Twin Bed with Pull Out/Slide Out (Trundle) Bed Underneath: Best Beds for Small Bedroom Spaces

Twin Trundle Bed: Sliding Bed & Storage Drawers Underneath

The Ultimate Spaces Savers: Beds with Slide-Out Trundle Underneath

These budget-friendly beds, with their pull out, sliding trundle beds underneath, make great options for those overnight guests and impromptu sleepovers.

Too, trundle beds are quite the space saver, and are a best bet for small rooms; simply rolling the extra bed away creates an instant tidy package in the space of a single, or day bed. How neat is that?
Kids' rooms can be a real challenge with their more conservative . . . er, small size, where floor space is at a premium. Opting for space-saving beds with trundles underneath just make sense: their attractive bed frames hide away two otherwise cumbersome pieces of furniture.

Metal Frame Daybed with Twin Size Rolling Trundle Bed Underneath
Rolling your guest bed underneath its twin seems all too easy, but what should be most important for your bedroom's space?
Several options come to mind when considering a trundle bed for you or your kid:  twin bed with single trundle below? Or, how about a trundle bed with storage drawers underneath? And then there's decor: classic white wood or black metal frame? Scroll down for answers and peruse several trundle bed options and make that informed decision that best suits your needs for utility, space and style.

Decisions, Decisions: Wood, Metal Bunk or Upholstered Daybed? Different Style Beds with Pull-Out Guest Trundles Underneath

Wood Captains Bed with Pull Out Trundle & Storage Drawers Under
Deciding on a particular bed frame that suits both you or your kid’s style, color and size makes things a bit involved.
While your first consideration -- the bed's size -- might seem obvious, options are very individual and numerous, I'd venture to say there is indeed a trundle bed setup that can meet several criteria in one fell swoop, like the amazingly designed twin over full (over twin) trundle as shown here on the left; it's a great setup for several kids of different ages. 

Best Bet for Small Bedroom Spaces: Trundle  Bed with Storage Drawers & Rolling Bed Underneath

White Wood Trundle Bed with Drawers: Best Bed for Small Rooms

Here's a preview of several styles, colors, frames and functions of bed frames with trundles  below to give you an idea of what's available. Further down I've included a selection of  similarly-featured trundles. 
I always begin my quests for decor and major furniture pieces with exuberance, only to be quickly overwhelmed. Hopefully, I'll succeed in making your decision for the ideal trundle bed so much easier.

Unique Bed Finishes Add a Custom Element to Small Bedroom Spaces

Best Bed for Small Bedroom Spaces: Rolling Trundle with Drawers Under

Budget-Friendly Twin Bed & Rolling Trundle with Storage Drawers = Three Pieces of Furniture in the Space of One!

If blue is your chosen color palette, this fanciful, wood trundle may be 'the' bed for your smaller bedroom. There's plenty of room to keep your kids' clothes for the week, while leaving space enough to turn around in--even in the smallest bedrooms. Like appointing any small room, playing it smart by going 'up' for furniture and decor always works for a successful result. You'll get three pieces of furniture in one unit with this smart trundle bed. I love the bed for under $425 (with free delivery) I'll say it's a go.

White Twin Trundle Beds: More Options When Decorating 

Best Bed for Small Space & Budgets: Under $300 Twin Bed with Rolling Trundle

Uber-Cheap Doesn't Always Mean Ho-Hum, and this twin size bed with rolling trundle underneath can take on many facades from cute cottage to tween trendy: it's all in the decor as this model room  illustrates The trundle bed's white finish makes this possible. I love the lavender walls and cute sheets finished with the purple shag area rug. It's kind of hard to see this bed . . . er two beds with the rolling trundle being under $300 (free shipping, too!).

Best Metal Frame Trundle Bed with Pop-Up Rolling Trundle Bed Underneath Twin Size Bed: lots of options

Twin Bed with Pop-Up Trundle Underneath for Small Bedroom Spaces

Pop up trundle beds, like this twin sized, metal frame bed, create either two full-height beds, or one large bed (with support). The metal frame has holes for affixing a headboard and/or foot board for a finished, more 'you' result in you or your kid's bedroom. 
I can think of lots of finished headboards: button tufted, faux leather, colorful designs . . . the possibilities are endless.
For uber-small spaces, having two full-height twin beds works for older, adult guests, where waking to a floor looks every  bit like rising to a mountain climb challenge, pop-up trundles are an alternative worth investing in. You'll have the height, stability and durability-at a fabulous price. Here's a look at the trundle bed 'at work':

Rolling Pop-Up Trundle Underneath Main Bed Unit
Twin Size Trundle Bed: Top Bed without Trundle Underneath

A Teen's Dream: The Metal-Frame Twin Size Trundle Daybed

Under $200 Daybed with Pull-Out (Rolling) Trundle Bed Underneath

Metal is a great option for modern decor, especially when space is limited. Metal also makes for minimally-appointed bed frames, so your room appears less weighed down by furniture.
Having a penchant for modern design, art and decor in general, I appreciate the more minimalist look these pieces contribute to your bedroom space;it seems much less complicated and cluttered when you incorporate low-profile pieces, like these metal framed twin beds with their equally- measured trundle underneath.
Metal Trundle Daybed with Pull/Roll-Out Bed Underneath

Notice how 'neat and trim' these daybeds appear in the models rooms. Use simple bedding to complement the modern palette with a fuzzy or fluffy high-pile area rug (I like flokati). With an equal dose of high and low-pile accents in your kid's bedroom, you'll have a balanced look both you and your kid or teen loves.

Daybeds with Trundle Beds Underneath: Best Beds for Small Bedroom Spaces

Twin metal Frame Daybed with Rolling Trundle Bed Under

Gender-Neutral Bronze Metal-Frame Daybed with Single Trundle Bed Rollout

I love this single-sized daybed with the roll-out trundle underneath. There's no limit to whatever decor you're inclined to go with, as the metal frame can support a traditional to modern palette with unlimited hues. 

White Iron Daybed & Its Cousin the Twin Size Bed with Trundles Underneath: a French Country Retreat on a Budget

White Daybed with Rolling/Pull Out Twin Trundle Bed Undeneat

Aren't these ironwork metal beds too sweet with their scroll work and French vanilla finishes?

I'm thinking pink floral bedding, ornate picture frames and frilly lamp shades best complement this twin bed with at-the-ready trundle bed you can roll out for an overnight princess or tea party.
Too, anything that looks 'English garden' will create quite a royal space. Put the emphasis on your little girl's bed and its  bedding and consider topping your space off with a size-appropriate chandelier for a fabulous finish.

  What do you think?

Twin Size White Iron Bed with Pull Out Rolling Trundle Under

Which Trundle Bed is Your Fave?

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