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French Script Chairs & Print Accent Furniture Pieces

Vintage Style French Script/Writing Armchair & Foot Stool

From Vintage To Modern: French Script Accent & Armchairs

These budget-wise French script chairs and related furniture pieces, all boast the vintage-style print and are a fabulous way to add an air of  worldly sophistication to your favorite space.

In this post I'll talk about how your new chair can brighten up low-light by opting for just the right print upholstery fabric.

Or, how choosing your chair's features (aside from the French print, of course), can make--or break--your comfort thresholds. 

Who knew there were so many considerations to ponder when shopping for these opulent French script chairs?

Let's get started!

Click below each chair to see more about it.


French Script Vintage~Style Upholstered Armchairs


Armchair with French Print/Script Upholstery & Scalloped Backrest


French Script Upholstered Fabric Armchair

Armchair or Not?

We all have our own definition of comfy~cozy, so most any French script chair might foot the bill as far as design is concerned.

But if you're looking beyond an accent chair, armchairs like these have upholstered padding and a bit more in the seat as well as comfortable armrests.

One caveat you must consider is floor space. While an accent chair is a real space-saver, they're rather slim in statue and best suit your need for extra seating in case of an impromptu gathering.
Armchair with French Script/Writing Fabric
One more thing: these French script armchairs have nice backs, but notice the concave backrest in the chair above left, where you can snuggle back with a nice throw and a book.

Not feelin' it?

The armchair here on the left has a very padded backrest for folks like me who tend to slouch--not attractive if you prefer to exercise a healthy posture should the cameras come out (I'm thinking New Year's parties, when we tend to wither a bit after the champagne comes out).

It's best to ascertain whether your personal comfort, habits, etc. outweigh your space's available square footage before you settle on either of the French script chairs but it sure is nice to have both space and comfort in one!

Budget~Wise Vintage French Script Dining Room Chairs

Budget-Friendly Set of Two French Script Writing Parsons Dining Room Chairs


The Oh~So~Versatile Dining Room Chair

Set of 2: Affordable French Print Writing Dining Room/Side Chairs

These uber-affordable, French Script dining room chairs (also called, Parson's chairs) are a great answer to adding extra seating if space is limited.

Not only will these chairs sit nicely against two dining room walls, awaiting your next big gathering, these slim guys will instantly change the room's 'flavor' from plain ol,' plain ol' to worldly and extravagant.


Set of 2 Affordable French Script/Writing with Vintage French Print

Too, your space's ambiance will look very intimate with the change of just a few chairs. Who knew we could gain so much from a simple switcheroo?

If you want a relaxed, bistro or French bakery look, consider using these budget-wise dining room chair sets paired with an unmatched set. 

Parsons chairs' slim lines make easy work of finding your matched-mismatched set. Some of these chairs have black fabric versions, so have a look see, and maybe you'll opt for upholstered chairs that match the wood (in black or cappuccino). 


Set of Two French Script Dining Chairs w/ Writing Over White Upholstery


Armless Accent Chairs with Vintage French Script Fabric

French Script/Print Fabric Upholstery Accent Chair

Armless Vintage French Script/Writing Accent Chair

Armchairs are a smart way to create intimate seating arrangements. They're also fabulous for creating two areas out of one.

 Breaking up an awkwardly-long and narrow living room or other common living space seems like it's quite a chore and one best left to contractors with big dreams versus our focused wallets.

Well, it's not that big an endeavor.

Paris Theme Accent Chair & Pillow w/French Script

For long, 'bowling alley' style spaces, you'll do best placing your sofa, coffee table and a chair on one end of the room.

At the other end of your space, place two of these French Script chairs in an arrangement with solid-color chairs, where each guest can face another for easy conversation. 

Finally, use floor lamps and perhaps small chests or tables for a cozy ambiance that looks balanced.

Another great lighting option is to hang a chandelier overhead on each end of the space. Your space will look totally opulent without much fuss.

Who knew?


Vintage Style Ottomans with French Script Fabric

French Print Fabric Upholstery Ottoman/Foot Rest with Storage

Foot Rest/Ottoman with French Script Fabric Studs

Vintage French Script Design: from living areas to bedrooms

With these foot stools and ottomans, you'll for sure have the French writing theme you want, but a few even have storage inside for a form-meets-function win-win.

I only included a few ottomans but if you want to see more styles, just click on any of the captions below the images and you might find that gotta~have.

If you'll be taking your French-script theme into a bedroom, I suggest you might find a bench/chest (like the benches below) placed at the foot of the bed where you'll have extra storage for blankets and other bedding as well as a seat for dressing.
With the French script upholstered chests below, you can create a window seat or cozy nook if you have an awkward layout.
Flank your chest with two high shelving units with a window in the center for a nice arrangement.
Don't be afraid to experiment. It's your space and the options aren't limited to any protocol. Make it yours!

    French Writing a'la Bench Chests: for padded storage & seating

Tufted Upholstered Bench with Storage: French Scripted Writing Fabric

Budget~Wise Storage Sets in French Script Fabric

3-Pce. French Script Bench & Footrests/Stools with Storage

3-Pce. Black French Script Storage Ottomans

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Glass & Mirrored Bar Carts

Budget-Wise Chrome Bar Cart with Glass Shelves & Swivel Wheels

Mirrored and Glass Bar Carts: Sleek & Savvy Just Rolled In

These budget-wise, mirrored and glass rolling bar carts are a great way to entertain in areas that command an eye-catching element with function.

I've included many bar cart styles: modern chrome with mirrored shelves, clear glass shelves for smaller spaces--lots of unique design elements for an enjoyable event when playing host.

Let's have a look at these bar carts with wheels and I hope you feel the same appreciation for them that I do. I'm just lovin' this cart, don't you?


Small Glass and Chrome Bar Carts With Wine Glass Rack

Budget-Wise Modern Round Metal Chrome/Silver Rolling Bar Cart with Glass Shelves and Wine Glass Rack

Small Bar Carts with Wheels: glass & mirrored shelves are big on light

Coaster Serving Cart
Chrome/Metal Bar Cart Glass Shelves & Wine Glass Rack

I love these bar carts: they lend an impression of sophistication, grandeur, even though they're small.

Chrome (silver) finished metal frames, mirrored shelves and smartly appointed glass racks and wine bottles keep your 'goods' in place while you roll the bar cart.

Doesn't this serving cart look cosmopolitan?

While it's small, you'll have all the room you need for an intimate gathering of family or friends. With swivel wheels, you won't have to pick the front of the cart when navigating your smaller floor space.

My Fave For So Many Reasons!

Furniture of America Odetta Contemporary Champagne 2-shelf Mirrored Serving Cart
Round Gold Metal & Mirrored Glass Bar Cart on Wheels
Well, you might not be feeling the love like I do over this round mirrored bar cart, but hear me out.

This little guy lights up any small dark space with mirrored shelves up and down, and the metal frame looks so . . . so . . . retro--I'm thinking Frank Sinatra and cocktail parties, fine wine (and dare I say, cigar) parties.

Can you 'hear' the big band jazz?

This rolling bar cart has the swivel wheels for safe navigation; you can even pose this one as an end table.

Just turn on the lights and your space lights up tenfold with the mirrors.

Love it!

Large Metal Rolling Bar Carts with Mirrored Glass: enliven your party's mood

Uber-Cheap Silver/Chrome Bar Serving Cart with Glass Shelves and Wheels
Chrome Metal Bar Tea Serving Cart With Black Tempered Glass
Chrome Bar Cart with Glass Shelves & Wheels

Larger rolling bar carts are fabulous for throwing the serious party. This chrome/silver cart has seriously large, black glass shelves on top and below.

Swivel wheels are a must-have and this bar cart delivers. Wine bottles stay put inside their holders on the bottom glass shelf.

Lots of room for hors devours on top and the smart rails help keep things arranged just so.

Silver Chrome Bar Cart w/ Mirrored Shelves & Wine Bottle Holder

It seems the large bar carts just keep getting better.

I'm a big fan of organization, and bigger affairs can be very stressful if not for pre-planning. It's here that carts with large glass shelves--upper and lower--along with wine bottle racks or holders.

This is one smart bar cart and will work well for your parties' food and drink, be it wine, liquors or whatever you can whip up and enjoy with friends and family.

Studio Designs Home Veranda Round Cart
Small Round Chrome and Glass Bar Cart on Wheels

 Special Delivery: Hollywood Regency Just Rolled In: Gold, Glitz & Fabulous

Hollywood Regency Style Gold Metal Rolling Bar Serving Cart with Glass Shelves

This gold-tone bar cart is one of my absolute faves! Its framework is uber-simple, but what is there, is stunning. The cart's glass shelves open any area to light, and the exaggerated circle spells grandeur 50 or 60's Hollywood Regency style. I'm not a fan of lining furniture pieces along any wall, but it's easy to see how well this serving cart breaks all the rules! Note how the patterns in the chair upholstery and the wall art are picked up nicely, while the gold in the area rug make the space doubly-fun and spectacular.  Who knew?

Rolling Oval Metal Bar Carts with Wine Bottle Holders & Glass Shelves

Gold Metal Bar Cart with Glass Shelves and Wine Bottle Holder/Rack

Sometimes just the right tone . . . is, well . . . just that. I chose these two portable bar carts to illustrate how just the simple change of metal hues brings the fabulous front-and-center to your favorite gathering space.

Pair this gold framework bar cart with pale pink walls for a Frank Sinatra style evening: crooning and swooning with your favorite bubbly-on-the-veranda, and tunes on the Victrola (I know, I know; I made that up).


Rolling Black Metal Bar Cart with Wine Bottle Rack & Glass Shelves

Not feeling the powder-pink walls and gold?

Not to worry.

Here's the same bar cart on wheels in a flat black metal frame to go with white, grey or oyster-colored walls--sounds fab already!

Don't forget to use wine bottles and/or wine stems as attractive art forms. I like how the hammered aluminum ice bucket and shaker add a splash to the bar cart's glass shelves, don't you?

Now's the time to plunder through your cupboards for those long-forgotten stems and colorful tumblers!


A Rolling Bar with It All: fabulous mirrored shelves, wine rack, wine glass rack, locking, swivel wheels

Metal Bar Cart with Black Tempered Glass Shelves and Wine Glass & Wine Bottle Racks

What's your favorite among these bar carts?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Black and White Checkered Comforters & Bedding Sets

Under $30 Black and White Checkered 3-Piece Bedding Set

Black and White Checkerboard Bedding

These budget-wise, black and white checkered comforter, duvet and sheet sets are a great beginning to a fun, high-energy bedroom.

Highly visual, classic checkerboard bedding is an ideal way to rev up an otherwise boring space. And the noncommittal pattern of checkered bed sets pave the way for a plethora of bedroom  decor schemes from the expected race car, checkered flag theme to a throwback in nostalgia, with spindle beds and other period pieces added to the mix.
Because black and white checks are among the boldest of patterns, balance is oh-so-important, lest you wind up with a dizzying array of checks gone wild and a sudden aversion for the game of checkers [enter your own scary visual, here].
It's true, too much of a good thing in your bedroom can be exhausting to the eye.
Keep your love of the checkered design intact: start with your bedroom's star attraction--the bed--and incorporate a few of the balancing tips below for a black and white checkered-flag finish you've long been dreaming of.


A Bold Beginning for a Winning Finish - Black & White Checkered Bedding

Black and White Checkerboard Bedding: 4-Piece Duvet Set Under $40

Beds: Your Bedroom's Show-Stopper 

Twin, Queen & King Black and White Checkerboard Duvet Set
Ideally, your bedroom's focal piece is the bed, as it's most likely the space's biggest contributor, so you'll want to play it up with great bedding that contrasts nicely with the wall and its surrounds.
Bedding has a big list of criteria it must meet; it's your room's welcome mat, ushering in guests, introducing your room's theme and transforming an otherwise, cold slab of a bed into a warm place worthy of retreating to. That's quite a job description!


4-Piece Black and White Checks Bedding Set with Matching Pillow Cases and Bed Sheet

A Quick Word About Keeping Your Checks In Check

(more bedding below)

Checkered Flag Design Full Curtain Two Sizes

Going uber-big on your bedding is a perfect way to start your decorating venture. Having your bed and its dressing serve as the room's base makes easy work of appointing the rest of your checkered decor or racing theme, as you'll want to keep your bed the showstopper it is. Don't add anything that will trump the spirit of your comforter or duvet, so keep supporting pieces, your art and accessories, just that--supporting pieces.
Bold beginnings like the highly-visual pattern in this black and white bedding are fabulous at capturing and holding our attention before the eye moves smoothly to other pieces. What great start to what will be a sure win at your 'finish line.'


4-Piece Black & White Checkers-Theme Duvet & Sheet Set


Corralling the Madness: Using Patterns Wisely - Black & White Checkered Flag Accessories for Kids' Rooms

Checkered Flag Black & White Race Car Theme Bedding For Kids' Bedrooms


Twin Size Checkered Flag Race Car Theme Quilt for Kids
Kids' Black and White Racing Car Theme Quilt Set

Decorating Kids' Rooms in Busy Patterns: Words for the wise

These two race car themed bedding sets are very busy, indeed. I don't think I'd add more to the bed and I'd be hesitant to add more checkered flag themed pieces around the bed, either; it's just too much.
Since the checkered bedding does such a good job being the highly-visual focal piece, it would be best to focus your themed pieces on opposing walls for adding other decor like wall decals.
In the model room below, even the matching curtains seem to be too busy, diluting the value of the comforter; the eye just bounces to and fro with little appreciation for either piece. Solid window panels are best here; they won't compete with the bed set, keeping comforter front-and-center as it should be.
I love the strong hues of both bed sets; nothing else needs to be in close proximity of either set and play into my, 'less is more' mantra.


Nascar Racing Checkered Flag Theme Bedding

Kids' Nascar Black and White Checkered Flag Theme Comforter and Bed Sheet Set


Keep Your Checkered-Themed Space "Awe-Full" Not Awful

Black and White Checkered Flag Window Penants for Kids' Rooms

Obviously, the black and white checkered pattern is one busy design, so you'll want to be conservative about adding other checkered pieces, lest you wind up with a space that renders its victims nauseous and dizzy.
Imagine all your textiles: bedding, window panels, throw pillows--even a rug--being the same pattern. I'd venture to say you'll be blinking at little black and white squares well into the evening.

Are you blinking rather madly at just the thought?



Inexpensive Race Car Checkered Flag Idea For Kids  

Race Car Checkered Flag Idea For Kids of All Ages

60" x 84" Solid Black or White Sheer Panels/Curtains Under $10 Set of Two

One way to keep your retinas checker-free is with careful balancing of checks and solid pieces like the white and black, reversible comforter set, here. With nondescript bedding you can add your checkered pattern with window panels like those above or use white, sheer panels and a checkered valance. It's important to remind yourself how strong this design is and keep from indulging in too many themed pieces.




Checkered Flag Racing Theme Bedding: Black and White w/Orange Border 3-Piece Twin Size Comforter Set

Checks and Balance Patrol

Another way to balance your black and white themed decor is with added color. Choose a strong solid hue to complement all the black and white checkers. Opt for red, blue or yellow as an accent color. They're great choices for adding weight to your scheme without combating with your themed pieces.

With most patterns, it's good to go with a 3:1 ratio but with black and white checkered themes, you may want to go for one themed piece to every four plain/color pieces. This way you avoid the dizzy issue and add interest and depth to your space. Less is more!

Warm Up Your Checkered Space With Fun Rugs

Large 5' Round Racing Tire/Checkered Flag Theme Area Rug

51" W x 80" L Black and White Checkered Area Rug
Hardwood floors are very popular and I much prefer them for their air-quality value alone. But it's the hardness of bare floors that can leave your bedroom space looking and feeling cold and not at all welcoming.
Accent and area rugs work well to keep bedrooms grounded, and not lost in an expanse of floor space.
I'm loving the balance of themed and plain pieces with the splash of orange accent on the bedding. Window dressing is spot-on with solid black sheer panels and a checkered valance; they're much like I mentioned, earlier, where the focal point isn't a dizzying clutter of squares everywhere. Hints of color helps keep the eye from becoming mesmerized on the patterned elements. 

What's your black and white checkered bedding fave? I'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lavender and Grey Crib Bedding Sets

Lavender and Grey Crib Bedding Set for Baby's Nursery

Posh & Precious: Grey and Lavender Nursery Crib Sets

These budget-friendly lavender and grey crib bedding sets are ideal for creating the posh-princess or precious prince's nursery--baby's first room ever.

Purple is the color of royalty; but go a lighter shade, add grey to it and you've one royal combination for your baby's nursery crib bedding set--talk about luxury, indeed. Lavender and grey (or gray, if you prefer) baby bedding crib sets help bring an air of opulence to your baby's new nursery, where you'll realize a striking result that's pure luxury. No doubt, your guests will respond with the, "Oh, WOW!, two words that confirm our efforts are well rewarded. Scroll down to peruse lavender and grey crib bedding sets that belie their lower price tag. I'm happy to share my findings along with a few decorating basics to catapult baby's nursery into a palace for welcoming your new baby girl home--or boy. ~ with love.


Lavender and Grey Crib Sets: Captivating Nursery Bedding In                               ******Classic Patterns

Damask Lavender and Grey/Gray Nursery Bedding Set: 5-Pce. Grey and Lilac/Lavender Crib Set for Baby Girls' Nursery

        Damask & Florence Design Crib Bedding Sets

9-Pc Lavender and Grey Damask Crib/Nursery Set by JoJo
Cribs are often a nursery's largest asset, so you'll want crib bedding that captivates: drawing the eye's attention, warming the space and welcoming you inside with its beauty.
That's quite a lot to expect of your baby bedding. Indeed, you'll need to go as 'posh' as practical for your budget and decor needs.
Lovely grey and lavender crib comforter sets like these have the visual energy to make that fabulous, first-impression focal piece you're after.
3-Pce. Florence Lavender and Gray Crib Bedding Set: Baby Girls

Ideally, focal pieces are a starting point when decorating, as they have an affect on everything you add to your baby's room thereafter; so be sure each piece--wall art to window dressing--supports your focal point, adding to your theme without competing for attention.
Successful decor keeps all eyes on your baby's bedding for a bit longer before graduating to other, fun pieces.
A great start plays harbinger to a fabulous finish in your baby's new nursery. Aren't these pure luxury lavender and grey crib bedding sets absolutely lovely?

Creating the Boutique Theme with Purple and Grey:Classic Pattern Crib Bedding for a Posh Ambiance

Designer/Luxury Grey and Lavender 3-Piece Baby Girl Chevron & Polka Dot Nursery Crib Set for Baby Girl's (or Boys)


Adding Color to Your Grey and Lavender Nursery Palette 

Baby Girls' 9-pc. Grey and Lavender Crib Bedding Set

Yellow, Lavender and Grey Crib Sets

Obviously, these grey and lavender nursery crib sets are a much lighter purple than the more vibrant bedding sets, but I'll explain about working with color, below.
5-Pce Custom Lavender and Gray Crib Bedding Set
Light hues of purple a.k.a. lavender and grey are ideal for creating a restful, retreat-like ambiance sets the stage for a fun, lively vibe; it's all a matter of personal preference but I must add if you've a fussy, hard to put down baby, you should opt for pastels like these lavender and grey crib set.
These two lavender and grey crib sets at right, have yellow accents, so a nice sunny yellow wall would look fabulous, brightening baby's nursery space with the swish of a paintbrush. Adding an accent color to your grey and lavender palette allows you to expand on your nursery's decor   

Remember, when decorating: vibrant colors produce and energetic ambiance and vice versa with the pastels. Either of these lavender and grey crib bedding sets will help your lil' one settle down for a restful sleep.

Frills in Pastel: The Pure Opulence of Lavender and Grey

Grey and Lavender Crib Bedding: 4-Pce Lambs & Ivy Designer Nursery Set for Baby Girls

Making Baby's Grey and Lavender Nursery Even More Enchanting with Lighting & Accessories

(more bedding further down)

Clear Crystal-Look Chandelier for Baby Girls' Nursery

Pastels are a quiet introduction to baby's nursery and you may want to consider supplementing your available light with a mini chandelier for a convincing boutique ambiance. They're available in a host of colors that will work well for supporting your theme. I recommend chandeliers in clear crystal, lavender or white; this way, your crib bedding won't be competing for attention.

Lavender and grey are two hues that ideally suit a boutique theme. This formal arrangement can be made quite simply by keeping to this color combination with your other nursery decor.

 The chandeliers I mentioned or a frilly purple or grey lampshade will do nicely.

A word of caution: Keep away from bright hues, as they'll 'steal the show' from the get-go, competing with your lavender and gray as the eye zooms in on the loudest colors and patterns.

Lavender and grey crib bedding betrays such a welcoming air; its quite beckoning, isn't it?

Luxury Lavender and Grey Nursery Bedding by Glenna Jean

Lavender and Grey/Gray Luxury Crib Bedding: 3-Pce. Nursery Set by Glenna Jean

Murals Made Easy for the Not-So-Artists

Willow Tree Wall Decal Mural

Isn't the nursery above with its fabulous mural stunning?
Before you discount any notions about your artistic abilities, you can recreate one fabulous mural using wall decals; they're oh-so-easy, removable, reusable and washable. And they're relatively cheap!
I love the pillow arrangement on the wall; they add depth to the mural. The artist was smart to add this bit of unconventional 'wall art'; it plays on my mantra: "Put a frame around it and call it art." .

Wall Decal for Lavender and Grey Nursery

Wall decals are really too cheap for the visual impact they project. Find the voice you want your nursery space to betray and you've won half the battle.

It's too easy.

Keeping Busy Patterns In Check

Lavender Chevron Zig-Zag Crib Bedding Set: 3-Pc Designer Nursery Bedding

Too Cute Lavender and Grey Crib Bedding in Chevron & Baby Elephants and Deer

Lavender and Gray/Grey Crib Bedding Set Elephant Chevron

While this grey and lavender crib bedding is less-spirited, too many matching pieces can resonate as a messy arrangement. One might think back to the old adage: 'Too many coordinates spoil the space.'
Actually, that's my own twist on the quote on the cooks in the kitchen but you can clearly see that you can't clearly see any one thing, in the model room here.

Deer Woodland Grey and Lavender Crib Bedding

Keep this fabulous bedding fabulous; allow the crib set to be the focal piece it's supposed to be, lest you wind up with galloping giraffes and runaway zebras --everywhere.
I'm a believer in introducing newborns to bright hues and patterns aplenty.There's so much to see in the lavender and grey crib comforter with a splash of black alone that not much else needs to be added.
And that's a good thing.

Finish with an Adorable Crib Mobile

Lavender and Grey Nursery: Butterfly Crib Mobile


Which lavender and grey nursery bedding set is your fave?