Monday, November 30, 2015

Minnie Mouse Chairs Fold Out Couches & Flip Sofas

Pink Minnie Mouse Foam Chair with Heart-Shaped Back 

Decorating in Cute:

Minnie Mouse Sofas, Chairs & Flip Down Couches

These adorable Minnie Mouse fold-out sofas and other fun, budget-friendly seating are an ideal start to your toddler to little girl's themed bedroom.

Low profile, yes, but a perfect height for little bodies. You can say these chairs and sofas are 'just right;' so you don't have to play the musical chairs or Goldilocks game while looking for child-sized seating.

And true to form, I've picked the best among cheaper versions of what's available, while considering usefulness (utility), affordability (aka, cheaper) and best for decorating your baby girl's to toddler and little girl's Minnie Mouse seating.

Just click on the text under each image to see the chair or sofa.

Minnie Mouse Fold Out Sofas: an overnight bed at the ready

Having an extra bed for those impromptu sleepovers can be tricky, especially when space is at a premium in smaller bedrooms and living areas. I love this too-cute fold out, aka flip down foam sofa bed from the Minnie Mouse Bow-tique collection. The foam cushioning makes this sofa bed a great idea and a lightweight option in lieu of an extra full-blown bed. It's so lightweight, that even kids (with an adult in attendance for safety) can lug the sofa bed from room to room. Just fold it out and add a pillow--VIOLA!

Kid-friendly, fun and practical, this colorful, pink and polka dot Minnie Mouse sofa bed starts at under $25 (as of this writing).  

Minnie Mouse Fold Out Sofa
Minnie Mouse Sofa Bed Shown Above


Not Feeling the 'Love' with the Minnie Mouse-Themed Foam Sleeper Sofa Beds?

Minnie Mouse Kids' Purple/Pink Upholstered Sofa

Minnie Mouse Sofa with Storage Underneath

If you want more of a serious sofa to keep in one place, this purple and pink Minnie Mouse Couch has an amazing perk: extra storage under the seat cushion. How neat is that?

You have two pieces of furniture in the space of one. So, is this a Minnie Mouse toy chest with a sofa, or a Minnie Mouse sofa with a toy box?

You can be the judge, here. But either way, I love the unimposing colors and soft edges of this sweet, themed sofa.

Large Minnie Mouse Light-Up Pillow Pet

Minnie Mouse Pillows are Ideal for Your Girl's Themed Sofa or Chair

Minnie Mouse Themed Toddler-Size Saucer Chair

Minnie Mouse Themed Saucer Chair for Toddlers

Portable chairs like this folding, Minnie Mouse saucer chair are fabulous for watching TV or tossing in the car for setting up a cozy spot for your toddler girl.

Portable, economical, and fun, you have the option of decorating your girl's bedroom or using the chair when going to Grandma's. Just fold-out and sit. 


Minnie Mouse Pink Bean Bag Chair for Toddler Girls

Minnie Mouse Bean Bag Chair: lightweight, portable, easy-to-clean & budget-friendly

This cute bean bag chair has a lot of visual interest while being the small, space-saved, comfy-cozy Minnie Mouse themed piece you want (whew! that's some sentence!).

I like the high back--perfect for babies and toddlers to get quiet and sit. Yes, it's possible!

Uber-cheap, you can wipe up the messes from the chair's vinyl surface.

Which is you fave?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bright to Burnt Orange and Brown Comforter & Bedding Sets

Burnt Orange and Brown Bedding: 9-Pc Brown and Orange Comforter Set

Brown and Burnt-to-Bright Orange Bedding

Budget-friendly orange and brown comforters and bedding sets like these bring two warm and inviting hues front and center in your bedroom.

Like this model room, you can opt for a down-to-earth color palette, or like some of the comforters and bed sets below, go for sunny orange and rich brown. It's a nice balance of the sun above and the earth below.

No matter which tone you choose, orange and brown make a fabulous color duo in creating your cozy retreat: your bedroom.

Click on the image captions to see more about the bedding sets.

Brown and Burnt Orange Bedding: 3-Pc Solid comforter Set

Your Burnt Orange and Brown Bedding: Going for Pattern or Plain?

While it may seem more exciting to go with pattern or themed bedding, if you've lots of accessories and wall art, choosing a solid colored comforter like this reversible brown and burnt orange bedding set may be your best bet.

With solids, you have the ultimate freedom in themed decor, wall art and timelessness. All ages can enjoy this comforter set, so it will  make a great investment for wherever your decorating interest take you.

Brown and Burnt Orange Beddding: 8-Pce. Comforter Set

Your Budget: Getting That Fabulous Designer-Look Decor for Less

Not everyone is cut out for interior design and decorating, and if you're in need of a little 'help' in this department, there's an easy solution. Here's how to get an amazing bedroom (and any room to come) without a lot of hoo-rah: 

Break your bedroom down into 'sections:' Walls, Windows, Floors, Focal Wall, Bedding. I'll give you ideas as I show some budget-wise bed sets that follow the decor plan. You'll see how easy-peasy fabulous decor can be attained!

Orange and Brown Bedding: 3-Pc Brown and Orange Comforter Set

Your Bedroom's Lighting & a Fab Brown and Orange Comforter Set for Under $40

Low-level lighting can really bring your restful bedroom retreat to a creepy halt if you don't bring in the 'bright.'

This model room is a great example of bringing in the light. Find images of model rooms you love that feature light-colored walls, use the images to build your color palette. Love the light in this space? Go for the sunny, bright orange and a chocolate brown bedding set, use mirrored pieces to reflect light, and opt for white walls and/or furniture pieces. Instead of heavy drapes, go with sheer white panels on windows and mirror the white on the floor with rugs. Don't stop with one model room; collect an assortment of pics with the light you want. Add that bright orange and brown comforter set, and VIOLA!

Orange & Brown Window Treatments with Your Bedding Set--or NOT?

Orange and Brown Bedding: 7-Pce. Bright Orange and Brown Comforter Set

Burnt Orange and Brown Comforter Sets with matching window panels may seem like a logical choice, but be sure your bedroom's size can support both bedding and matching windows.

Matching windows can take the attention from your fabulous comforter set. Use caution and try to reserve all that matchiness for different walls.

Pay Attention to a Model Bedroom's Accessories

Orange and Brown Bedding: 7-Pce. Bright Orange and Brown Comforter Set

Balancing Your Orange and Browns

Note how this model bedroom with its orange, brown and beige bedding stands alone without any supporting pieces beyond the comforter set.

Here, the eye stays on your room's biggest asset: the bed.

Did you notice the books under the night stand? I bet that came second past the bedding. Or, you may not have realized you'd even seen the books. The eye has a keen knack for noticing balance. This is a great example of accessorizing. 

Bright Orange and Brown Pillow Cover

Your Focal Wall: The Importance of Bedding to Your Brown and Orange Color Palette

Orange and Brown Bedding: Bright Orange 3-Pc. Comforter Set
You most likely are familiar with focal points and focal walls, so I'll be quick with this, but your bedroom's most important area is the point where your eye falls upon when entering the space. Of course you want the eye to be pleased, and not put off by clutter and any woefully-bad efforts at decorating.

When decorating, less is more: one big picture instead of ten small ones, one or two colors instead of an explosion of crazy hues, and finally, one pattern with solids. Now, I talking about one wall. You might want to mix patterns and color on other walls--especially if you've a large bedroom. Note how energetic this orange and brown reversible comforter set looks in  space with beige, white and tan. Collect several images of focal points you love and follow their lead when decorating for a designer look on a dime.


Add More Brown or Orange To Your Bedding

Brown and Orange Bedding: 7-Pc Orange, Brown & Beige Comforter Set

The orange, brown and beige comforter set here will bring light to dark bedrooms. Want more brown or orange? Add several brown accent (throw) pillows to the bed and use brown sheets. Take the pillows included in the bed set and toss them on a side or dressing chair to bring everything together.

While I'm inclined to go for one piece of wall art versus lots of little pictures, this collection of four framed pieces work well, as the pillows mirror the them in arrangement.

Keep your wall art a neat package and don't hang one tiny postage-size picture on a large, wide wall. I've seen that many times and it never works. Keep your wall art the size of your wall.

Note the picture on the right of the model room here. The frame fills the narrow space on the wall. Fabulous.

Orange to Burnt Orange Bedding: 4-Pce. Sheet Set

Add Orange or Brown Sheets Like Theses Budget-Wise Sets

As I mentioned, use orange sheet sets with your comforter set if it's lacking in this punch of color.

This sheet set starts at under $20 and is available in tons of colors. This orange is one of two bright orange shades. 

Browns from chocolate to a bronze are among other hues that can help you achieve the orange and brown combo you want in your bedding.

Be sure to turn your comforter down to expose your orange or brown underneath. Easy-Peasy!

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Chocolate Brown & Other Brown 4-Pce. Sheet Set

4-Piece Chocolate Sheet Sets. . .

like this one will for sure balance your comforter or other bedding pieces that have too much orange and not enough brown.

These sheets have great ratings, low prices, fabulous shades--high-energy hues--like the bright orange above or the richness in this chocolate brown.

And all they're available in all the sizes: a plus-plus.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

End Table with Built-In Lamp

Chairside Table with Built-In Lamp and Magazine Rack

Chairside Tables with Lamps Built In: a fabulous space-saver

These affordable chairside end tables--with attached lamps, are a great way to create a nice reading nook, where form and function meld and you've the space you have log been pining for.


I know I was a bit . . . er . . . a lot wordy but these end tables aren't the ho-hum design we might remember from the 50s and 60s; there's any number of styles to pair with your existing furniture and your space's color palette and genre.

The chairside end table with its white lampshade, black wrought iron-style built-in lamp  and magazine rack may well take the place of four pieces of furniture: end table, floor lamp, storage shelf & table. that's quite a bit in one neat package--especially if space is limited.

You can click on the caption link under the image to see more about the end table.

Traditional Chairside End Table with Drawer & Swing-Arm Lamp

Chairside End Table with Attached Swing Arm Lamp and Drawer

I love this slim end table;  its narrow design is uber-space friendly, and has an unimposing, off-white shade and a traditional, swing arm lamp.

Ideally, you can pose this end table chair side, but between two comfy armchairs and  move the reading lamp accordingly.

This is a nice little side table with a built-in lamp for reading--not to mention the drawer for all your chairside 'extras' like reading glasses, remotes, pens and whatever else tends to 'grow legs'in your living space.

Drawer View of End/Side Table Above

Here's the table's specs, but you can see more images at the link under the picture, here.

  • Solid wood Traditional End Table 
  • Swing arm lamp with off-white lampshade
  • Drawer and bottom shelf for extra storage
  • Iron-style black finish (on drawer handle and lamp components)
  • Dimensions:12" W x 23.5"D x 57"H

Chair Side/End Table with Built-In Lamp Magazine Rack

Mission Style End Table: a classic style that fits right in

While this chairside table is classic mission style, I can see it in a number of decor schemes, like traditional, country and the ever-friendly eclectic space. Too, its medium brown finish makes for one, unassuming end table--a definite win-win--especially for small living areas where narrow tables make for more . . . er . . . living. Imagine that?

  • Mission style end table with off-white lamp shade
  • Traditional Wood finish
  • Versatile design
  • Open-crate magazine shelf
  • Adjustable swing arm light
  • On-off rotary switch

Traditional Chair Side End Table with Swing-Arm Attached Lamp and Magazine Rack Below: the budget-wise space saver

Swingarm End Table with Built-In Lamp and Magazine Rack

While this end table and its built-in swing-arm lamp may look very much like the table I mentioned earlier: the table that hearkens back to our elders' days, the table is low-priced and boasts a fluted lampshade and adjustable swivel lamp.

Not feeling the honey finish? There's a host of finishes where you can pair a like-finish with your existing furniture pieces.

The magazine rack below this chairside end table can corral nearly anything from magazines to dog toys.

Uber budget-friendly and well under $100, this combination, floor lamp, magazine rack, and traditional, chair side end table--a great choice for both decor and furniture piece.


Two Elements, One Fabulous Result: a wood and metal chairside table with magazine rack & attached lamp

Metal/Wood Chair Side Table with Built-In Reading Lamp

Style in a Lamp Shade: Swing Arm Lamp Attached to Metal and Wood End Table with Built-Ins

I'm a big fan of metalwork and patterns when decorating, and if you like sophistication and the unique, this chairside end table with its built-in, swing-arm lamp, surely sports the lampshade. I know that's quite the job description, but this end table is deserving of a second look, and with several furniture pieces per space, that's a noble expression: a small--narrow at that--side table stands alone and gets noticed. Fabulous!

A mix of the elements: wood, linen and metal combines quite beautifully; don't you thinks so?

Iron Metal & Wood Side Table with Built-In Lamp

Your End Table Lamp: a play on chair-side design

Like the end table I talked about earlier, this round end table is a nice combination of elements. But what makes this table great (can you sense I love this one?) is its versatility. The round table top is a welcome interruption to all the boxy furniture pieces.

I love the twist design in the metal table base and the large lampshade is quite remarkable and is a great visual in your contemporary, eclectic or urban decor.

  • Round end table 
  • Sophisticated rust finish
  • Walnut finish wood end table-tray
  • Unique and artistic 
  • Wood and metal construction
  • Linen lampshade

My Absolute Fave: Glass and Wood Modern End Table with Built-In Floor Lamp

Modern Glass Top End/Side Table with Built-In Floor Lamp

I had trouble keeping the best for last with this end/side table that betrays  mid-century modern, Swedish design, doesn't it? The glass top table is round and the beautiful base is so unique, it would be a hard cry to make this end table look less-noticeable among your other furniture pieces. It promises to be a focal piece in any corner. I'm lovin' the drum shade and its sleek linen design. Totally clean. Add to the lamp shade, the attractive pull chains and finial, and this lamp is a double-stunner. Don't you agree?

  • Built-in tray table built-in floor lamp
  • Modern cherry finish wood base
  • Round tempered glass tray table
  • Linen drum shade
  • Satin brass finished pole and chain switch


Which chairside table do you find most attractive? Please leave me note!


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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Push Toys To Help Baby & Toddlers Walk Independently

Wooden Push Toys Help Baby to Walk: Wagon by Boikido

Walk-Behind Toys for Babies & Toddlers

Fun, stand up toys for babies like these are best at helping them learn to walk by "walking behind" and holding on.
Sound backwards? Indeed, but sometimes getting baby to walk independently may seem to be taking forever; some babies just take longer than others.
Scroll down to learn how to get your baby to stand up and/or walk using the simple strategies highlighted throughout this article, along with recommended (based on best ratings) walking toys and push behind toys for babies.

Push Behind Wagon Stand Up Toys for Babies: Boikido Wooden Push And Play - Mouse Wagon

Push Behind Toy for Babies to Walk Behind by Boikido

These darling quality~constructed Boikido Wooden Push Toys meet U.S. and European safety standards. Sturdy bottom~heavy base, these walker toys are on top when it comes to teaching baby to walk! Features include:
~Fun, colorful, easy-to-assemble
~Must~have for every child ~ encourages walking & balancing
~Fun Maze on both sides engages children's curiosity
~Recommended for ages 12 months and up

Stand Up Wagon Push/ Walk Behind Toy by Step2

Walk Behind Toys for Toddlers: Step2 Wagon with Blocks

Babies and toddlers can really lean hard on this Step 2 Wagon with Blocks while they learn walking.
The long base holds both toys and the included blocks, so it makes for an excellent push or pull baby walking toy.
The sturdy and steady platform helps babies learn to balance without toppling so easy.

While it can be frustrating, you must remind yourself that all babies are different; some babies learn to stand up and walk faster than others and chances are, there's nothing inherently "wrong" with your baby. So long as your little one is healthy there's no reason you can't help your baby learn to walk using playtime and toys as learning instruments.
Babies must want to walk; they need a reason to get from point A to B without the tried-and-true crawling method.

Help Baby Stand Independently Strategy:

Help your baby "Cruise" the room
Walk Behind Toys for Toddlers & Floor Toy for Babies
by placing soft furniture close together that helps
baby "cruise" the room without fear of falling.
I had one twin boy who was running while one was hardly
taking a step aided, so I was a bit desperate to 'prove' to
myself he was okay. Here's what I did:
Butt the couch up to a soft chair or two and
encourage baby to walk using the furniture
to cruise/scale the room.
Place the stand up toys where
they'll encourage a few more steps.
Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker from Under $20

Walk & Push Toy for Baby to Walk by Little Tikes

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Push & Play Turtle for Babies & Toddlers

  • Shape sorting helps develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills
  • Helps babies & toddlers learn colors and shapes
  • Ball popper makes for exciting cause and effect play
  • Safety feature keeps wheels have a locking mechanism
  • Sturdy handle allows babies and toddlers to hold on and walk with confidence--a necessary precursor to walking independently 
From under $25

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Walking Toy

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alligator Walking Toy for Toddlers/Babies

  • Helps babies & toddlers learn to walk
  • Sturdy wood
  • Bright colors
  • Makes noise as child pushes for engaging cause & effect play
  • Recommended Age Rating is 1 year and up

Haba Discovery Wagon

Top~Rated Stand Up Toy for Baby to Toddlers: Safe Push Behind Walking Toy

HABA Walk Behind Push Toy for Babies & Toddlers
The HABA Discovery Wagon stand up and walk behind toy is a sturdy, quality toy and encourages baby to pull up, stand and walk.
Helps babies from 9 months up to pull themselves up with a firm hold and walk with confidence.
Includes a cute plush mouse.
~Made of birch plywood.
~Measures 18.5" x 12.5" x 19".
~Baby & Toddler friendly rubber wheels

Babies Learn to Walk Stand-Up Toy

Step Start Walk 'n Ride (available in purple, too)

Playskool Walk Behind and Ride Toy for Babies & Toddlers
This step Start Walk n' Ride stand up toy for babies and toddlers to walk behind, has it all:
  • sturdy and stable base to keep babies and toddlers steady on their feet and confident
  • while they learn to stand and walk; it's two toys in one.

Few More Tips for Teaching Baby to Walk:
~Keep it positive
~Give Praise, Praise Praise!
~Stop when baby is tired
~Praise all efforts~even less-productive ones
~Don't overdo it
~Remember, once babies learn to walk, they run
~Buy yourself some good running shoes!

Woodpecker Baby & Toddler Push Walker Wagon - Bottom Heavy Wooden Base for Stand Up Confidence

Woodpecker Baby/Toddler Walk Behind Push Toy

This eco-friendly, Woodpecker Walk/Push Behind Baby & Toddler Walker is made of rubberwood.
Its non-toxic construction keeps baby safe while in their oral stage of development.
The steady base and large wheels help build confidence while babies stand up and take their first steps.
Help your baby walk while protecting the environment~ a Win~Win!

Manhattan Toy Stow and Go Activity Cart 

Wood Walk Behind Toddler & Baby Cart by Manhattan Toy

This sturdy, durable wood cart is great for babies and toddlers to stand behind and push their treasures.
  •  built-in activities
  •  lots of storage space
  •  heavy nylon pocket
  •  anti-tip braking function for beginning walkers
  •  colorful bead-bars
  •  chunky wood shapes with sorter
  •  space for dolls and all sorts of toys
  •  for babies 12 months toddlers & up!