Friday, April 8, 2016

Asian Inspired Comforters, Duvet Covers & Bedding

An Asian-Themed Bedroom Begins with Bedding

An Oriental Dream in Harmony: Asian Inspired Bedding

Asian Themed Bedding; Burgundy and Black 7-Pc Oyuki Comforter Set
Decorating for a peaceful ambiance is achieved by melding nature with subtlety in design, depicting delicate flora and ancient art. And success in your decorating efforts results in beginning each day with inspiration, motivation and peace and ending it with a dreamy journey through the Orient each night ~ the perfect end to a hectic workday.
Begin with lovely bedding that breathes and speaks to your senses. I'll show you how to get started toward your 'dreamscape.'
Scroll down to peruse Japanese and other Asian~inspired comforter sets and bedding and great start to finish ideas for that themed bedroom you've been pining far too long for.
Click on the link below each image to see more about each bedding set.


Ideas for Zen Decor - Red, Sand & Black Duvet Bedding Set

Japanese/Asian Inspired Bedding: Red bamboo Zen 3-Pc Duvet Cover

Bring meaning to each piece you incorporate into a Zen genre bedroom.

 Doing so adds to the meaning and value of your decorating scheme.
Use wall art with bamboo design frames and/or use a grass weave for an interesting mat around the print.
A wicker night stand is an ideal option in your Zen bedroom.
This joyful bedding set is, indeed very Zen~like. The three stacked stones have been mentioned as being symbolic of the Buddha triad: Shaka, Yakushi and Amida positioned in meditation.
Bring the balance of nature into your space for its influence on tranquility.


A Note About 'Zen'

In the world of decor, a Zen-like space refers to a room's natural contributions; such pieces may include bamboo, faint trickling from a water fountain, the fresh aroma of cherry blossoms, a tinkling from chimes.
But a Zen experience shouldn't begin nor stop within the confines of four walls; rather, the principle of Zen is finding our true inner self, our sense of 'place' and our own contributions to it.
Begin your decorating by surrounding yourself with what brings you peace and joy; retreat to your space; focus on the present and how you can incorporate this newfound energy into your everyday life and influence others to discover Enlightenment for themselves.
A Zen-inspired room is a physical presence, it's true but we are influenced by our surroundings, a space's color, its aura. There's no better room than our bedrooms to be inspired--even in our dreams.


Cherry Blossoms, a True Japanese Experience in Your Bedroom

7-Pc Peach Plum Blossoms: Embroidered Blossom Comforter Bedding Set

Budget-Friendly Quilted Peach Blossom Comforter Set with Embroidered Blossoms

  • 1 Pc Comforter (101" x 86")
  • 2 Pcs Pillow Shams (20" x 36")
  • 1 Pc Bedskirt (78" x 80" + 14")
  • 3 Pcs Filled Decorative Pillows
  • Queen & King Sizes
  • From Under $75


Budget-Wise 5-Pc Asian Themed Cherry Blossom Comforter Set



Creating Drama in the Bedroom: Red or Burgundy and Black Asian-Inspired Bedding

Black and red or black and burgundy, are idyllic decor colors, with red meaning joy and good fortune in the Chinese culture. I'm a fan of implementing good~spirited elements in a space's decorating palette.
Don't be afraid of color. See how opulent the rich burgundy walls look in the model room (at left)? The walls seem to embrace the bedding. If the drama is a bit much (I love it, personally), consider taupe walls like those shown in the window treatment model wall above. Taupe is the ideal, 'in~between' choice for a sophisticated look.
The deep reds and night~black hues of these bedding sets evoke warmth and drama. What a great way to dress your bed for that all~embracing look and feel while retreating at day's end.

7-Pc. Asian Themed/Inspired Bedding


Black and Gold Bedding Sets: an Orient Express-ion

Asian Inspired Bedding: 7-Pc Black and Gold Comforter Set

Budget-Wise Black & Gold Bedding & Natural Elements


7-Pc Chezmoi Black and Gold Bedding/Comforter Set

Add Gold, Add Black, Add a Banana Leaf--or Three

Creating a convincing Asian~Inspired ambiance is best realized by incorporating natural elements that compliment your bedding. The Japanese cherry blossom bedding I showed earlier is easier to envision with tree branches, but black and gold bedding will look striking when paired with natural banana leaves, rattan, wicker and reed-grasses like bamboo.
The brown/gold in the bedding can be layered with Sisal rugs, bamboo blinds, floor screens/ vases with large palm leaves or bamboo poles. I recommend painting the walls in a natural hue similar to the color in the bedding set in a shade lighter or darker depending on your natural light and preference.
Begin with the paint and bedding and start layering with the other large elements, like window treatments and area or natural accent rug. Start big, then go smaller with accessories.


What's your Asian bedding fave?

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kitchen Utensils Wall Clocks

Turquoise Blue Kithchen Clock with Utensils & Fork/Knife Hands

Kitchen Clocks With Utensils

These kitchen utensil wall clocks are a budget-friendly way to meld art with function in your busiest space. Since most wall art is flat, it's a good idea to add dimension, and not allow your cabinets to be the only '3D' pieces on your kitchen's wall.

I've selected lots of great kitchen clocks with utensils below. Too, I've included some great tips for hanging your new clock, realizing its best potential. Well, time's a' wasting, so let's look at these kitchen utensil wall clocks (I know, I just had to say that).

Click the links under each clock's image to learn more about each clock.


What's Your Kitchen's Style? Create Its Voice: Start with Utensil Clocks & Other Pieces

Red Kitchen Utensil Wall Clock: Metal Utensils with Knife/Fork Hands

Colorful kitchen wall clocks like this red one, and the turquoise clock above are highly visual pieces, and promise to get your--and everyone else's--admiring eyes away from any unattractive areas in your kitchen. 

We all have spots in our kitchens that need 'help.' Be it a bland wall color you can't change presently, or you simply want to attract the eye for a nice conversation starter, color can be the answer. I just love the style of the red and turquoise wall clocks above. The clocks' metal utensils are a non-bulky arrangement of spoons, forks and other kitchen utensils arranged symmetrically around knife and fork clock hands. how neat are these clocks?

Both wall clocks are 13 x 14 inches
Battery Operated
You'll need (1)AA Battery 


Marvelous & Modern: Silver Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils Kitchen Clocks 

Round Kitchen Utensils Wall Clock: Modern Silver with Black Knife and Fork Hands

I had to enlarge this image in order to give you the full effect of this modern-style (and budget-friendly), round kitchen utensil clock, as there's plenty to love.  The minute and hour hands contrast nicely against the silver, stainless-style clock face. I love how the clock melds well with the white in the model kitchen: a very clean look, indeed! Lightweight -Size:12.4" x 12.4" x 0.8" 


Modern Kitchen Wall Clocks with Utensils

Black Metal Modern Wall Clock with Kitchen Utensils


Where to Hang Your Kitchen Utensil Clock: thinking outside the box

Stainless Steel Metal Utensils Kitchen Wall Clock

The clocks above are a great example of spatial-correctness: they're hung in a way where you see them quite readily in the model kitchens and don't get swallowed up by too much wall space. One problem with wall art is, it often isn't hung properly. While clocks aren't necessarily deemed artwork, they should be considered as such.

Any pieces having color, uniqueness and a 3D relief construct (away from the wall), make fabulous wall art!
Simply be careful with your measurements on each side of your clock. Consider the clock's shape too, and any areas below. There shouldn't be too much wall area left over. A good way to 'measure by eye' is  to think of your wall as being an envelope. If your clock takes on the appearance of a postage stamp, and the wall around the clock, the 'envelope,' the clock or artwork' is too small. Simply move the piece to another area in your kitchen.

Silver/Stainless Metal Kitchen Clock with Utensils & Knife and Fork Hour Hands


Metal Silver/Black Kitchen Wall Clock With Utensils
Lightweight Kitchen Utensil Clock


Sunny Side Up: Yellow Kitchen Utensil Wall Clock

Yellow Kitchen Utensil Wall Clock: Metal 13" x 14" approx.

You don't have to have a yellow kitchen to enjoy yellow accessories. Sometimes just a splurge of color on one dark wall will do to bring the 'sun' into your kitchen.

If you want the kitchen utensils to include the clock's hour hands, this piece will work nicely to satisfy your decor needs while serving up the time!

A knife serves as the clock's hour hand, while the fork is the hour hand.

Some great features include:

  • battery-operated: takes (1)AA battery
  • Yellow clock face
  • white hour numbers
  • white utensil minute and hour hands


Color is Fun: A Parade of Hues for Every Kitchen

Pink, Green, Black, Red & More Kitchen Utensil Metal Wall Clock

I saved my fave for last! I've a penchant for color and fun and the quirky and the sublime and thee unique and . . . okay, enough about me. But isn't this metal kitchen utensil clock a carnival of color? It's accessories like these, that complete negate the blah-ness of unwanted white walls. You simply can't look past this clock! 

Like the others, the wall clock is:

  •  nearly 14" at the widest and highest points
  • takes (1) AA Battery
  • black utensil minute and hour hands
  • white clock face 
  • red hour numbers


Put a Frame Around Your Utensil Kitchen Clock: yes, you read right!

You may have heard that if you wanted to create art, simply put a frame around 'it.' Frames can be a great way to bring size from a small object, creating a big affair aka focal piece and making a focal point out of that perfect piece of wall art. 

Find an old frame and lay it flat on a bed, table or floor and see if your kitchen clock takes on a new life. You might want to paint or stain your frame to match the clock. Add color from any part of your clock for coordination or make the frame look old. Experiment for a total-fab result you'll love!


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