their favorite color. Even the simplest forms of personalization is appreciated by your little one.


Dressing Your Windows - Tractor Theme Curtain Panels 


Matching Tractor Panels: Yes or No?

Kids' Tractor Bedding: Single or Double Duvet

Themed bedding often has coordinating window panels or valances like these tractor themed pieces but if your boy's or girl's room is on the small side, be careful to avoid too many busy prints that can make a room look cluttered.
I do like either of these options to support your tractor themed bedding: for smaller bedrooms, you might want to go for a tractor-themed valance with my fave, sheer window panels; they're not busy and won't threaten to dilute your bed's impact as focal point and show stopper.

 For large bedrooms,you can opt for matching panels like this duo here, or use a matching valance paired with solid color sheer panels that are often available for less than $10 per pair. 

This way, you have your tractor look without the weight of too much busy-ness.

Tractor Accessories:19" Tractor Table Lamp Also an Art Form

Remember, not everything need have a tractor on it. It's best to reserve your favorite, larger pieces for 'tractor duty.'

Tractor themed accessories like this table lamp couples as both ambient and task lighting and attractive art form.

Your baby or child's first sculpture?

I've included another tractor lamp further down, but this lampshade is not branded, leaving the shade for all art piece.


Twin Size Tractor Comforters & Bedding Sets


Big Kids' Tractor Theme Comforters & Bedding Sets

Kids' John Deere Tractor Bedding: Tractor Comforter & Bed Sheet Set

Twin Size John Deere Tractor Comforter & Sheet Set

Using Rugs in Your Space

Tractor Accent Rug

Yellow Tractor 31-inch Area Rug for Kids
I'm a big fan of rugs; they're a great way to warm hard cold floors while grounding your decor scheme. I like the idea of placing an accent rug along the side of the bed where your child's feet are cushioned when getting out of bed. Little ones have time to don slippers and avoid those cold floors.
Diecut rugs like his too-cute tractor accent rug are artwork pieces for your floor. They're quite visually appealing and add to your space's focal point without taking away from the bedding's impact. You can opt for tractor shaped rugs like this one or go for a farm-themed play rug with roads that kids can entertain themselves with quiet play (if thats possible!).
I recommend a tractor rug like this one if you're going for plain/solid bedding, where it will make quite a statement as a decorative, themed piece.

Fun Farm Rugs Work Great for Tractor-Themed Decor & Play

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John Deere Tractor Bedding: Plaid Comforter & Bed Sheet Set
Traditional Plaid: for a Polished Look - John Deere Bedding & Coordinates
Plaid evokes a warm feeling of nostalgia. Coupled with brown, earthy hues and you've a more formal setting in your child's bedroom.
I like the lighter shade of brown in the paint color in the model room, here. There's a cohesive balance of brown hues where the eye moves casually around the room from piece to piece. Notice how the darker window panels are offset by the headboard, rug and picture frames. It's all about balance!
For those of us who are 'decorating challenged' I often recommend using model rooms like this one to mirror your own palette. This way, it's easy to have an amazing outcome and your tractor room will look as though you've had a professional's help!
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Using Accessories to Build Your Theme

Tractor Theme Accessories for Baby to Kids: John Deere Lamp

Tractor Lamp & Pillow

Accessories help in supporting your focal point and are a must-have in any themed space. Be careful not to go into 'system overload' with tractors galore. Too much and your eye bounces around like a wayward tennis ball! Not good.
John Deere Tractor Tire/Wheel Pillow
You do need, however, to appoint several favorite, truly unique tractor elements into your room and the best way to do this balancing act is by ensuring that each tractor piece is significant. Your tractor room is better appointed with a conservative number of ama-ZING" pieces versus lots of ho-hum "yeah, it's a tractor" pieces.
Make every tractor count and stand out with the Less is more approach. My ratio is 3:1, where it's three plain pieces to every amazing themed piece. Not only is this a great ideal for achieving balance but it's much easier!


Sizing Up Your Tractor Wall Art

John Deere Tractor Wall Art: Giant-Sized Removeable Wall Decal/Sticker

Giant-Sized John Deere Tractor Wall Decals/Stickers

Giant John Deere Wall Art: Removeable Wall Decal

Oh, boy, I do love these giant tractor wall decals! Although I do like all wall decals for their high visibility, uniqueness as wall art, ease of application and low cost.
That's a lot to expect from one decorative element but wall decals sure deliver and they're available in any number of sizes, too.
Speaking of size and wall art, be sure you artwork is large enough for your intended wall space. I've seen so many tiny pictures get lost in a sea of wall board, where they hardly have any visual contribution. Well, actually, they don't have any value as art when they're so small; the pictures seem to be an afterthought

Tractor Wall Decals: Sizing Up Your Wall Space

Red Tractor Wall Decal/Art for Baby to Big Kids' Room
Before choosing your tractor wall decals or posters, measure your wall and know what you'll need for your art to take center stage. You may have seen elsewhere when I've lamented this artwork mantra: "Big wall, big art; small wall, small art." There's nothing worse than a litter of small, displaced pictures hanging at an annoying angle. Like your accessories, less pieces but more impact works far better than the former, cluttered result.
One giant tractor decal can do the job better than a messy arrangement of little tractor pictures. You don't want a cluttered, messy look on your wall. Not serene. At all!
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Which tractor comforter or bedding set do you find fabulous? I'd love to hear your comment!