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Funky Comforters, Bedding & Bedroom Ideas for Tween & Teen Girls

You'll love this selection of affordable, fun and funky tween and teen bedroom decor ideas for girls, where you'll create a boudoir your teenage girl will love retreating to.

Uber-Cheap Funky Purple Zebra Print Comforter & Sheet Set for Tween and Teen Girls

Beginning Your Teen's Space: the Focal Point - Funky Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding Sets for Girls

Under $50 Leopard Print Rainbow Color Comforter and Sheet Set

Decorating for the Teen Girl: Starts with Cool and Funky Bedding & Sheet Sets for Under $50

Decorating a cool and funky teen girl's bedroom can be done on the cheap. My inexpensive decor ideas along with a few choice pieces can transform a plain teen or tween girl's bedroom into a cool and funky teen girls' abode that will leave all her girlfriends saying, "I want one!"
Scroll down for a glimpse of affordable, funky teen girls' bedding sets and comforters to rev up your girl's space. And my cool decorating tips just for teen girl bedrooms I've included will show you how to 'get there'.
Enjoy these cool and funky bedroom ideas for teen and tween girls.

Under $50 Zebra Print Comforter & Sheet Set for Tween/Teen Girls
Zebra & Animal Print Bedding Sets
This zebra print bedding set is under $50 for the twin size bed-in-a-bag comforter and sheet set.
The idea of not having to buy matching sheet sets is a plus-plus for us moms and decorators.
Plus (okay, a third plus), looking for zebra print sheets can be draining on time--and our pocketbook.

Rainbow Leopard Cheetah Comforter Bedding Set for Tween & Teen girls

Fun & Funky Bedding: Your Tween or Teen Girl's Leopard/Cheetah Comforter Set for Under $40
This cheaper comforter set has the brilliant rainbow of hues you need for a striking focal point. While the bed set doesn't include sheets, you can model the bed's dressing here and use black sheets--really any color in this set's 'rainbow.' 

Hot Pink ZigZag Chevron Comforter Bedding Set for Teen Girls
Strong Patterns: ZigZag Chevron Print Make Fabulous Focal Pieces

Planning your teen girl's bedroom decor is made easy when you start with a strong visual statement. Using bedding as a focal point makes sense, as the bed is typically the largest piece in your room and commands the most attention when appropriately dressed.
Using strong patterns and striking colors against lighter walls is an ideal way to make your bedding stand out as the space's show-stopper.
The funky bed-in-a-bag and comforter ensembles help set the stage for a cool room your teen will love.

Purple & Hot Pink Peace Sign Comforter Set

Black Purple Pink Peace Sign Tween/Teen Girls Comforter Bed in a Bag Set
When decorating, it's smart to establish what your focal point will be. Most often it's the bed, as bedding can make a defining statement in introducing your space's theme.
I recommend you opt for a bold comforter set like those I've featured here. They all have that 'a teen girl lives here' vibe making them a successful first pick in decorating and establishing your color palette. Purple, hot pink and peace signs are the perfect teen or tween girl's room color combination.
Bathe your teen's walls in a color you've pulled from the bedding. I suggest using a color a few shades lighter or darker than your focal piece for best results. You've several wall color options for this comforter set, as purple and pink are very decorator~friendly.

Tween & Teen Girl 60 x 84" Purple Sheer Panels Under $10 Pair
Fun Color Sheer Window Panels for Under $10 a Pair--Who Knew?
Here's another example of making that important defining statement for decorating success. I've included several colors that, upon first impression, shouts 'teen girl'. You can opt for one color or go for a layered look with two or more different shades of the same hue. Create a rainbow effect using three or more colors for higher visual interest. These solid colored curtains work great with busy patterns, keeping them in check and not an overwhelming nuisance.
Trendy, colorful and versatile, these fun panels can survive changing out your room's decor, as you can reuse them with other bedding sets. I'd say they're a great investment for so little cost.
Lime Green Sheer Panels 60" x 84" for Under $10 Pair

These fun to funky sheer window panels are available in a host of tween and teen girl-friendly colors. And for under $10 per pair, you can create an amazing window!

Decorating for the Long Haul - Teen Bedding the Lasts

2-Piece Purple Reversible Comforter Bedding Set for Girls

Solid Purple Comforter Set

If you're decorating for a tween or plan on keeping the same bedding and decor for several years, solid reversible comforters can convert quite readily to an older decor genre. 

You'll only have to remove any printed pillows or bedding and proceed to the next phase of your teen girl's passion.

Now, About That Budget: Super Cheap Tween to Teen Bedding Sets for Girls

Tween & Teen 2-Piece Orange and White Bedding Under $20

Cheaply-priced bedding sets don't necessarily mean cheap in craft. I'm always excited to find great bedding like these modestly priced sets. They've all the elements required for a great focal point with their vibrant hues and patterns.
Plus, I'm seeing a long life as part of your tween or teen girl's decor; they're quite the ageless pieces and for well under $50, these sets are an ideal investment.
I don't usually suggest going cheap on bedding, as it's such a big part of the room's overall impression but I have to make an exception, here.
I love all the potential these fun and funky, teen-friendly patterns promise. It's a hard pick in finding my fave; I love them all. Don't you?

Funky Red, White & Black Mod Graphics Bed Set for Tween and Teens

Creating a space that's cozy can be as easy as placing a chair in any corner of your tween or teen girl's bedroom and adding a small table and accent lamp.
 Or, I'd suggest an overhead light or chandelier if floor space is an issue. Find old used chairs that are smaller, tween size or teen size and paint 'em fun colors in your girl's bedroom palette and they'll really warm up an empty corner.
What are your favorite ideas?

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Coffee & Cocktail Tables with Stool Seating Underneath

These coffee tables with stools underneath are a great example of style meeting utility in your favorite space.  You'll realize the benefits of having several pieces of furniture costing much less.

Glass Top & Wood Round Coffee Table with 4 Stools Underneath

Doubling Up with Decor: Coffee Tables with Stools

Whether you've a large space or smaller, intimate area to furnish, incorporating beauty and seating you can use daily is just plain smart decorating. Coffee and cocktail tables are a must when entertaining friends and work to divide and define a space into a more intimate setting. Adding stools that provide extra seating when needed, yet tuck nicely underneath the table help keep your area together in a neat arrangement.
We'll examine quite a few coffee tables that afford upholstered stool seating underneath them, with and without extra storage. And I'll give you some great ideas for incorporating them in your favorite living space.
Scroll down to peruse some attractive options in coffee table with upholstered stool seating underneath you'll love.

Glass Top Coffee Tables: A Must-Have for Attractive Rugs

These round, glass top coffee tables I show here, on this page are ideal if you've a lovely rug underneath that you want to show off.
The four stools afford the added seating you'll need when entertaining or the family gathers 'round for a card game. The solid surface table is ideal if you tend to dine in your living area.

What's in a Name? - Glass Top Round Coffee Tables

Wood & Glass Top Round Coffee Table with 4 Wedge Stools Underneath
Cocktail or Coffee Table: What's in a Name?
Often, the terms coffee table and cocktail table are used interchangeably. Really, either term is correct to use for these all-important, front-and-center tables that act as focal point in your living space.
Historically, cocktail tables were square or rectangular, while their round counterparts were referred to as coffee tables. So, there you have the specifics if you're the technical type.

Solid Wood Round Cocktail/Coffee Table with 4 Stool Seating Underneath

Solid-Surface Round Coffee Tables: A Must-Have for Kids

While I've a penchant for great decor coupled with functionality, I do have my limits when kids are in the picture, specifically, little kids.
For households with kids I highly recommend a round solid-surface coffee table with vinyl padded stools like this one, here. The slightest crevice may as well be a cavern when crumbs find their way down into the black hole--and it won't be pretty, unless you don't mind stradling a stool, toothpick and dental mirror in hand [feel free to enter your own scary visual, here].
I know, I've been there and done that.
In no time, you'll have a crumb collection enough to suffice an army of ants' food stores through winter and well into spring. I imagine by now, you're not looking at the glass top table in the same manner. Not to worry; it happens to all of us moms and dads.
Reality hurts but this great-looking round coffee table with four padded (i.e. washable) stools underneath are hardly the sacrifice. Kids or no kids, don't you agree?
Your furniture defines your decor palette: modern or contemporary, rustic and industrial? Glass and metal are telltale defining features of modern decor.
Chrome framed furniture pieces have a highly reflective properties that help lighten your favorite space ~ it's quite refreshing. Often, modern sofas and chairs are linear and squared and a round coffee table like this one can soften the edges while the four stools add to its usefulness .

Faux Leather Coffee Table with Four Stool Seating Underneath
Keeping to Your Decorating Budget
I'm the first to raise my hand for having gone over budget when decorating. It can get tricky trying to get everything in your space without going overboard budget-wise.

The good thing though, is there's always a cheaper replacement for that pricey gotta-have. Decide what your most desired characteristic is about the piece you're pining for: shape, color, style? Then search for a more reasonable replacement.

These coffee tables with seating underneath them, share some of the same characteristics of more pricey pieces without the hefty price tag. Remember, there's always a good compromise when it comes to decor.

Wood Cocktail/Coffee Table with Four Stools & Hidden Storage Under

Uber-Cheap in Price Only: Wood Finish Coffee Table with Hidden-Storage Seating Underneath
I'm the first to raise my hand for having gone over budget when decorating. It can get tricky trying to get everything in your space without going overboard budget-wise.
The good thing though, is there's always a cheaper replacement for that pricey gotta-have. Decide what your most desired characteristic is about the piece you're pining for: shape, color, style? Then search for a more reasonable replacement.
These tables share some of the same characteristics of more pricey pieces without the hefty price tag. Remember, there's always a good compromise when it comes to decor.

Natural Grass Weave Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Seating Underneath

Fresh & Breezy: Natural Grasses

Rush Grass Square Cocktail Table with Hidden Storage Seating Underneath

A rush grass is a tough natural alternative to metal and wood. Natural fibers keep your space looking fresh and alive.
Bathing walls in pale yellows and greens create an ambiance that's quite refreshing. Make sure the area around your coffee table is bright and airy or at least well lighted.
This abaca glass top table is the quintessential piece for creating a tropical theme in your favorite room. The stools underneath sport the same sturdy weave as the table's base. For small to larger rooms, a glass top coffee table like this one will keep your decor appearing crisp and clean.

Natural Rush Grass Coffee Table with Four Stools Underneath

Narrow Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Ottoman Stool Seating Under
Coffee Tables with Storage Stools for Small Spaces
Small living areas don't need to go without all the comforts of home; you just have to go slimmer with your furniture choices like with this narrow coffee table with its two upholstered stools tucked neatly underneath for a tidy look that doesn't consume the floor space three pieces would otherwise do.
Its these space-savers that work well at keeping your living room well-furnished yet lovely.

Rectangular Cocktail Table with Two Nesting Stool Seating Underneath

Slimming Down Your 'Waste' Line with Rectangular Coffee Tables

Where floor space is at a premium in smaller spaces, it makes good sense to use a rectangular cocktail table in lieu of a round one.
With a narrower coffee table you'll still have a great place to accommodate your remotes, drinks ~ or even put your feet up.
Ideally, your furniture shouldn't crowd your space and you should be able to freely walk around the coffee table: 12-15 inches between sofa and table is best.
Narrower coffee tables like these are your best bet in tight spaces.

Bar Height Round Glass Top Table with Stool Seating Underneath

Working in Smaller Spaces: Round Glass Top Cocktail Table with Four Wedge Stools

Glass top tables with nesting stools work well in smaller spaces; their transparency gives the illusion of more space as it seems the table consumes less room.
Round coffee tables sport these very features while the four wedge-shaped stools add to their utility, offering extra seating at-the-ready. I much appreciate round tables for their ability to soften the sharp, harsh edges of more linear furniture pieces like sofas and boxy chairs.
You'll realize a great balance in your living space with the simple addition of one substantial, round element breaking up the monotony of straight lines.

Modern Cocktail/Coffee Table with Two Hidden Storage Nesting Stools

The Uniqueness of Modern Decor

I've a penchant for modern decor. It's uniqueness lends to unlimited choices with little restraint. Curves, striking color and sheens are all part of modern decor's appeal.
Coffee tables are no exception. I love this S-shaped table with its unique look and hollow base for storing those ever-disappearing remotes. The stools fit like a puzzle underneath and the glass top makes a sharp, clean statement.
When going with the modern palette, surprises are welcome and expected. Just go for it.

Cocktail & Coffee Tables with Hidden Storage Stools and the Small Space

When dealing with smaller spaces it's always a great idea to get the most out of each piece. Coffee tables like the ones shown here have a lot to offer with added seating and extra storage inside the ottomans.
I like the idea of having so much in one tidy package once the stools are place underneath the tables.
Consider a table like one of these for social gatherings where you'll have games and accoutrements at the ready. Don't you think so?

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Kids' & Toddler Chair and Ottoman Sets

Fuzzy Microplush Arm Chair and Ottoman Set for Toddlers

Decorating with these cute, yet affordable kids' chairs with ottomans will set the stage for the rest of your space while surrounding your little one in comfort.

Kids' & Toddlers' Leopard Animal Print Chair and Ottoman Set

Toddlers and preschool kids are in that "in~between" stage where they're ready to join the family ranks on family night but don't quite fit into your adult chairs. The baby chairs are history but climbing up the side of your prized upholstered chair or sofa is downright frightening.
Scroll down to get a peek at these upholstered toddler and kid-sized chair and ottoman sets you didn't even know existed in such a small size.
Who knew?
I've also included some fun tips for best incorporating your kid's chair and ottoman into a little boy or girl's bedroom.

Decorating In Theme - Fun Upholstered Chairs and Ottomans for Boys and Girls

Minnie Mouse Pink Chair and Ottoman Set: Cutout Ears and Bow
Themes are a fun and easy way to decorate kids' bedrooms. There's no guessing what color or style furniture or bedding to buy as long as you keep to your theme.

But decorating with the same pattern again and again with the addition of each piece can result in a 'dizzying array' and not the dazzling display you're aiming for.

I suggest keeping to several large, themed pieces like these fun chairs with matching ottomans and fabulous bedding in your intended subject, while adding simple, nondescript accessories to maintain a healthy balance within the room.

My formula is 3:1, that is: three plain pieces to every themed addition. This way, your kid's room will look cohesive and uncluttered. You don't want to dilute the visual effect of your more important pieces.

Keep your theme simple and allow your showpieces to stand out on their own.

Furnishing a Small Space - Fuzzy Chair and Ottoman Sets for Toddler Boy & Girls

Upholstered Solid Color Chair and Ottoman Sets for Kids and Toddlers. These brown chair set below is available in several kid-friendly hues.

Kids' Brown Plush Microfiber Arm Chair and Ottoman Set for Toddlers

Small spaces, like kids' bedrooms need simplicity, without busy patterns on furniture's upholstery, so having solid color pieces like these chair and ottoman sets make ideal choices, as busy patterns will quickly lend to a cluttered look in your child's room.
Save visually stimulating images for wall art and pieces that are 'up and away' from your floor to create the illusion of more space. Widen your floor space by placing an area rug on the diagonal; this way, your toddler's room will appear larger.
I recommend a few, key furniture pieces for the best result in smaller bedrooms. With small bedrooms, less is definitely more. Keep it simple and you'll succeed.

Going Classic with Your Choice of Chairs

Solid-Color Chair and Ottoman Sets Fit Into Any Space

Fuzzy/Microfiber Plush Chair and Ottoman Set for Toddler Boys & Girls

Classic Style Toddler Chair and Ottoman Sets

Both my twin boys enjoyed their own chairs (complements of Grandma) and were equally thrilled when they made a 'crash landing' in my living room in line with their dad's own recliner and the TV set. I was none too pleased about the whole affair, as we were currently penned up in a three bedroom apartment while awaiting the finishing of our house.

I did have to concede on this chair business; I knew any efforts to decorate were squelched by the lack of square footage--everywhere.

While I didn't share my boys' delight at the lineup of what may as well be page six or so of Goldilocks' and the Three Bears, I had to admit the arrangement was a part of many happy moments the boys shared with their dad, and in retrospect I wouldn't have changed a thing if I could have.

These cute armchair and matching ottoman sets come in a host of solid hues that won't threaten your space's decor and should fit in nicely wherever you plan to put them.

Kids' Chair and Ottoman Set in Denim Blue for Toddlers

Denim: Enduring Style

Blue Denim Chair and Ottoman for Toddlers

Denim betrays everything casual; there's nothing formal or 'stuffy' about this fun material. It also makes an ideal upholstery option for your toddler's chair and ottoman set.
With denim, you'll have freedom in pairing the set up with bedding and wall art without it looking out of place.
Yes, denim does take on a low profile in any given space but it will surely look at home with any number of decorating genres.
If you've a fully decorated space, you'll be safer to opt for a chair and ottoman set like this denim style.

Turning Standard into Super: Solid-Color Kids' Chair and Ottoman Sets for Boys & Girls

Kids' Arm Chair with Microsuede Ottoman Set in Hot Pink

'Plain Ol' Chairs in Solid-Colors & Bright Hues

While plain furniture might seem less exciting, using solid-color chair and ottomans allow you the freedom to decorate around them in whatever theme you decide on. Or, if your child's room or your planned space for the chair is fully appointed, a low-profile chair won't compete with your existing pieces.
To ramp up the chair's overall look, a simple accent pillow in your room's colors or theme will be sufficient in tying the chair and ottoman set with its surrounds.
Either of these cute chairs will look very fitting in your space with just a few 'tweaks.'

Bring the Outdoors Into Your Toddler's Bedroom

Animal and Camo Print Chair and Ottoman 

Sets Are a Fun Addition and Make a Great Focal Piece

Kids' Chair with Ottoman Set in Camo for Toddlers

I love these cute armchair and matching ottoman sets. They'll turn any blah corner into a fun space your toddler will love. Add a small bookshelf, a side table and lamp and your toddler will have their own library while the pieces make a great statement in their bedroom.
These cute chair sets have that strong visual statement all spaces need, adding form and function to your toddler's bedroom.

Kids Children All Sports Club Chair and Ottoman Set

Sports Theme Chair and Ottoman

Toddlers and little kids love to be included with the rest of the family gathered around the TV for the big game. Or, if you've a little sports fan whose bedroom is done up in every ball known to humankind, a sports-themed chair and ottoman set like this one will fit the space nicely.
It's simple, straight lines will lend a clean look to an accent corner if that's where you'll be going with it.
I love the sweet, total look, don't you?

Forgiving Pink - Pink Upholstered Arm Chairs for Girls with Matching Ottoman

Pile on the pink. Unlike so many hues, pink is one color you can mix several shades together and still have a balanced look.

Girls' (or boys') Plush Microfiber Pink Chair and Ottoman Set
Pink can be complex with its limitless uses but it's also among the easiest of colors to decorate with. With any pink hue, you can layer shade on shade, even mixing dark with light tones without a gaudy result.
I've included several pink hues with these cute chair and ottoman sets for little girls (and yes, even adventurous boys) to illustrate how well pinks look next to their lighter or darker tone.
You can bathe your girl's walls in light pink and add darker pieces for a fabulous contrast or go vice-versa with darker walls.

Baseball Glove Chair & Baseball Ottoman Set for Kids

Decorating for Your Little Sports Enthusiast

Kids' Chair and Ottoman Sets: Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball

I love these sports themed chairs for their ease on the eye while being visually stimulating.
I know this sounds contradictory but the chairs' unique style will capture the eye without having to be 'loud' in color, making them the ideal pick for kids' bed and family rooms, alike.
If your kid's bedroom is large enough, you can opt for a play area using this chair and ottoman set as a centerpiece complete with rug underfoot. A small table and a lamp will round out the arrangement quite nicely. But If you've the more conventional small space kids' room, either of these ball chairs will work for that WOW! you're after.

Which Upholstered Toddler Chair With Ottoman is Your Fave? 

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