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Charcoal Grey Comforter & Bedding Sets

7-Pce. Charcoal Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding Set

The Versatile Hue: Charcoal Gray Bedding

Charcoal grey comforter and bedding sets like these make for an ideal 'playing field' where you can transform your space into any style from monochromatic to complex and colorful.

Indeed, charcoal grey is gender-neutral and its promise to deliver the ambiance of your literal dreams is limited only by your imagination and need for color--or not. And getting your bedroom space off to a perfect start is key, so you'll want an amazing focal point, one that stands out, garnering plenty of attention. It's this first step that just the right charcoal grey comforter set or duvet is oh-so-important and you'll need to add other tones to support your theme and things can get tricky. Not to worry; with a few decorating suggestions, I hope to help you get from Blah to bold. Scroll down to peruse several charcoal grey bedding pieces: comforters, duvets, pillows and sheet sets along with several ideas on how each contributes to an ambiance you can live with and appreciate.


In the Beginning
                                                 What's Your Style Decor?   

7-Piece Charcoal and Grey/Gray Comforter Bedding Set

Charcoal Grey Done Up In Many Palates 

As I mentioned earlier, charcoal grey is one hue that can take on the persona of casual and simple or conversely, steely and sophisticated.

Here's a look at how one color can be played out in several different genres: traditional style in the pin tuck of the comforter (above left), modern and contemporary like the remaining bedding sets and with a splash of orange, you'll have mid-century modern.

Indeed, there's a host of personalities to choose from; you'll only need to settle on one, though and by adding accessories you'll define your space's 'voice.'

Get the Look You Wanted: Accessorizing Your Charcoal Grey Comforter 

7-Piece Comforter Set Slate Blue Charcoal Grey/Gray Bedding
With the simple addition of a throw pillow, you can change face of the bedroom's entire focal point. It's the neutrality of gray that lends to your creativity and personality.

When working with charcoal bedding, your accessories will work well to define your bedroom's vibe: Neon wall art creates a casual, playful ambiance, while sunny hues enliven your space and creates the illusion of natural light where there may not be much--or any at all.

Once you arrive at your must-have faves for bedding, the rest of your decor is free for the taking.

Now, that's fun!


The Many Shades of Charcoal Grey

Budget-Friendly 7-Piece Bedding: Charcoal Gray/Grey Stripe Comforter Set


Simple to Complex: Solid Charcoal Grey Bedding for Any Style 

3-Piece Down Mini Charcoal Grey/Gray Comforter Set
Grey is a hue that's both simple and complex. But that ambiguity is a good thing for your new decorating venture.
I included the casual throw pillow below to illustrate how well the lighter grey hue balances the depth of the charcoal grey in the bedding.
The pillow banishes any foreboding impressions we might get from such an 'overcast' of grey the dark bedding might produce-- much like a threatening, cloudy sky overhead looks.


Charcoal Grey/Gray Reversible 4-Piece Comforter Bedding Set

It's very important to manage such colors like charcoal, lest you wind up with a depressing result. You want to keep your grey focal point a crisp, welcoming nest of bedding and not a bat cave.
Can you envision the grey and white pillow elevating an otherwise dark, foreboding space into new heights of warmth? I can see the charcoal bedding in a new 'light' now.

Charcoal Grey & TextureBasic Pleating Can Add to Your Bedroom's Dimension

Pinch Pleat 4-Piece Charcoal Gray/Grey Comforter Bedding Set

Texture Comforter Sets Pinch Pleats: A Traditional Bedding Pattern with Versatility

For more classic decor, traditional pinch pleats, like with this charcoal grey comforter above is all that's needed to introduce your intentions. Add a mix of pinch pleat white pillows if more light is needed in your bedroom's overall space.
There's no better charcoal comforter set for added texture than the bedding below where the pleats are hand-folded then sewn. Each pleat is a play on light and dark charcoal: the folds capture light as it shifts, so you'll have a different hue literally all day long.
Continue the traditional genre bedside with the addition of lamps and warm rugs that suit your bedding and style.

5-Piece Charcoal Grey Bedding: Hand-Pleated Charcoal Color

Metallic Finishes for that Big City VibeCharcoal Gray City Skyline Bedding & Decorative Throw Pillow

City Scape Skyline Charcoal & Greys Comforter Cover Bedding Linen Set

When I see a spectacular pieces like this charcoal grey and metallic trim throw pillow and a very complementary bedding set, I want to tear my bedroom's decor scheme to the bare bones and start anew with it!
I'm serious.
I've a penchant for city skylines and metallic finishes; they're so New York City. It's as though I'm transported to Big Apple . . . curbside . . .and hailing a cab.
Throw Grey Suede Pillow
That's what great decor does; it transports us to new realms, takes us away from our ho-hum rituals and allows us to take respite from the day's crazies. I know, I'm being a bit (just a bit) dramatic but it's decor like the above duvet set--and then the pillow--that starts my wheels thinking in new directions and dimensions.
For great modern decor with a SoHo spirit, metallics are a must-have and mind you, said metal finishes needn't be hardened steel. There are plenty of fabulous textiles like the pillow and duvet above that betray the hard-as-steel look we modern decor fans love.
Budget-Wise Charcoal Grey/Gray & Black Flocking Comforter Set

What is Flocking?

Flocking is a texture added to fabric resulting in a raised, fuzzy texture, often to create a pattern or design like the floral work you see in black on the comforter and pillow shams as well as the striping on the accent pillows. Flocking is ideal for bedding--especially in smaller bedroom spaces where added texture adds warmth and dimension. I love how well the black pops against the charcoal grey, don't you? Use light grey sheets for that all-important layering. Viola! A designer look for less!


12 Pc Black and Charcoal Grey Stripe Comforter Bedding Set

Got White? Charcoal Grey Bedding Loves It!

Charcoal grey is one hue where white walls are a great option. I've never been in favor of the blank canvas appearance of white walls but with some bedding colors like charcoal and yellow, if you're stuck with a 'no-painting' policy, these colors are your friend.
I love the idea of pairing up charcoal--any greys, really--with white window panels. Between the walls and windows, you'll have a nice continuum of space that appears bigger and brighter.
If you're insisting on painting, a light grey focal wall (behind your bed) will look fabulous; just leave the remaining walls white or consider an even lighter shade of grey.
This bedding (above) will look great with a similar shade of green as the bedding's accent color.
Keep from using similar shades of grey on walls, though; you want that amazing bed set to stand out from the rest.

Uber-Cheap . . . er . . . Budget Friendly Grey Sheet Sets: soft and well-rated, they make great mates to charcoal grey bedding

I saved the best (or at least my fave) charcoal grey & black bedding set for last. Scroll past the sheets to see it and leave me a comment with your best pick!

Striped in Grey Hues Sheet Set
Uber-Cheap Grey Sheet Set

Grey Trellis Sheet Set

7 Piece Black Charcoal Grey/Gray Micro Suede Comforter Set with accent pillows




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White Metal Frame Daybed with Trundle: Roll Out & Pop Up Trundles

White Metal Daybed with Trundle: Metal Scroll Frame

Opulent White Metal Daybeds with Trundles: Grandeur & Grid Iron

These budget-wise, white trundle daybeds have a convenient trundle underneath for comfort. Each bed has a fabulous white metal frame that will betray your love of a number of decor genres like traditional, cozy cottage feel  to modern with its clean, straight lines and cool metal.

White metal daybed frames are a great start to your opulent space.

Who knew?


Getting Started with Your Room's Decor: white metal daybeds as a focal point


White Iron-Style Metal Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle Bed Underneath

Your daybed will be your bedroom's focal point, where the eye falls--or focuses upon entering the space. White is so 'fabulous' because you pretty much have free rein with your daybed's dress. 

With white, you can go with bold hues for modern and kids rooms, or solids and geometrics for modern spaces. White just turned very interesting, didn't it?

This white metal Daybed has a pop-up trundle that pops up, but it's hidden behind a bedskirt. Note the daybed's bedding: it has a country charm design that melds well with the bed frame and other country pieces.

To see the specs on each daybed, just click the link on the bottom of each image.

White Metal Daybed with Pop Up Trundle Bed Underneath

The trundle daybed above has the pop up bed underneath and it's included (with free shipping as of this writing). I prefer to have my furniture pieces delivered to my home rather than renting a truck--or a friend's time energy, gas, etc. The bed, the pop-up trundle and shipping is under $480. A very good bargain when you consider it all!


Traditional & Contemporary Daybeds: same white metal frame with trundle underneath, but . . .

White Metal Iron-Style Daybed Frame with Roll-Out Trundle
This white metal daybed has a nice roll-out trundle for impromptu sleepovers and unplanned, overnight company.

The framework here has a simpler, more straight-lined, (linear) scrolling on its arms and the daybed's backrest that works well with kids,' traditional and contemporary decor, like the plaid work in this daybed's image.

You can opt for the cottage bedding like with the daybed above and have your trundle bed (underneath) hidden with a bed skirt or keep a coordinating sheet on the bottom. Cover the trundle's sheet with a flat sheet, leaving its visible side untucked and draped. You might have to play with what works best for your taste.

A Word On White

White Metal Frame Daybed with Trundle Underneath

Uber-Budget-Friendly White Metal Cottage Daybed with Trundle Underneath

So, we've gone from country cottage style ornate metal framed daybeds to this more straight line piece of art . . . er . . . white daybed.

Can you tell it's my fave?

There's just enough on the daybed's metal framework to make it charming . . . or . . . ornate . . . or. . . . Having white accessories like in the model bedroom here, won't take away from your bed. And a great way of decorating around your trundle daybed is easy-peasy--and uber-cheap, too! Simply paint some old picture frames, vases, even lamp shades with white spray or cheaper white craft paint. Then add a spritz of hot color: yellow, lime green, orange or whatever. Instant art. Viola! 


Uber-Cheap White Framed Metal Daybed with Optional Rolling/Pull Out Trundle Bed


Optional White Metal Rolling Pullout Trundle

The Optional Trundle

I'm one who thinks outside the box for ways to save, and finding this rolling trundle bed has it all: it's cheap, white, metal, and will work with just about any daybed frame.

 Did I mention it was budget-wise?

The daybed image above, features this trundle bed and as you can see how well it works if you want to decorate on a budget like I do.

NOTE: You can also find separate pop-up daybed trundles at the link, here but I just wanted to include this one to illustrate the possibilities.


Under $100 Modern White Metal Daybed for Optional Trundle

Modern & Budget-Friendly White Metal Daybed

I LOVE this daybed! The modern style, white metal frame. The circles will lend to a mid-century modern element or a just a fun vibe for kids' rooms. Tuck a colorful area rug under the bed's front legs, or on the diagonal if you want your space to look larger (a little trick decorator's use).


Greek Keynote White Metal Daybed Ready for Optional Trundle


Your White Metal Daybed & Decorating on the Cheap

The daybeds I've featured on this page are among the more budget-wise, white metal ilk, and in keeping with your (and my) tendency to keep thrift a virtue, here's some fabulous ideas for decorating on the cheap.

Black Chandeliers Look Great w/ White Metal Trundle Beds

mini chandeliers = budget-wise overhead lighting & beauty

I chose this mini black chandelier for its value as a nice contrast to your white daybed, its ease of use: plug-in vs. hard wire. You can always wire the fixture yourself, but if you're not so inclined, there is help in the name of its nice little plug!

Mini chandeliers mean ditto on the price tag, too. These chandeliers come in a host of colors; just follow the link.

Still not feeling the Under $50 this chandelier costs?

Here's a great option:


Vinyl Wall Decals Are Super-Easy Super-Cheap

Your Day Bed & Wall Decals: a match made in . . .

Here's a great answer if you don't need lighting: wall decals peel off and reapply if you don't get it right the first time.

This is a set of three, but there's TONS of colors, subjects and sizes, so you can spend all day looking for the perfect decal for your white daybed and space.

If you need lighting over your daybed but want to save more, consider painting an old chandelier you may have taken down from a kitchen or dining room. It's a fun project, and you can find a plethora of idea on Pinterest, or Google "recycling chandeliers" to see a host of images. You can simply paint your old one or rework it with beads left over from Christmas. There's a host of possibilities.

I hope you found the daybed for your space. Please leave me a comment about your ideas and what worked for you and your space; I'd love to hear them!


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Tips On Surgery Preparation for the Patient

Tips for You I've Found Along my 40-Plus Surgery Experience

Preparing for Surgery & What You Should Know About Getting Ready: a patient-to-patient guide

I'm sure there's no shortage of info around the Internet about preparation before surgery, but a patient like me really may be a really good thing for many 'insider' tips you might not have thought about.

I've included some tips on how to get mentally prepared for surgery, along with how long before surgery should you stop drinking alcohol and your diet prior to surgery.

What makes me the 'patient pro?' Well, I've had over forty surgeries, and along the way I've had lots of questions and many experiences. I'm pretty savvy about what you should pack and what you should have at home for post-surgery care.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not a healthcare professional. My article here is a personal account of my hospital experiences and what worked best to make my surgeries and after-care a more productive one. Be sure to run your questions by your doctor before any medical procedure.


Prepare Your Body for Surgery

If you're wondering how to prepare your body for surgery, you're on the right track to a successful post-surgery experience. Preparation is paramount, but be sure you aren't incorporating too much change too soon. Obviously, if you're having heart surgery, you shouldn't try cardio training unless your doctor expressly orders it. I don't want to say too much about exercising, as our needs and capabilities are so different. The best tip I have is to ask both your surgeon and primary care doctor which exercises you should be doing. Surgery is a stress on the body, and healing will depend upon your body's overall condition. Make sure you read the tips further down, too.
Before Surgery Invest In a Good Exercise Shoe Like This One

Walking is one of the best exercises for most everyone. If you find it boring, walk with a friend or go window shopping at a mall. If you need support while walking, go to stores with large carts you can lean on them for support. Since anything on wheels can be dangerous, bring a companion along to help you get used to using a cart while leaning on it. I often went to department stores so I could park somewhat close to the basket return. I'd grab a basket from the outdoor corral for support from my car to store and back. 
Bring disinfectant wipes and don't touch the basket until you wipe at least the handle and seat down. Carts are woefully full of germs, so don't skip this practice--especially since you want to prevent any illness before surgery.

Find an exercise you can do with your doctors' support and do it! Hold off on any gym memberships until you prove yourself faithful and disciplined to an exercise routine. The stronger your heart, the better it holds up to any kind of stress. 

DO invest in a good walking or trainer shoe! I recommend New Balance for Women and Men like the above shoe: they tend to be wider than many other top competitors' exercise shoe and they're totally comfortable. Obviously, these are women's sneakers, but the men's styles can be found by clicking the same link.


True Story: Surgery That Took Forty-Two Days!

I'll elaborate further down right before my surgery tips. You'll see--very clearly-- why my recommendation for meditation (below, here) makes sense. I bet you'll identify with my little story. Don't worry; it's a light-hearted tale.

How-To Meditation for Surgery Preparation

Preparing Yourself Mentally for Surgery

Since having so many surgeries, I've come a long way and they no longer frighten me, but I do know how you may be feeling with anxiety. I found many of my pre-surgery fears simply stemmed from the unknown.

First, I recommend you write your fears down; use list form and skip several lines. It's best to use free hand instead of typing on your computer; be as hands-on as possible. Read your list several times a day and add to it. This exercise helps you become familiar with your fears. Once accomplished, fill in the empty lines with specifics, then stop and revisit your revised 'list' several times a day. For example, #1 might read 'afraid of the I.V. needle' (I have a great tip for this further down in the tips section). Skip several lines, then #2. might say, 'afraid I might be embarrassed when. . . .' Make yourself insensitive to these fears by reading them repeatedly.

Look up any questions you have and be sure you use competent sources as well as your doctors for answers. Keep visiting your list during the day and refrain from nighttime reading, as you don't want to interrupt your sleep with worry and new questions. It's good to be informed, but don't make yourself sick over-thinking! If you can't seem to calm yourself, talk to your doctor about your feelings. I prefer not to add medications to my repertoire, so anti-anxiety drugs were not for me--especially before surgery. 

I know it doesn't sound fun, but exercise helps relieve stress and depression, as does meditation. Meditation is no joke: it's a proven mind/body healer and will certainly help you prepare for surgery mentally and physically. You need to follow proper techniques, but you don't have to spend lots of money learning, either. Here's a great, well-rated guide to meditation that includes a CD for under $20. Meditation is certainly worth adding to your list of things to do before surgery; it can change your life by helping you change your perspective on everything!

I don't want this post to be about buying your way to successful surgery, and of course there is no guarantee with anything. But if you find that one or more of my tips sounds practical for your needs, there's no reason to refrain from acquiring it.


Prepare for Surgery with Proper Diet

Your Diet: What You Should Eat Before Surgery

I'm sure if you're wondering how to prepare your body for surgery, that you want to know about your diet. It's a two-part question: what should you eat in preparation of your surgery and what you should be eating the day of surgery.

While your doctor should be your primary source of telling you about the best foods to eat before surgery, often times anti-inflammatory foods are overlooked. Trust me, inflammation is a major source of pain and chronic illnesses, and can interrupt healing. So, you really should start learning about the foods that keep so many of us sick, in pain, depressed, obese . . . and the list goes on. Seriously. 

I'll talk about eating the day of surgery further down in my tips section.


Diet: Prepare for Your Surgery's Success

The Best Foods Keep Inflammation at Bay So Your Body Can Heal

As I mentioned, my tips include products, but you can most likely search for recipes like those in this book. Preparing for hip surgery, I cooked a whole month's worth of healthy food for my family and me beforehand. I packaged everything in meal-sized containers that I could simply heat in my oven of microwave.

If you skip this preparedness tip, your diet may suffer--a lot. There will be plenty of times post-surgery you can't, or don't feel like cooking, and you might resort to fast food: think too much salt, additives, trans fat, expense, sugar, weight gain, etc. Unless you know what's in your food, you're probably eating the wrong thing! I wouldn't eat the frozen dinners from the grocery store--the kind with all those additives (words we usually don't know) and sky-high sodium. Go ahead, now, and become familiar with what diet your body needs to heal. Prepare your food before surgery; you'll feel better and you'll be so glad you did. 

Better health--be it mentally or physically--is an investment. 

Popular Questions for Surgery Preparation

Why Can you have surgery if you have a cold?

Obviously, the nature of your surgery (is it lifesaving?) will be the biggest factor whether or not a cold will prevent surgery, but your surgeon will have the final say. I've had surgery while suffering a cold (but without fever nor chest congestion). I was healthy in most regards, a non-smoker, non-drinker and a healthy weight. Everyone is different, though and you could have my exact profile but fare much different having surgery with a cold. Healing is work on the body in itself, and adding a cold might be a game-changer for you.

Why can't you eat or drink before surgery?

Eating or drinking the day of surgery is a no-no and one of my least favorite parts of having surgery. You simply can't eat before surgery as you might get queasy from medication. We all can relate to medications that made someone sick, like an antibiotic where you or a family member threw up (vomited) after taking it. Not eating or drinking before surgery is a necessary precaution. I'm not saying you will throw up on the operating table, but if you sneak, and eat or drink before surgery you are increasing your chances of vomiting while you're asleep! Not good when you have a breathing tube. Just don't do it. Hospitals have to take a lot of seemingly over-the-top precautions, but it's for your own good.

NOTE: I'm not trying to scare you. Be sure you read my tips on down for mental comfort on this one.

How long before surgery should I stop drinking alcohol?      

Drinking alcohol before surgery should be discussed with your doctor, as alcohol can tax--and even ruin your liver. I won't give you a lecture; just remember that healing will take all of your organs working overtime to heal post surgery. Alcohol is not a good idea. Anyway, if you drink alcohol prior to surgery, it's usually metabolized (gone from your body) with a healthy liver after 24 hours, BUT you can be dehydrated, have fluid retention, and even more issues well after that period. The drink tablets here are a great thing to have before and after surgery. I'll talk more about hydration in the tips section further down.
Keep Hydrated Before & Post Surgery: Nuun Drink Tablets

REALLY IMPORTANT: If you drink everyday, your body might go into shock upon attempting to stop drinking completely and all at once: it's a syndrome called delirium tremens, and is very serious, killing 35% of alcoholics who attempt cold turkey cessation. You can't have all this going on while you;re having surgery. You're really going to have to come clean with your doctor about your consumption. Please don't be too proud. Be truthful. YOU control what your doctor is allowed to discuss with your family if you don't want them to know.


Tips On Having Surgery

The Forty-Two Day Surgery!

I've sectioned off my tips hopefully to make better sense. If you don't see a surgery tip you're interested in, leave me a comment and I'll do my best--at least let you know my experiences. But first, and as promised, I want to talk about the surgery that lasted forty-two days.

Often when we hear the words, "surgery," our minds go into a fast-forward spiral, and we have no control to stop the manic anxiety we feel. And because surgery is often scheduled for sometime in the (hopefully) near future--usually about six weeks--our minds have free rein and we're stuck in a vortex of sorts.

Fear can add so much unnecessary stress to even the simplest of surgeries, so a one-day surgery (often called 'same-day surgery') becomes a 21-day, a 30-day, or scarier yet, a 42-day surgery. I'm referring to the amount of time since you are first told about said surgery, added to actual surgery date:

Surgery scheduled 6 weeks in advance = 42 days of worry

If you allow worry to get the  best of you where you're: talking about it to everyone you know, thinking about your surgery 24/7, dreaming about surgery, etc., you've allowed that one surgery to live your life for however many days! Don't let stress, unfettered fear, and nail-biting anxiety 'add time' to a 4-hour surgery. Get a GRIP now. Every time you start thinking about your surgery, catch yourself and push the thought out of your mind the very instant it comes. Having knowledge and control over your mind via meditation is a centuries'old, tried-and-true method of quelling what ails us physically and mentally. Us Westerners fight meditation tooth and nail; we'd rather pump ourselves and our children full of drugs (and fill our ADHD kids with ritalin and adderal! Me included--at first). Well, that's another post's topic I need to address later.

Do you see what I'm trying to tell you?

If you identify with the worry I talked about, go back and revisit the meditation materials I featured. You can find other materials at the link. You owe it to yourself and your family to find relief in a practice that will last you a lifetime. Once you learn meditation, teach your family--kids included.

I'm not saying don't plan for your surgery; I'm saying don't worry!

Here's some things you might want to have on hand and at home before you get home.

more tips on having surgery after these gotta-haves

Things to get before having surgery (small things, first)

Pill organizer. These gadgets are a must-have, especially if you're forgetful or don't usually take medications. I've included a cheaper version here, but you can see more pill organizers at the link below the image. Your answers to these questions will give you an idea of the model and features you'll need. Medication works best when taken at the same or prescribed times; so if you tend to forget, you may need a timer and alarm.

Buy a Pill/medication Organizer Before Surgery

  • Will you need a locked compartment?
  • Do you need a timer?
  • Do you need easy-open (think had surgery)
  • Pill splitter/magnifier
  • Will you need a large pill compartment?
Tips on Medication:
  • Save money by asking your doctor for generics, if available
  • Some tablets can be split in half. Buying larger-dose tablets saves money
  • Make sure you know any medication that is time or extended release; NEVER break these tablets!
  • Take a picture or video with your cell phone of each pill next to the bottle's label in case you get confused

Thermometer. A thermometer--one that works well--is a must. Period. You don't want to have to go out at midnight for a thermometer. I can guarantee when you call your doctor for any problems, she'll ask if you're running a fever. Fever is your body's indicator of infection. If you're having surgery you need a thermometer. No questions asked: it could save your life.

Prepare for Surgery with a Thermometer

  • Will you need easy-to-read?
  • Does your present thermometer have a case?
  • Do you need a light-up?
  • This one is cheap, has a case; is fast & easy to read


  • Be sure to open the package and use the thermometer before your surgery
  • Make sure you can see the numbers easily
  • Become familiar with the read time
  • Have your OWN thermometer

How to Know What Monitors You'll Need After Surgery

I included this budget-friendly wrist monitor that measures your blood pressure and heart rate. It's great to include with your post-surgery/health kit. But how do you know what's necessary? Well, you could go on and on just to be on the 'safe side' but my way of thinking is this: can I use it regularly after surgery, or will it collect dust in a junk drawer? If I don't have one, will I mind going out to the store or pharmacy to have my blood pressure checked? What about my sugar levels? Surgery can affect your blood sugar when you're not otherwise a diabetic. If the vision of you running out to the store in lounge pants is off-putting, talk to your 

Post/After Surgery Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Wrist or Upper Arm?
  • Large Read-Out?
  • Can You See the Pulse Rate?


put everything into a box like this cheap tackle box.

Prepare & Organize for Surgery $12.99

It's good to have a box away from kids' and your significant others' fingers. Trust me, you'r not gonna want to course the entire house looking for a thermometer.

Not fun after surgery.


Things To Do Before Surgery Tips 

  • Make a list; add to it as you find things you need
  • Get your small items first; large items that take up room can really clutter up your home too early
  • Prepare your meals using inexpensive BPA-free lunch trays (dishwasher safe) with covers
  • Cook larger lasagnas, double-size chili, vegetable soups (use frozen organic vegetables--especially corn), any dish that you can prepare in double or triple batches if great. It only takes a little extra effort to cook food like this, and if your surgery is scheduled a few weeks in advance that's time you can use when cooking for your family's dinner.
  • Ask a friend or family to help out with shopping and cooking until you have a month's worth of prepared food in your freezer. Canned foods tend to have way too much salt! Don't forget the anti-inflammatory cookbooks.
  • Rice and pasta dishes are great post-surgery diets but ask your doctor first
  • If you don't have a rolling office chair, get one! These office chairs are a godsend. You can wheel yourself from kitchen to toilet without stress on your hips, back, knees, etc. Anytime I had surgery where I was told to stay off the affected area, I broke out my office chair. Don't get one with arms; keep to the 'task chair,' where you can transfer and move your arms.

Your Surgery Preparation:

  • Keep hydrated--especially before surgery. If you've had enough fluids going into the hospital, your I.V. will go in a lot easier! I added the tablets earlier in his post to make hydration easier. 
  • Tell the nurse you want lidocain added to keep the I.V. insertion less painful. 
  • You will have an appointment with your anesthesiologist before any surgery when you have general anesthesia (putting you to sleep). Tell the doctor what you want. Do you want to be full-out asleep? Maybe a 'twilight' (my fave) sleep? I often prefer to be on my own oxygen but put out enough not to know what's going on. Also, I ALWAYS insist that I don't wake up in the O.R. (operating room). Too, if I'm having say, a foot surgery, I tell the doctor I want a block plus the sleep anesthesia, so I wake up pain free (due to the block) and with light sleep gas, I'm pretty alert and recover faster.

I'll be adding to this list as things pop into my mind, so check back.

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Outdoor & Indoor Climbing Toys for Kids and Toddlers

Plastic Outdoor Climbing Structure: Kids' Step Summit Climbing Wall

Will That Be Plastic or Metal? Toddler & Kids' Climbing Structures

These indoor and outdoor climbing frames and toy structures provide not only entertainment but have countless benefits for kids of all ages.

As parents and caregivers, we want our kids to succeed in all their endeavors and explore uncharted territories; climbing can help children get there. It makes sense to provide our children with the tools to succeed from large foam blocks to kids' climbing structures like outdoor dome frames and indoor climbing walls. Scroll down to 'scale' the best in indoor climbing toys and their outdoor structure cousins: dome frames and rock walls, along with their benefits and safety tips.

Toddler & Kids' Outdoor/Indoor Dome Frame Climbing Structures 

Plastic Outdoor Climbing Toy for Kids: Dome Monkey Bars

Kids' Indoor / Outdoor Space Dome Climber Monkey Bar Toy

Dome Climbing Structures: Plastic or Metal                    Keeping Safe on These Climbing Structures

These dome-shaped climbing structures are well-lauded by parents of kids toddler age to nine years old. The plastic climbing toy (below) is a bit flexible and is a bit safer for younger kids to aged 6 with its tight-fitting PVC type tubing. Many parents have a play space in their basement for indoor use but if space doesn't allow, you can take the fun outside; just tie or take the unit down.
Metal Climbing Toy for Kids: Outdoor Geometric Dome Climber Toy
The larger, metal (steel) climbing structure here, is great for outdoor use with its fabulous primary-color finish that offers UV protection for fade resistance. Older kids will enjoy this climbing toy, too, so if you’ve more than one child, this climber will last you some time. Parents report this dome-framed toy is a fave with their kids, well constructed, easy to assemble and attractive. The manufacturer states the toy is good up to age ten but parental reviews say kids as young as age nine may be too tall to fully appreciate it.
Climbing toys like these dome structures are just plain fun to look at, let alone keeping kids toddler age and up entertained and benefit ting from all the climbing they're bound to do. But all that fun can lead to a misstep and a boo-boo if you're not careful to go over safety measures, 


Little Tikes Tunnel 'N Dome Plastic Climber for Toddlers

A Step at a Time Toward the Top: Baby & Toddler Indoor Plastic Climbing Toys with Slide

Molded Plastic Outdoor Climbing Toy: Little Tikes 2in1 Castle Climber for Kids

Climbing Safety & Things to Think About
What NOT to Wear When Kids Climb

Ironically, the model image of the climbing structure dome (above this toy) is a prime example of what kids should not be wearing while climbing these plastic and metal bars.
I'm referring to the little girl in the long dress and smooth-bottom shoes. A long dress or skirt is a safety hazard, as kids can step on its hem whilst in an awkward 'body-fold' like the image shows, preventing movement, posture correction and balance.
Toddlers' Molded Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Climber with Slide
Too, other kids might step on the skirt area, causing the child to take a nasty tumble. Loose shoestrings are another important consideration.
Keep clothing close-fitting like pants and shorts versus flowing skirts and dresses and short jackets versus long coats.
Also, even long hair can get caught in another child's grasp. A quick once-over of every child is all that's needed to keep kids safe.

Molded Plastic Pirate Ship Climber for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Pirate Ship Molded Plastic Climbing Toy for Toddlers & Kids

Climbing Off All That Excess Energy

Indoor/outdoor plastic climbing structures for toddlers were always a fave for my two rambunctious twin boys.
I like the climbing toys with slides like these for the sole reason that my kids would do all the more climbing on their way to the top of the slide, getting in tons of healthy exercise.
And all that expended energy meant they'd rest better--imagine that.


Kids Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Structure with Wall & Slide

Toddler & Kids' Tree House Climbing Playset with Climbing Wall & Slide

If I could give a trophy for best climbing toy design for both toddlers and preschoolers, this tree house/climber structure would be my pick.
Not only will kids benefit from those perks I mentioned above, but its bottom half is quite impressive with its cute bench where several kids can stop for a quick juice break or with a quick change out you can convert it to a sand pit! There's a substantial, wavy slide and plenty of climbing structures with the ladder and darling-as-ever 'apple tree' hand holds and foot hold cutouts.
Too, kids can wait their turn on the slide at the top 'roost.'
How neat is that?
There's a helpful video where you'll see how easy this toy climber is to assemble and watch kids in action as they illustrate this structure's many parts and nooks.


Toddlers' & Kids' Plastic Summit Climbing Wall Toy

Colorful Molded Plastic Rock Wall Climber

Toddlers and older kids can quite the monkeys and often find footholds in the darndest places. If you've climbers like I did with an older sibling, this Step2 Skyward Summit rock climbing wall structure is ideal.
Kids from age two to ten can climb, sit inside and play in and on as high as they can go without being in the way of the other. This climber is pretty large and you'll need two adults to assemble it but once it's assembled, it's not going anywhere. Parents report this play structure survived gale-force winds that toppled trees. If you need a climbing toy and have two or more climbers, this 'rock castle' is for you.

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse Fort

Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Climber Toy Structures with Slide for Several Kids to Play

Kids' Clubhouse Climber by Step2: Plastic Climbing Toy


Climbing Toy with Slide Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playgroud

Plastic Climbing 'Playgrounds' with Slides for Toddlers & Kids

One-year-old babies to preschool kids have so much to learn and so much growing to do it's no wonder we parents seem to be in a perpetual state of head scratching.
One year olds and toddlers are still learning cause and effect, where if they 'turn this wheel' then 'this happens.' It's toys like these playsets that help little ones develop these concepts with several activities to engage their curiosity.
And while our toddlers are busy learning concepts, their bodies are growing by leaps and bounds, so we'll need to provide the tools to help develop their agility, balance, concentration and strength.
Indoor/outdoor molded plastic climbing toys are a big boon--times two.
Kids' Plastic Dome Castle Top Mountain Climber/Climbing Toy

And when we consider all this growing and learning and doing, finding toys to satisfy their cognitive and physical development is frankly, daunting.
It's climbing toys like these climbing gym playsets that fit the bill with plenty to do; add playmates and your toddler develops crucial social skills like sharing, communication, team playing and taking turns (I'm exhausted just broaching the subject).


            Kids and Climbing: Benefits of Rock Climbing

Kids' Climbing Cargo Net
Cargo Net Climber Toy for Kids
100 Climbing Holds for Rock Wall

Unlike other kids' games and sports, rock climbing isn't a fast-paced, competitive activity. But what it lacks in peer competition, rock climbing makes up in an intellectual way, employing mind and body, requiring they work in tandem to figure out the next step, the next strategy.
Ladder Cargo Net Climbing Toy Indoor/Outdoor
Rock climbing is about limits and pushing those personal and physical boundaries just a bit further. One could say kids that climb are in competition with their last success on their way to the top. Rock climbing is the most personal of challenges and those lessons and subsequent mastery promise to have real value in real life.
What better way to prepare kids for those personal challenges we all face than engaging them in a mind-body exercise like rock climbing?
You can buy DIY rock wall kits like these; they're great for getting kids started in the sport of climbing. With these kits you can space the handholds according to kids' skill level and age moving and working them outward as they grow. The wall, above includes a DIY booklet and the web has a plethora of how-tos to get you started.


What's Your Climbing Story?