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Children's Plastic Table and Chair Sets

Art & Activity: Children's Plastic Table and Chair Set

Plastic Table and Chair Sets for Kids

These budget-wise plastic table and chair sets are great for toddlers and older kids' activity and art projects. When lunch comes around, you've a nice table for several kids to feast on. 

How neat is that?

Yes, I do mean the 'neat' in a literal sense.

Scroll down to see several different plastic table and chair sets for kids--some folding, some portable for indoor/outdoor use.

Colorful Plastic Activity Table with Four Chairs Set Under $40 (free shipping as of this writing).


Toddler & Kids' Plastic Garden Table and Chair Sets

Toddler & Kids' Plastic Garden Furniture; Table and Two Chairs

Step2 Traditions Plastic Table & Chairs Set:

    • Dimensions: Table: 19.5"H x 27.125"W x 27.125"D
    • Chairs: 21"H x 13.5"W x 13"D; 75lb. Capacity for each chair
    • From under $50 (as of this writing; some with free shipping)
      My sister bought a small table and chairs set for two for when my twins would visit during holidays. Sh still has it despite the fact the boys are young adults. I've no doubt that when they've kids of their own, she'll dust it off good as new! Well, back to your needs: The above table and chair set by Step2 is a fabulous in-between table when toddlers are too big for booster seats, but can't create their activities as they want because they're not ready for adult-size chairs. You might say this table and chair set is 'just right.' Plus you'll get several years use from this one set!


      2-in-1 Toddler to Little Kids' Plastic Activity & Craft Table

      Kids' Convertible Plastic Craft & Activity Table and Chair Set

      I love this colorful plastic table and two chair set for its versatility: use covered for a smooth plastic work surface, or go uncovered for a building block activity surface (using LEGO blocks).

      The 4-piece table set has a nice well in the middle of the table, a nice cover for lunch, and two lightweight chairs. 

      One more note about the table set's versatility is it fits into any color schemed bedroom f that's where you're going with it.

      • Snap-together table & chairs
      • Well for LEGO blocks or activity supplies
      • Teaches colors
      • Budget-wise compared to brand-name building block tables

      Here's the chair and table set with the cover atop for a smooth surface toddlers and kids can eat, paint, color--whatever and wherever their imagination takes them.

      • 23 x 23 x 17 inches
      • Store crayons in the middle table well
      • Click link under the image above to see more


      For Rough & Tumble Toddlers & Kids: Step sturdy plastic table and two chairs set 

      Toddler to Kids' Plastic Activity/Dining Table and Two Chairs Set

      I had a set of twins that were thee 'rough and tumble' variety; they saw it; they sat in it; they broke it. didn't matter what 'it' was. So, it makes sense for us adults who are shopping for these children to keep an eye out for durable, smooth plastic parts to everything: plastic doesn't necessarily break when dropped, but it can have sharp edges, be stomped on (I know, it's a bit over the top but if you knew twin-dom, it happens), etc.

      I like the chair legs on this activity/arts and crafts/dining table set. The chair-leg width lends to more stability for kids who tend to jump outta their chair for snatching what they need. I'm sure you'll teach them to refrain from all the impulsivity, but until it sinks in, there are table sets like this one.

      • 25 x 25 x 19 inches
      • Smooth, easy-to-clean activity surface
      • From under $50 (with free shipping on some)


      Plastic Adjustable Height Table and Chairs Set for Kids

      Adjustable Plastic Table and Chair Set for Toddlers to Kids Aged Five

      • Table height is adjustable
      • Chairs 
      • Comes in Green, Blue & Red
      • Molded Plastic
      • Table extends to max height of: 23.75''H


      I've included several budget-wise table and chairs on this page, and love the idea of washable plastic that's not only easy to maintain, it's lightweight and portable enough to take outdoors in warmer weather. Which table and chair set is your fave?


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      Monday, March 21, 2016

      Best Foldable Beach Wagons with Big Wheels

      Folding Wagon for Beach Use: Large All-Terrain Wheels

      Collapsible All-Terrain  Beach Wagons for Barreling Over That Sand

      These folding beach wagons have the all-terrain, big wheels you need to barrel over sand, rolling all your stuff from point A to B-e-a-c-h.

      I just had to add that!

      We'll look at lots of collapsible wagons that promise a better beach trip--especially with kids in tow: think coolers, floaties, beach boards, umbrellas, food, and on and on it goes. This can be quite the visual if you've a cranky toddler or two. 

      So, yes, having the best folding, all-terrain beach wagon for your needs, with its wide wheels is just plain ol' smart.

      36 x 24.4 x 24.6 inches; 25 lbs.

      Identifying the Best Features for Your Folding Beach Wagon

      Foldable All Terrain Beach Wagon with Large/Wide Wheels

      4-Colors: red, black, blue and yellow

      I love this folding beach wagon for lots of reasons, but you may want to look over the other models (among all collapsible styles) to discern what's best for you.

      • Large, Wide Wheels for All-terrain Use
      • Heavy-Duty Holds 150 lbs. Beach Stuff
      • Collapsible 
      • Front Swivel Wheels
      • Cover Has Drink Pouches/Holders
      • Heavy-Duty Polyester 
      • Close-Up of the Wagon's Wheels Below
      • Budget-Friendly (w/ free shipping)

      Get a Load of These Wagon Wheels!

      Yellow/Grey Beach Wagon with Large All-Terrain Swivel Wheels

      Front, swivel wheels are really important for fully-loaded wagons. Just remember, if you're navigating tight spaces and rocky terrains, you--and not the wagon--will have to pull it up and away to continue. If you're going to a crowded beach,  a wagon with swivel wheels is a must-have. 

      The image here give you a close-up look at the collapsible/folding wagon I show above. The wide wheels look easy to wash beach sand from those pesky brackets. Be sure you spin the wheels as you rinse of the sand.


      To the Beach with Kids in Tow: Folding Beach Wagons with  Shade Canopy & Insulated Food Coolers

      Foldable Beach Wagon with Canopy Large Wheels Food Cooler


      Folding Beach Wagon with Canopy, Large Wheels & Food Cooler

      Going to the beach was always a fun part of Summer vacay, but all it took was one, frankly, very frightening, visual to set my sights from delusional to real, and I'm glad I did. 

      Poor planning was not an option when I had my twins. I found out the worst of my experiences with family outings was from lack of planning; so it goes to show that I love this beach wagon with its canopy. You might want to envision your own, "I'm hungry . . . I'm thirsty, . . . I wanna lay down . . . tired . . . hot . . . go inside . . . and on and on and on, and STOP! See? If your family is always game for a day actually AT the beach and not traipsing back and forth for stuff, a beach wagon with both a canopy and food cooler might be your ticket to an all-day beach trip. 

      • 49.2 x 23.6 x 49.2 inches; 26 lbs.
      • Insulated food cooler pouch
      • Foldable
      • Large All-Terrain Wheels
      • Front Swivel Wheels
      • Shade Canopy
      • 120 lb. Capacity
      • Budget-Friendly (free shipping)

      I wouldn't recommend putting children in a beach wagon until you hit hard sand closer to the water. Sand can be unpredictable and the wagon tip. But, do pile up your beach gear inside the wagon and use the inside for a nice place to put baby or toddler down for a rest. 

      Leave me a note about your beach-with-kids' or wagon tip!


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      Saturday, March 19, 2016

      Capiz Shell Light Fixture Chandeliers

      Capiz White Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

      Capiz Shell Chandeliers: a light fixture worth wowing over

      These budget-wise capiz shell chandeliers are nature brought to life again with lighting. 
      Prepared to be "wowed" by the beauty of these natural Capiz Shell Chandeliers that promise to bring an element of nature and its bounty to your favorite space.
      While some may think the vision of Capiz Chandeliers say 'bathrooms,' shell chandeliers can hang quite elegantly in any room of your home, as they're available in a plethora of surprising shapes (square, circle and rectangle) and sizes from mini to large.
      Capiz chandeliers are a fave of mine, as I can almost see the glimmer of a sunset across miles of ocean and feel the gentle, relentless breeze of salty air.
      Indeed, you can bring the beauty of nature into your home with elegance and functionality ~ as only these truly one-of-a-kind Capiz Shells can proffer ~ in a hanging light fixture.
      Scroll down to tour one of nature's most beautiful shells, fashioned into elegant, ambient lighting ~ the Capiz Chandelier and I'll bet you'll agree.


      Your Space & Its Lighting Fixture Needs

      When deciding what lighting you'll need and want, consider where you'll be hanging your capiz shell chandelier.
      Placement is important, as it will determine what size and shape lighting fixture you'll need.
      Mini/Small White Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture
      These chandeliers have an orb~like luminescence much like a globe light. It's aura is more compact but its ambiance is ideal for focal points or accent areas (like cozy corners) with its soft glow.
      For work areas, where you'll need task lighting, I recommend the tubular pendant style chandelier like the one below.
      With this type chandelier fixtures, you'll realize the downplay of lighting right where you need it while adding an amazingly beautiful element to your space.
      Do think about the length of the chandelier and how you want to use your capiz shell fixture. This mini, or small, white chandelier is a great fixture for corners.
      A little planning goes a long way.


      Budget-wise Small Chandelier Fixtures: capiz lighting big on light; small on price

      White 14" x 14' Capiz Shell Chandelier Lighting Fixture
      I often tell people, "Less is more." Small, intimate spaces don't need much to make an area spectacular and this mini capiz chandelier betrays that ideal with its compact size, minimal chrome frame and single hanging rod. There's just enough here for the look you're after without any extra.
      Appointing your smaller space in total trinkets and gadgets galore is rather maniacal, resulting in a disorganized, cluttered area you're best to avoid rather than approach.
      It's okay to be very conservative with a small area, as you'll appreciate what is there, taking in each piece fully.
      Yes, less is more.


      Capiz Shell Chandelier Lighting Fixtures: a fabulous show of nature in color in light

      Turquoise/Teal Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

      Boy, this turquoise capiz chandelier is fabulous for any space, even nursery to teen girls' bedrooms needing the lighting from an overhead fixture with loads of visual appeal--in their favorite color, no doubt.

      This chandelier has it all, doesn't it?


      The Large White Capiz Chandelier: your space's crowning jewel

      Large White Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

      Chandeliers, I've often said, are your room's crowning jewel.
      This lovely piece is quite the candidate for the title with the cascade of real capiz shells, sparkling and twinkling under the light with graceful movement, and gracing the strands of ceiling support.
      I know I sound a bit . . . er . . . sappy, but isn't this chandelier amazing times two?
      I almost don't want to leave this one on the page [sniff].

      Diameter 26 Inch x 41 Inch high (90" including hanging chain)


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      Thursday, March 17, 2016

      White & Black L-Shaped Computer Desks with Hutch

      Black L-Shape Home Office Desk with Storage Hutch

      Going Up for Storage: Modern Black and White L-Shape Home Office Desks with Hutch

      Black or white L-shape desks with a hutch like these, really deliver in providing that extra storage in the tightest of home office spaces. And in classic black or white, these attractive desks meet both form and function
      Finding a place for all your home office needs: computer, important hard-copy files, references . . . you get the picture, can quickly deplete with a standard desk's design. Going 'up' for storage makes sense when floor space is limited.
      Enter the L-shape computer desk with the handiest of hutches, where you'll have a place for everything and everything in its place--and at arm's reach when that oh-so-important phone call comes in. Somehow, balancing a phone while fumbling through that, "I know it's here somewhere" stack, isn't a task that's humanly possible, at least in my experience. Stop all that home-office mayhem and invest in an L-shaped computer desk with a hutch; you'll be glad you did.
      I've included several white and more black L-shape hutch desks below along with some helpful tips for incorporating your new addition into your home office. Create a pleasing space you'll love. Just don't put your feet up, lest you get too comfy!


      Modern L-Shape Home Office Desk with Storage Hutch

      A Desk for All Your Computer Stuff--plus a file drawer

      If you need a whole home-office setup you'll appreciate an L-shape computer desk like this hutch unit from Bush. I've a penchant for this company, as you can start with the basic desk with or without the hutch and build 'out' with matching file drawers and shelves for your expanding business.
      Bush desks for home offices feature both modern and classic design, making for a desk that easily incorporates into your living space if you have to share the room with a couch or bed arrangement.
      This computer desk has a nice file drawer for all those pesky runaway papers.
      In all, for the money, style and durability, these Bush desks promise to deliver.
      I like having options for a more customized result, don't you?


      Budget-Friendly Home Office Desk with Hutch: L-Shaped Workstation and Plenty of Storage

      Small Office L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Hutch

      As you may have noticed, L-shaped desks with the hutch included can cost you more than you anticipated. But be assured; it's not the end-all in your hopes for the well-appointed home office you're deserving of.
      I've included a cheaper version, here, to the pricier L-shaped desks above, where you'll have an ample desktop with the L-shapd workstation you're after. 
      There's other options for creating a hutch-like appearance while affording ample storage by adding simple, floating shelves or a wall shelf unit. You might even consider buying leftover cabinets from a former kitchen or bath redo.
      Thinking outside the box and adding a measure of creativity can save you serious dollars on a desk with extra storage.

      Got Room? Consider a Full-Size L-Shaped Modern Computer Workstation with Storage Hutch

      Black & Wood Finish Home Office Desk with L-Shape Workstation

      Fabulous L-Shape Modern White Computer Desks with Hutch and Drawers

      Color Your Blues Away: Decorating Your Home Office

      Modern White Computer Desk with Hutch and Drawers
      Believe it or not, color plays a big part in how we behave. It's true. Major blue chip corporations pay a small fortune in using color experts to favorably influence company growth and profits through customer behavior, alone.
      Ever wonder why yellow and red is a fast food color fave? It's no accident. Both red and yellow are 'hurry hues' (I coined that term but it works), where diners are prompted to eat--and exit-- quickly.
      While blues can be very relaxing in our most stressful business situations, you may find yourself lulled into complacency before noon. Not good if you've a whole laundry list of sales calls to make. It may behoove you to study the basic science of color when appointing your home office and designing stationery.
      Blue betrays trust on your business cards but you may want a more energizing color for your walls and/or accessories. Red and orange can be refreshing, unexpected hues to decorate with. If you're not a red or orange person, opt for a red office chair or orange paper lantern lighting; it's uber-cheap and looks clean and modern.
      These modern l-shaped white computer desks with attractive hutches can support such high-energy hues while affording you tons of space for files and reference materials.
      Aren't this white, L-shape desk amaZING?


      Home Offices, Video Conferences and Your Space

      Modern White L-Shape Computer Hutch Desk with Workstation
      White is too often considered the blah of decor options but really, from a decorating perspective, white is a blank slate, a clean canvas waiting for your color and style.
      How empowering is that?
      This white L-shape desk and matching hutch features a conservative, classic Shaker style with its telltale beadboard wood design. I appreciate its furniture quality construct, ample desktop and extra storage cabinets with the added hutch. Like some of the desks here, you can begin with the basic desk and add the hutch as budget allows and your home office needs grow.
      While you may be thinking decor isn't a big issue with home offices, you may want to reconsider. With today's telecommuting quickly gaining ground, I'd venture to say teleconferences will be more than norm than exception and that "Betty White for Prez" poster behind you can be a big-time distraction.
      Remember to appoint the space around you as aesthetically pleasing as possible; it's a reflection of your professionalism and weighs heavily on how seriously you're taken.
      While I'm fan of Betty White, I'd relegate her--and any political images--to my front lawn and other, personal space.


      Small Home Offices Need a Full L-Shape Workstation Desk, Too

      Small Home Office L-Shape White Desk with Short Hutch


      What are your home office needs?

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      Wednesday, March 16, 2016

      Rustic Whitetail Deer Bedding and Curtains

      Rustic Whitetail Deer Comforter Bedding Set-Browning

      Retreating in Cabin Comfort: Rustic Deer Comforters & Bedding Sets

      These budget-wise, whitetail deer themed comforters, matching curtains and sheet sets feature your love of nature, and the majestic whitetail deer. Pair the matching pieces up and you've a splendid, cabin-in-the-woods bedroom that melded by one word: serenity. 
      Bedroom decor has a lot to live up to; your space, if successfully appointed, should reflect who you are, your passions-- all while satisfying your need for comfort surrounded by a beautiful place to rest your head.
      Indeed, the beauty of whitetail deer bedding sets will earn their keep as they express your love of the great outdoors. Bedding, along with a few well-chosen accessories featuring your favorite deer will complete your look quite nicely.
      This rustic, whitetail deer comforter set by Browning is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The set includes: One comforter, One or Two Pillow Shams, and Bed Skirt. I include the matching curtains and sheet sets and you can see more matching bedding at any of the links below the images.
      Scroll down to peruse several whitetail deer themed bed sets along with a few basic decorating tips to get you from point A to D-eer (I couldn't resist) in no time for a room you'll love.
      Let the thrill of the hunt begin. I just had to add that!


      Getting Started with Your Focal Point:

      Introduce Your Theme with Whitetail Deer Bedding Sets

      5-Piece Whitetail Deer Rustic Lodge Comforter Set

      Whitetail Deer Decor: A Hunter's Dream Space Made Simple with Bedding

      Ideally, your bedding, like this earthy, rustic lodge style whitetail deer comforter set will serve as your room's focal point.
      And since your bed is most likely the space's biggest asset, you'll want to chose your bedding accordingly. You want the bed set to stand out from the walls and all other whitetail decor.
      For best results, choose a warm earthy color from your bedding and bathe your walls in a shade or two lighter/darker; this way, your comforter maintains its position as your bedroom's starring role.

      If you want the comforter set with a matching sheet set above, here's a link to the same rustic, deer-themed bed-in-a-bag:

      Plaid Deer Themed 8-Pc. Comforter & Matching Sheet Set


      Establish a Hunters' Lodge Spirit with These Budget-Friendly Whitetail Deer Comforter Sets

      Lodge/Cabin Rustic Comforter & Matching Sheet Set

      Taking Cues for Your Space's Whitetail Decor: Finding Ideas for a Designer Look

      If you're not the decorator type, you'll have good results by choosing a model room from an online catalog much like these whitetail a'plenty bedrooms, here. See how well the bed stands out while looking warm and inviting?
      The lovely whitetail deer comforter sets fulfill their 'duty' as the room's star attraction. Choose your accessories to complement -and not compete with your bedding and you'll be well on your way to a beautifully appointed, warm and inviting, bedroom.
      You can see more about all the sizes of this bedding set here (or even the link under the image): 5 & 6 Pc. Twin, Full, Queen and King Size Deer Theme Country Style Comforter, Matching Pillow Shams, Matching Sheet Set, Bed Skirt

      Whitetail Deer Bedding Set: Comforter & Matching Shams


      Going All Out with Whitetail Deer Luxury Comforter Set

      5-Pce. Rustic Comforter Bedding Set Matching Pillow

      Luxury Decor: Dare I or Don't I?

      King Size Posh Bedding Set for a Lovely Whitetail Bedroom

      Much like what I talked about earlier, it really pays to splurge on bedding if your budget allows. When decorating, I always have one 'big ticket' item in every space, one I know I'll appreciate and admire for a good while.
      Too, occasionally I'll fall in love with a decor piece and design the room around that one piece, like a red Murano glass vase I bought at a flea market. And I didn't regret my decision one bit, either. You may not be as fanatical but I'm sure we all have that certain 'something' we can't do without.
      A neutral bedding set like this one can set the stage for any number of genres, so it may offset any reservations about it being a luxury item, per se with its price tag. Before you splurge, be sure to consider the item's usefulness for future enjoyment. You'll have a great focal piece to get your whitetail deer theme off towards an amazing result.


      Now, About Those Windows: Matching (or not) Whitetail Deer Curtains, Panels & Valances

      Whitetail Deer Window Valance/Curtain Matches Browning

      Sometimes a Window Valance Affords More Appeal for Smaller Spaces

      As I mentioned about having too much of a good thing with your whitetail deer theme decor, you can also drown your space in too many look-alike pieces. 
      Instead of going for a full-on window covering, if you've a smaller bedroom you may fare better opting for a simple valance like this one, above, then pair it up with solid-hue panels.
      The valance here, is substantial and will serve your window and decor well without overdoing it.Large spaces will support more of the coordinating pieces like these deer-themed window treatments. Usually, I'll advise against too many like patterns and appoint nondescript panels and/or valances in small bedrooms, where the bedding might be in close proximity to the window.


      Browning Matching Whitetail Curtains Set of 2 Panels

      Matching Whitetail Curtains by Browning

      Conversely, if you've a small bedroom but the window is on an opposite wall, you can get by nicely with matching panels.
      But don't worry too much if you do want to keep with themed windows. I suggest using a valance like these, here paired with solid panels in a color pulled from the valance.
      With a few trade-offs, you can have the look without all the visual clutter.
      If only matching curtains will do, these panels by Browning have fabulous detailing without going overboard. Don't you think so?

      Simple Yes, Boring No! - Browning Whitetail Deer Comforter Sets

      8-Pce. Browning Deer Rustic Lodge Design Comforter & Matching Sheet Set


      Bone Collector Comforter/Sham, Twin Bedding Set

      Using 'Plain Ol' Bedding for Your Whitetail Deer Themed Bedroom Space

      We often think of plain as blah but actually, plainer pieces mean more freedom with your other decorative additions. With bedding sets like this one or it's cousin below, you can opt for a more modern setting or go full-on lodge with the whitetail deer and antler accessories and window treatments.
      I like choice and freedom when decorating and typically decide if I'll let the bedding direct my outcome or go piecemeal with a few big decorative additions.
      There's no wrong decision; it's all a matter of what you like. Make your space your own!


      Sizing Up Your Deer-Themed Wall Art

      Whitetail Deer Metal Wall Art Sculpture 48" Wide

      Whitetail Deer Metal Wall Art 24" Wide

      Whitetail Deer Metal Wall Art

      When choosing wall art be sure your first order of business is measuring the wall space you plan to adorn. I've seen too many ill-fitted pictures that hang haphazardly on a huge expanse of wall; you can hardly see the art for the wall!
      I know I may sound overly critical but those pesky little dust-catchers (here I go, again) look a bit ridiculous all alone and in desperate need of: a). Company. If you go for small art, make sure you hang all those little guys in a nice arrangement; or: b). Go big; go really really big if that's what it takes to grace that huge wall space.
      Bigger is better where art is concerned; it's so much more pleasing --and effective--to use one mural-size picture versus a gazillion teeny pictures littered along the wall. Not pretty!
      Now, for the pretty: I've a penchant for metal art of any ilk and this simplistic, yet unique metal die cut piece is amazingly complete in its 'storyline'; it's not the everyday ho-hum piece of art you may expect to see. Ideally, you want only the wall space that's 'leftover,' here (as you see in the image). See how great this piece looks just by its size taking up most of the available wall space? If you're unsure about walls, art and spatial placement, look online at sites like ebay and Amazon with model rooms with each product; this way, you can see just how the 'pros' do it. Click the link below the image to see more.


      Faux Deer Head Wall Sculpture

      Adding Dimension in Your Rustic Lodge-Look Space

      8 Point Buck Deer Head Bust Wall Hanging

      Adding wall art with dimension adds interest, depth and warmth to your room. Every art piece needn't be flat, or linear. For an amazing lodge ambiance, consider adding textures like plush rugs-even real cowhide, leather rugs to add warmth to your bare floors.
      What's more amazing is deer head wall mounts like this faux fella, here. If, like me, you'd rather not don a pair of hunting boots, slosh through mud and mire followed by hang on for 'deer' life in one of those tree post 'thingys' --all to bag your trophy art, this deer head is for you. And isn't he looking all the more appealing since that visual I just proposed?
      You might also want to invest in those resin deer heads of any color of the rainbow for a modern or whimsical touch. Click on the image and you'll see this deer head and more options.


      What's your fave: whitetail bedding, curtains/panels, or deer wall art?


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