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Modern Industrial Warehouse & Railroad Cart Coffee Tables with Caster Wheels

Coffee Tables with Casters: Modern Railroad Cart Coffee Table on Wheels

Optimum in Modern Design: the Coffee Table on Wheels

These industrial style coffee tables with their caster (wheels) can easily convert your living space to your favorite room in the house--without killing your budget clear to next year.

There's just something about these tables on wheels that harken back to the industrial era, where the strength of molten steel melds with the wonders of woods' many textures. They're a mix of architectural simplicity and sculptural art form.
Have I convinced you of the power these mobile tables posses?
Furniture that comes alive ~ that seemingly lives and breathes an air of its own ~ is an investment best suited as your space's main attraction. And proper placement of these tables with wheels is key to your decorating success. I'll show you how to get that one-of-a-kind table showpiece from storeroom to your room in style.
Scroll down to peruse these fabulous tables with wheels along with my decorating tips to make that space the masterpiece you've been pining for. . .. and it all begins with a table.

The Many Shades of Steel:

Playing Up Your Metal and Wood Coffee Table Finishes

Railroad Cart Wood and Metal Coffee Table on Castor Wheels

Keeping Your Elements in Check

When decorating, even small hues of black, greys and rust can be played upon for accessorizing. I like to keep to a few different finishes for a cohesive, uncluttered look.
It really pays to be mindful of those few colors. The black steel wheels on this railroad cart style coffee table can be played up with black lamp shades or bases, metal candle holders--even a wrought iron chandelier for a strong element that ties everything together.
All steely metal finishes are up for grabs save for shiny chrome; that would be too distracting. Stick with flat metals for best results.


Introducing Your Space's Style Via Coffee Table

Modern Warehouse Coffee Table on Caster Wheels w/ Storage
There's no more personal statement in your home than your decor; it speaks volumes about you. Settling on a genre may seem easy enough but often times we go overboard with furnishings and nick-knacks of every size and color.
Using substantial pieces in your space like this industrial warehouse style coffee table with wheels, has the visual 'strength' to hold its own without much fuss going on around it.
I'm often preaching the "less is more" mantra because it's so important for success in your modern room's overall look and feel. The eye should move about the room without glaring obstacles.
This industrial-look metal and wood coffee table with casters has the "WOW" factor on its own. All that's needed is a few large candle holders and an over-sized book or two.
Yes, decorating can be this easy.

Vintage Style Metal & Wood Railroad Cart Coffee Table

Metal and Wood Railroad Cart Coffee Tables

I love the two elements--metal and wood--paired into one piece like this railroad cart coffee table here. It seems to echo the strength of the factory and the age of weathered wood a half-century old.
One can conjure up so many stories while admiring this piece; it certainly adds to the space's energy and vibe. That's a lot to ask of a piece of furniture but this one sure delivers.
Keep it simple when decorating around strong pieces like this one--allow it to 'breathe.'


Industrial Warehouse Style Coffee Table: Say 'Sit' Not Babysit

Industrial Cart Side/End Table with Wheels

Matching Industrial Warehouse End Tables: a chairside treat on wheels

If you've ever owned white furniture like I have, you're aware of the babysitter you've become; it's quite exhausting. Minding furniture makes relaxing impossible
Pieces like this modern, industrial loft style coffee table on wheels and storage shelf scream "Welcome!" with its sturdy metal and wood construct crafted to look weathered and rugged. In fact an extra scratch or three adds to its charming spirit. I'm thinking: 'take a load off and put your feet up; all are welcome.'
Furniture that's tough-as-nails are a great investment while looking quite the showstopper. Ideally, I would place the table in the room's focal point with large candle sticks or bust (sculpture) in bronze. Keep to a few large pieces for an impressive look you'll love.

Budget-Friendly Industrial Warehouse Coffee Table on Caster Wheels: finding great ideas for less

Industrial Warehouse Coffee Table on Swivel Caster/Wheels
I love finding fabulous prices on anything; it's like an added bonus I can appreciate every time I admire the piece.
When I happen across a model room in a magazine or blog that's out of my price range I decide what I most like about the elements: color? shape? style? arrangement? Knowing these simple things make for an easier time looking for a cheaper alternative.
This industrial warehouse style coffee table is lots cheaper than its counterparts here but satisfies the metal and steel rectangular requirement on wheels I'm looking for. Keep a log of your most-loved pieces and use a spare moment for searching its budget-friendly cousins. They're out there!

Rectangular Coffee and Cocktail Tables for Smaller Spaces

Narrow Coffee Tables on Wheels are Fabulous in Tight Common Living Spaces

Cocktail Table on Caster Wheels for Small Rooms

While this metal and tile-top coffee table has the caster wheels for portability, it doesn't have the warehouse or railroad style. For a casual, uptown loft look where floor space is at a premium or if you favor a pared down look that's more contemporary than Soho, this coffee table is it.
One more great thing to note is this coffee table sports both a rounded look and a slim rectangular that's more the classic narrow, coffee table piece.

Budget-Relief: Living Room Table Set on Caster/Wheels Often Cost Less

Coffee, End Table and Sofa/Accent Table Set with Wheels
A bit more in keeping with the industrial, loft look, this narrow (rectangular) coffee table set on wheels also includes an end table and sofa table on casters and has the swivel, factory casters and the weighted steel look that will for-sure last.
But, if you're not set on going full-on with the industrial era vibe, this table has a more versatile style and much like the in this model room, it can take on a contemporary look.
Ideal for smaller spaces, what a great table that sure to fit right in.

Matching Side/End Table with Caster/Wheels

Furniture with Spirit: Budget-Friendly Industrial Warehouse Coffee Table on Wheels

These amazing table with caster/wheels betray the power of the industrial warehouse and railway cars, and all the accouterments to keep them going. Either of these coffee tables can take center stage in your living area.
Accessorize with black & white prints and posters or metal sculptures or the perfect loft-look ambiance. These are sizable tables; their unique look will make the focal point in your space quite a masterpiece. As I've mentioned, go easy on the accessories, opting instead for a single, wall-size mural and weighty chandelier for that FAB look you'll love.
Click on Image to see the details about this industrial warehouse style (the rectangular coffee table with caster wheels)

Reclaimed or Repurposed?

Reclaimed coffee and cocktail tables are crafted from salvaged wood, while repurposed are parts or pieces of an unrelated piece like an old wine barrel being made into a wine-tasting table.

Authentic Repurposed Railroad Cart Coffee Table on Wheels
 (click image for details)

Distressed Round Coffee Table with Glass Top & Wheels

(click image for details)

In spaces where furniture is very angular or boxy, a round table can be an unexpected but welcome interruption in softening the look of the room. Round tables with wheels are ideal for impromptu entertaining or where leg room is minimal, as sharp edges from right angled tables can be painful if bumped by knees and shins.

Distressed Round Cocktail Table on Swivel Caster Wheels

(see more about table by clicking the image)

As I mentioned, this round table will add 'curve' appeal to angular furniture.
While your first inclination may be to place coffee tables in front of your sofa, consider creating a separate sitting area by placing two or more occasional chairs around this piece.
Such an arrangement works well in awkward floor spaces that a more akin to a bowling lane thaan living room. Indeed, round tables can break up the boredom!


Which coffee table style is your fave: the industrial warehouse, or the railroad cart on casters?

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Tween Bedding for Girls' Rooms

Under $40 Tween Girl Bedding: 5-Pc. Teal ZigZag Chevron Comforter Set

Budget-Friendly Comforters and Bedding Sets for Tween Girls

These comforters and bedding sets for tween girls are a fabulous way of getting your fun-to-fanciful decor off to a great start without draining your decorating budget from the get-go.

Tween girls are a complex mix of little girl and teen-to-be. I can attest to how confounding these next few years can be; you might not recognise your child from the one you tucked into bed just last night!
Uh-huh . . . who knew?
And along with the mix up are all the change-outs you'll be making--you haven't been this busy since your tween girl turned toddler not too awfully long ago. Everything in your tween's bedroom needs to have that 'grown up' look about it without being too over the top. Sounding complicated? Not to worry; I'll show you the way to decorating success beginning with tween-friendly, cool to funky bedding: comforters, bedspreads and duvets to 'tween die for.'
Scroll down to peruse more of some really cool ideas you'll both agree on (savor the moment, as agreeing may not happen again!).

Getting Started in Your Tween's Room - High Energy Bedding Sets for That Important Focal Point

Bedding for Tween Girls: 8-Pc. Bed-in-a-Bag Dorm Comforter Set

Funky Bedding is the Ideal Option

Highly-visual bedding like this purple-pink magenta comforter set guarantees you'll capture the eye and get by with plain ol' white walls and furniture pieces in your tween girl's  bedroom.

Add an inexpensive area rug on hard floors and opt for a butterfly chair instead of an expensive armchair.  Easy~peasy for less!
This uber-cheap, 8-Pc. bed-in-a-bag 'dorm room' set includes: XL Twin Comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow sham, pillow case, storage tote and towel

Tween Bedding for Girls: Cool Purple Comforter Matching Sheet Set

Getting Designer Cues for Your Tween Girl's Room

It's a good idea to collect your tween's favorite model rooms like this purple-lover's dream bedroom space.

Choose those favorite decor elements and piece those designer spaces into one your tween loves. The butterflies here can easily be crafted from poster board and bent a bit away from the wall for a 3D work of art.

Cool Bedding for Tween Girls: Peace Sign Comforter Matching Sheet Set

Your Tween Girl's Decor:  Keeping Costs Tame with Animal Print  Bedding for Less

Bedding Set for Tween Girl: Rainbow Leopard Comforter & Sheet Set

That  Pesky Budget
Keeping on a budget can get tricky; I know, I've spent more than I bargained for plenty of times before realizing that I could find a cheaper look-a-like for everything I fell in love with. The trick is to find out just what it is about that pricey item you love: texture, color, shape, style?
Then find that item by searching the web, ebay and even yard sales; it's out there somewhere.
These animal print bedding sets are perfect for tween girls, as teens love them just as much, so there's no having to switch it out come her thirteenth birthday. Another great feature is their price of under $50. Pair these up with the window panels above. A fun way to hang them is in the same color order found in the bedding.
There's lots of energy with these tween-to-teen bedding sets.

Animal Print Bedding for Tween Girls: Rainbow Leopard Comforter Set

Included in this Under $40 (for twin size) bedding set: Rainbow Leopard Print Comforter, Pillow Sham and Dust Ruffle

Zebra Print Comforter & Sheet Set for Tween Girls' Bedroom

More Tween Bedding Sets Below but First, a Best-Kept Secret for Window Treatments~ Who knew?

Under $8 Pair Tween Girl Window Sheers

Adding Color to Your Tween's Room: Uber-Cheap Sheer Panels in Tons of Colors

Adding bright colors on your tween's windows is a task made easier by pulling a color from the bedding and splashing it on the windows. These sheer panels come in tons of colors that 10, 11 and 12 year old girls love.
Tween girls are full of fun and energy and their rooms are best expressed in hot pinks and limes mixed with neon yellow ~ all on the same window with panels hung in a rainbow pattern.
How fun is that?
Mix and match for a look that's all tween. These panels are super~cheap, too. I was surprised to find this pair for under $10. For two! And the reviews from other moms and dads are impressive. The sky's the limit with these rainbow faves. Can you tell I'm a bit excited?
Purple, Pink, Lime, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Red, Fuchsia and lots of other tween-fave hues

Bedding Set for Tween Girls: Teal Blue Ruffle Comforter Set

Teal & Turquoise Blue Tween Girl Bedding Sets: Fresh & Fun

Turquoise is such a fun, fresh color; it's no wonder tween and teen girls love it. With that in mind, you'll get more 'mileage' for your decorating efforts and budget.
I'm a big fan ~ as are most moms and dads ~ of decor that lasts longer than the latest fad.
These teal and turquoise bedding sets have a distinct personality that can grow with your tween. All you need do is accessorize just a little more sophisticated each few years and you'll be set with any of these tween-to-teen sets.

Fr. Under $40 Teal Bedding for Tween Girls: 3-Pc Comforter Set

Solid Purple Comforter Set for Tween Girls Under $50

The Power of 'Plain Ol' Bedding: Solid Tween Comforter Sets

It seems counter-intuitive to give a lot of decor strength to a plain bedding set, but quite conversely, plain bedding can proffer the most freedom in your decorating palette, allowing you to accessorize in an unrestricted.
Plain is an 'anything goes' option in your tween's space. Too, you can use the bedding fr years to come as long as it holds up well. Your tween is free to express herself with wall art of any genre, too.
Tween and teen girls love fuzzy material and this comforter set delivers while it promises a comfy~cozy bed she'll love. The colors are all tween girl, so there's a lot you can choose from in that scheme. I'd like to see the sheer window panels above in three hues paired together on one window or a fun, sherbet look.
Just think of this plain comforter as a blank canvas, ready for your tween's own expression.

Solid Pink Tween Girl Bedding: Under $40 Comforter Set
Solid Purple Tween Girl Bedding Set

Under $50 Hot Pink Bedding for Tween Girls

Aqua Blue Fuzzy Bedding for Tween Girls
Tween Girl Lime Green Bedding Set
Purple Comforter Set for Tween Girl

Using Accessories Wisely in Your Tween's Room

The Busy 10, 11, & 12 Year Old  Girl

Accessories can be a good thing. Or not. Use 'cute little things' in your tween girl's space discriminately and make each piece count. Keep in mind: too much of anything is clutter ~ no matter if it's a bunch of teddy bears, trinkets or socks, it's clutter and not at all restful.
And in my experience, tweens and teens have an innate tendency to be messy, anyway. Even cute little chotchkies can be a nemesis to tweens, so be sparing.
It's best to think of accessories like wall art where large pieces make a bigger impact versus dueling little picture on a wall or night stand.
This selection of hot pink bedding sets has the high-energy design to make that impressive focal point. I suggest using plain window treatments with these sets. A good example of decoration overload is the matching polka dot set/window valance in the middle. The eye bounces between the bed and window; it's not a smooth transition and the valance dilutes the the effect of the bed as focal point. Less in more.

Pink/Purple Reversible Comforter Bedding Set $35

Proper Sizing for Your Tween Girl's Wall Art

Wall Art Poster Idea for Tweens

I'm forever preaching about wall art and sizing things up beforehand. If your artwork isn't properly appointed it will either get lost in a great expanse of wall or be so big it's overbearing
I'm sure you've seen tiny pictures. Alone. On a giant wall.
This means your efforts are lost and the effect of the wall art is so greatly paled, the piece is downright distracting ~ like a spot on your face that shouldn't be there. Remember, just because it's art doesn't mean it will look good wherever you hang it.
Keep things as big as possible against the wall. Think big wall, big art and vice versa. To avoid a cluttered look, opt for a single piece of art versus lots of little pieces.
Stick to posters that are standard, 36" x 24" size, as you won't have to buy another frame with each poster change. Poster frames can be bought really cheaply at big box craft stores on sale or with a generous coupon. Most posters are available in standard size so you're not limited in your choices.

Wall Decals: The WoW Decor for Less - Fun Tween Girl Art

Budget-Friendly Wall Decals for Tween Girls

Wall decals have to be one of the easiest options for decorating tween girls' bedrooms. They come in a countless number of themes and genres, sizes and shapes and all colors of the rainbow ~ sounds pretty 'tweeny' to me!
What's more, wall decals are removable, reusable, washable and easy to hang. This elephant decal is available in several sizes. I was impressed with the pictures sent in from parents (just click the link).
You get so much bang for your buck with wall decals. Make your own mural or create a cozy nook made of flowers, peace signs or animal spots. The choice is all yours.

Hot Pink Chandelier for Tween Girls

Budget-Friendly Hot Pink Chandelier for Tween Girls

I always refer to chandeliers as a room's crowning jewel.. These lovely fixtures have the power to transform a space from just okay to opulent with the flip of a switch.
Chandeliers can be hung in a corner or the room's center. Too, they''re available in any number of sizes and shapes.
If you plan on using the piece several years, I suggest going for a slightly older~looking design you can enjoy uninterrupted. Many are plug in ready right out of the box.
This pink chandelier will work in your tweens space quite nicely and is very affordable at under $50.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Race Car Crib Bedding: Really Race-y Nursery Decor for Less

Super Low Price 14-pc. Race Car Nursery Crib Bedding & Window Valances

A Race Car Nursery: Baby Bedding in Motion 

Race car baby bedding like these super-charged, low-cost (yes, I'm uber-frugal) themed crib sets and related nursery decor are a fabulous way to decorate for baby boys--even baby girl race fans.

Too, race car nursery bedding and themed decor can easily last beyond baby's first year and well into toddler bed days, making for one smart-as-ever nursery-turned-kid theme!

14-piece Race Car Nursery & Crib Set includes:  
  • Crib Comforter
  • Crib Skirt
  • Bumper
  • Diaper Stacker
  • Wall Art & Hanging Toy Holder
  • 2 matching window valances
  • Changing Pad, Diaper Bag, Bottle Case & Accessory Case

A Best-Kept Secret Before We Move On to More Race Car Crib Sets Themed Nursery Decor

Save Money Using Race Car Bedding for Cribs & Toddler Beds
Did you know that toddler beds are designed to reuse your baby's crib mattress?
The great part  about toddler bedding is you can save BIG. Use them for your crib set, too: Save the pillow case and top  sheet for the toddler bed--or, better yet, repurpose these pieces for your crib skirt or fabulous matching window panels in your race car theme!

This 10-piece toddler bedding set includes: comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase, dust ruffle, decorative pillow, 3 pieces of wall art and hamper bag

IMPORTANT: Always be sure you don't have bedding in baby's crib that can bunch up and become a threat to safety. 

4-Pc. Race Car Crib/Toddler Bedding Set for Baby to Little Boys

Vibrant Nursery Palettes Might Need Toddler Bedding Pieces

If you  want bright colors instead of the traditional soft, pastel hues: Good for you!

I'm not a fan of complete decorating rehauls every other year, and vibrant colors last the longest with kids' rooms.

I love the race car design with this toddler (crib-size) comforter that will go from crib to bed in the snap of the comforter!

  • Race Car Crib Comforter
  • Printed Race Car Fitted Sheet
  • Flat Sheet (for re-purposing  or later)
  • Pillow Case (for re-purposing or later)

Under $40 Disney Little Racer 4-Pc.Race Car Crib Bedding Set

Mini Designer Crib Sets are a great idea for saving big on your nursery  decor, as you'll have the main crib pieces like these seen in this Disney Little Racer themed nursery is  under $40 (as of my posting).

Later, you can add to your race car theme as you find those 'must-haves.'

Included in this 4-piece crib set:
6-Pc.Race Car Crib Nursery Set: Baby Lil Racer by Disney
  • Race Car Crib Comforter
  • Printed Race Car Fitted Sheet
  • Dust Ruffle
  • Wall Art

This Disney Little Racer crib set has a few more pieces  but costs substantially more.  Being frugal,  I  would go for the mini crib set and find bedding of  similar colors as I decorated.

Begin with a few fabulous pieces of bedding and great color  choices and you'll be off to a great start.

I'm not feeling the blue hue on the walls in this model nursery; the crib's bedding gets lost in the sea of blue.

Don't you think so?


What's Your Style Race Car Nursery Decor?

4-Pc. Cute Race Car Themed Crib Bedding Set by Circo
I've included several styles of race car crib sets in my post from the serious-sport race car theme to this too-cute Rah-Rah Racer nursery set by  Circo.

While your nursery theme might be limited on race cars past the printed sheet, you'll have more decorating options in a host of nursery-friendly colors.  Really, you're walls can be white, to striped, to lots of blue--even grey.

Regardless of your nursery bedding's vibe, keep to its look and feel with your other decor. This crib set has a fun theme, so you would want to keep other nursery pieces a happy one.

Isn't that lil' monkey too cute?

One Grace Place Race Car Crib Bedding Quilt Orange and Grey

Mix & Match Race Car Theme Nursery Bedding and Themed Decor                                            

Well, here's my  absolute fave among the race car crib bedding. The tires suggest so many themes; all you need do is add black and white checks, a race car crib mobile like one of those below, and some fun wall art.

Isn't the large race car tire area  rug amazing? I included a few themed nursery decor pieces including that fab rug!

There's a ton of related pieces at the link and I really had to control my impulse to keep the orange from taking over the page

Large Race Car Tire Area Rug for Baby Nursery on Up

Nursery Room Race Car Theme Window Treatment

Race Car Themed Nursery Crib Mobiles

Race Car Themed Nursery Decor: Race Tire Crib Mobile

Designer Race Car Crib Mobile

Race Car Nursery Themed Decor: Disney Crib Mobile

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