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Peach Colored Comforters & Bedding Sets

7-Pce. Peach Colored Comforted and Bedding Set
Breezy & Welcoming Peach Bedding & Comforter Sets
These budget-wise peach colored comforter and bedding sets promise to bring a simple, yet seriously comfortable charm to your bedroom without a lot of drama (well, the bedding at least) while decorating.

I've included a host of peach colored tones and several decor genres I'm sure you're gonna love, along with ways you can make your bedroom space a spectacular work of art.

Getting Started with Your Peach-Colored Palette

Peach Colored Bedding: 3-Pc Solid Peach Ruffle Comforter Set

Defining Your Peach Shade

I love this solid peach colored comforter set with layers of ruffles. It's just the right tone of peach.

But if you search for the color 'peach' you'll likely see four or five shades. I chose this set for its 'true-blue' peach hue: pink with a hint of orange; salmon color, but not so red.

Hmmm . . . peach is a tricky color, indeed but I say, 'if you see and like a bedding set's shade, go for it.

3-Piece Solid Peach Ruffled Comforter & Pillow Sham Set from Under $20

Peach Colored Bedding: 7-Pce. Solid Peach Comforter Set

Peach for a Warm & Welcoming Bedroom Retreat

The comforter set here, with its ruched fabric creates quite a dramatic and dimensional statement. While only a slightly deeper tone, you can see the big difference between this peach color versus the bedding set above.

7-Piece Bedding Set Includes: Solid Peach Colored Comforter, 1 Bed Skirt, 2 Pillow Shams and 2 Accent/Throw Pillows

Peach Colored Bedding: Solid Peach Reversible Comforter
Fifty Shades of . . . er . . . Peach: fuzzy peach-colored comforter

Here's a fuzzy peach colored comforter that illustrates the hues muted, softer side. I can almost see the fuzz and smell the actual fruit. Can you?

Note how well the muted grey wall in this model bedroom, the white nightstands and clear hanging light fixture works for complete harmony, creating a serene space where nothing compete for attention. I love it!

Peach Colored Bedding: 3-Pce. Solid Peach Bedspread Set

Remember the Bedspread?

This textured, solid color peach bedspread may seem like a blast from the past, but this bedding set is ideal for beds without a footboard, whereas comforters won't give you complete coverage and often require a dust ruffle (aka bed skirt).

The embossed pattern make this bedspread a unique contribution to your bedroom's decor. A bit more orange, this set will uplift any darker bedroom space quite nicely.

1 Solid Colored Peach Bedspread and 2 Pillow Shams

Peach and White Bedding: Modern Lattice/Trellis Duvet Set

Going Peachy-Keen with Modern Geometric Bedding

We often think of peach colored bedding as being more on the conservative side, but this 3-piece peach and white duvet set is a great example of going modern with geometrics.

Pair the bedding with peach and/or white pillows or go the way of the model bedroom here and complement the set with themed pieces for added interest, depth and fun.

Peach Colored Bedding: 4 & 5 Pce. Peach Comforter Set

Peach Medley Comforter: a blend of complementary hues

I love this comforter set with its kaleidoscope of colors that go well with peach in a playful way.

Notice the wall art in this model room; both have a modern, geometric design you can easily recreate with simple markers from a discount or everything's one dollar type store. Opt for a wall color pulled from the bedding, and you'll have a designer look you love.

Peach Colorful Bedding Set: One Comforter, Two Pillow Shams and Two Accent/Throw Pillows

Peach Colored Bedding: 4-Pc. Peach & Seafoam Comforter Set

Peach Color and Then Some: Classic Bohemian Style Peach Comforter Set

While this totally opulent comforter set has a host of fresh-and-alive colors, the overall impression can be any hue you choose by way of adding window panels, wall color or accent pillows. Bringing out your preferred color is really that simple!

Bedding Set Includes: Peach & Seafoam Green Comforter, Two Pillow Shams & Bedskirt

Peach Colored Bedding: 10-Pc Comforter & Sheet Set Peach and White

Peach Colored Bed-in-a-Bag: comforter sets . . . and then some

This peach and white comforter set with grey accent trim includes everything you'll need to dress your bed:

Bedding Set: Modern Peach Colored Comforter, Pillow Shams, Two Accent/Throw Pillows and Sheet Set

Peach Bedding: Solid Colored Bed Sheet Set

Tones of Pink: a forgiving and fun color to decorate with

Any shade of pink can work for the harmonious result I mentioned earlier, and these peach colored sheet sets are ideal for all the bedding I've included.

I'm a penny pincher when it comes to sheets but with this budget-wise set, it's easy to have comfort and keep to your budget.

Which is your fave among these peach color bedding sets?

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Blue and Orange Nursery Crib Sets & Bedding for Baby Girls and Boys

It's time to get excited! This selection of budget-to-luxury, blue and orange crib sets and related nursery bedding for baby girls and boys is a fabulous way to introduce a bit o' blue sky and a blaze o' sunshine to your baby's first room ever.

Your baby's nursery is one exciting venture; it's a first of the many decisions made by us moms, dads, grandmas, aunties . . . well you get the picture. Scroll down for lots of nursery bedding options in this glorious orange and blue color duo, and at the bottom of this post, I wrote my almost unbelievable nursery-theme story.

Luxury Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding: New Arrivals Orange Crush Crib Set

Getting Started with Your Baby's Blue  Orange Nursery Decor: sooOOOOO exciting, isn't it?!

Isn't this orange and aqua blue nursery bedding set fabulous?

This Orange Crush by New Arrivals nursery bedding collection is quite pricey by my cheapskate standards, but the attention to detail and the patterns are eye-catchingly amazing.

Fortunately, the Orange Crush collection is available in several sizes: 2, 3 and 4-piece sets, making affording this luxury brand reasonable. I suggest opting for the orange crib sheet and whatever bedding pieces that will be seen from the nursery's door without having to be right over top of the crib. Pair the orange sheet and say, the aqua blue chevron bedding with wall art similar to the orange and blue picture in the model nursery room here. You can even create your own wall art with orange and blue markers, craft paint or ink for uber-cheap!

Modern Luxury Orange and Turquoise 3Pc. Mini Crib Set: Fishy-Fishy

Modern & Bright: a Total-Happy Nursery: vibrant orange and turquoise blue

I love this 3-piece turquoise blue and orange crib set!

It's highly-visual crib sets like this Fishy-Fishy nursery bedding, that give you a fabulous start to your overall decor and color palette.

Not feeling the price tag? I've included a similar, yet budget-friendly crib set further down.

Orange and Blue Nursery Bedding: Suri 4-Pc Blue and Orange Crib Set

A Delightful Mix of Blue and Orange: Florentine, India & Moroccan 

This orange and blue nursery bedding is available in several of sizes and has lots of accessories for a 'worldly' presence in baby's first space.

For smaller nursery spaces, I would keep to the pieces shown here in this room, pairing them up with solid orange and blue wall art and other decor.

You can create your own wall art as shown using DIY wood trim, gluing it to a piece of wood, then painting--easy peasy!

Aqua Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding: Trend Lab Vroom LaLa Crib Set

About Matching Baby's Blue and Orannge Crib Bedding with Windows: or not

I usually advise against bedding with matching curtains, window panels or other window treatments. BUT, is this too-cute aqua blue and orange stripe window valance not . . . er . . . too-cute?

I'm not sure if my excitement over this blue and orange, Vroom LaLa nursery crib set by Trend Labs overshadowed my command of the English language, but sometimes I see bedding and/or nursery decor like this one and I can't think straight.

Not pricey, but available in 2 and 3-piece crib sets, the cute-as-a-bug-without-a-rug the matching window valance is perfect for even small nursery rooms. I love, love, love the model room here as well! The orange and blue is perfectly balanced. After you've checked that hand-me-down crib for safety, there's a host of spray paints that really stay with the plastic, metal or wood of the crib--they're certainly not the spray paint our grandma's used to contend with. Don't you love this aqua blue crib?

Orange and Blue Nursery Bedding Set by Trend Labs: Levi Chevron

A Bright Spin on Classic Design: orange and blue chevron nursery crib set

Once upon a time in a not-so-distant past, quilts were the chosen bedding from cradle to creaky bed. But moving forward, we've a ton of bedding patterns, styles, colors and density, this sunny-hot and cool-breeze crib set in blue and orange might be what you're after.

The crib comforter is reminiscent of a sweet quilt from yesteryears, but with a modern twist of bright hues--not at all the 'soft' quiet baby blues. Add the stripes and fun zigzags of chevron and you're catapulted into 'Yay, fun!' I love the blue and orange walls, although I would create a white and orange stripe bottom half for added dimension.

Luxury Orange and Blue Nursery Bedding in Orange Bird Theme

Some Luxury Nursery Bedding is Just That: Luxury

Little Orange Birds and Blue Sky Crib Set

I fell in love with this orange and blue little bird, 'Feather Your Nest' crib set and its related nursery pieces.

There's only one issue: there's no way  to make this luxury, blue sky and sweet little orange birds nursery bedding any more budget-friendly. Because the crib set can easily be that gotta-have bedding, you can keep to the crib set and forgo the matching window treatment.

For an unexpected spin on your blue and orange nursery palette, this luxury crib set is definitely it.

Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding: 4-Pc. Airplane Crib Set & Matching Valance

Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding with Matching Window Valance

An orange and blue color palette is a perfect pair but as seen in this bedding set, it may need a bit more orange.

Adding wall art in orange will help balance out all the blue. I'm thinking how easy it would be to create a picture with orange airplanes; you'll only need three segments per  plane. An uber-budget-friendly way to add kinetic art (artwork that moves) is to paint balsa wood airplanes--some in orange, others blue. Hang the lightweight planes from different lengths of fishing line secured to the ceiling. VIOLA!

Orange and Blue Nursery Bedding: Trike Crib Set

Just Plain FuN: Orange and Blue Trike Bike Themed Nursery Bedding--that lasts

The whimsy in this highly-visual nursery crib set with its orange comforter and fun, orange, blue and white dots that will play nicely into any circular pattern in area rugs, and/or wall art.

I suggest a super-cheap lighting option  that will look totally cute: Hang three paper lanterns--one each in white, orange and baby blue--at different levels. Use hanging light kits in each for a fabulous 'work of light' in baby's nursery.

The crib set and lights will convert easily to a toddler room (if you can bear to think that far ahead).

More Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding Sets Below this Uber-Cheap Lighting Idea:

Super-Cheap & Fun Paper Lantern Idea for Baby's Nursery
Here's a nursery lighting idea that will last far beyond baby's first year. The paper lanterns are available in tons of sizes, shapes and colors.

Under $10 Light Kit

Luxury Orange and Turquoise Blue mini Crib Sets: Vibrant & HaPpY Nursery Bedding:

Luxury Modern Turquoise Blue and Orange Dots Mini Crib Set

3-Pc. Luxury Mini Crib Bedding Orange and Blue
I was happy to see the paper lanterns in the model room (above right), although I wouldn't bunch them up like that. Mini crib sets allow penny-pinchers (that would be me) to create a designer look with eye-catching, key bedding pieces, while complementing it with budget-wise accessories.

Opt for cheaper crib sheets in orange or blues like turquoise or teal and pair the sheet with a designer crib skirt. Look for ways to create a complete crib set for less. You'll  be surprised at what you can create!

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Budget-Friendly Crib Set Option: Luxury/Designer Nursery Bedding for Less 

9-Piece Blue and Orange Blue and Orange Something's Fishy Crib Bedding
This blue and orange nursery crib set shares the fish theme and color palette as the luxury/designer bedding I talked about earlier. The price tag is hugely lower and you'll have nine pieces versus the mini set's three! While the model room here features a white wall, it does little for the bedding. If you're able, consider painting your nursery walls in a blue or any hue pulled from the bedding  for a cohesive, pulled-together space (like the wall seen in the luxury set's image).

Included Matching Blue & Orange Nursery Valance

Included Blue and Orange Nursery Wall Art

Which orange and blue nursery bedding crib set do you love?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why Drinking Tea on an Empty Stomach Makes You Vomit

My Favorite Iced Tea Glasses by Anchor Hocking!

Here's the answer to why drinking tea on an empty stomach makes you vomit. You're not alone. I had to find out for myself after one too many times of feeling sick after drinking tea. 

Today, I had yet another strange bout of unbearable nausea from drinking my big, delicious large cup of sweet ice tea before eating my bad-for-me-as-all-get-out, chili dog. 

I know I shouldn't be eating such a thing as a hot dog, but that wasn't my problem, rather it was the sweet iced tea I chugged beforehand--on an empty stomach. Imagine that.

Obviously, you have experienced nausea and/or vomiting after drinking tea of any ilk: iced tea, hot tea, black tea, green tea, sweetened tea, unsweetened tea . . . well, you get the idea. 

It doesn't matter what kind of tea you drink, nor does drinking tea hot or cold (iced) make a difference to your stomach in this case. 

 ALL tea has this necessary ingredient even though it tends to make one feel like vomiting when consumed on an empty stomach: tannin. 

YUP, tannin. 

Even if you have a cast iron stomach like I claim to have, drinking a mere 4 ounces of tea on an empty stomach can send you sailing to the nearest bathroom stall to vomit. It's here an empty waste basket comes in handy.

About  this time you're mad-sick to your stomach and wondering what the heck is tannin doing in tea if so many get sick from it?

Well, tannin is that fabulous flavor we so love, that bitter tang we sense on our tongue; the stronger the tea, the more tannin in the cup (suffice it to say, in your gut). 

Here's what happens when tea of any kind--cheap, imported, name brand, etc.--is brewed. It's important for us tea lovers to know: 

During the first few minutes of brewing, caffeine in regular teas, is released. You most likely know that caffeine is the stimulant in tea and coffee (jus' sayin').

Brewing after two minutes, tannin from the tea leaves begins to leach into the brew; the longer the tea leaves (i.e. in the tea bag or ball) sit in the cup or teapot, the more flavorful the tea.

Ever get an iced tea 'to go' at a drive-thru and it's fabulously flavored? Most likely, it's fresh brewed tea with plenty of brew time in it, thus tannin rich. You will have to eat before you drink the tea or you will vomit! For me, even a sip will do it.

If you're like me, you don't have a lot in your stomach at any given time. It's easy to get nauseated from merely drinking a half cup of tea on an empty stomach. You'll need to eat something substantial, like a bagel. I don't think a fruit cup will spare you; there's not enough 'weight' for your gut. I don't know about you, but right about now I'm visualizing my gut, with grapes and kiwi afloat in a sea o' tea, waiting for the 'tidal wave' of nausea.

Not fun. And certainly not pretty.

Here's a little tea tip you might find stimulating (literally): if you only steep the tea leaves for the two minutes I mentioned, regular (caffeinated) tea will be MORE energiZing and may not make you vomit! 

Here's why: When you brew the tea, as I mentioned, the first two minutes release the caffeine. It's not until about five  minutes later, that tannin and another chemical, theanine seep outta the tea leaves, and the tea loses its caffeine. 

That's right: tannin and theanine neutralize the tea's caffeine!

If you drink tea for the 'kick' you'll need to pour boiling water over the tea leaves/bag/ball and only let it steep for two minutes. Yes, the tea is far less flavorful, but chances are you won't feel nauseated or vomit when drinking it on an empty stomach.

If you want flavorful tea, let the leaves hang around in the vessel for whatever duration over five minutes you prefer. BUT, be sure you don't have an empty stomach when you drink the tea.

So, here's my tea-drinking mantra (best when you add a catchy tune): Two minutes; weak tea; big on energy. Five minutes of steeping, only after eating!

I know, that mantra is a bit over the top, but it will be well received if you're like me, and drinking tea on an empty stomach makes you sick.

What can you do if you feel nauseated after drinking tea and don't want to feel like you're going to throw up until next Thanksgiving?

Hmmm, that was a rhetorical question, but here's some things that may keep you from vomiting if you find yourself feeling sick from the tea:

  • Eat a piece of bread or other starch like rice for quick relief 
  • Eat or drink ginger. You can even break a tiny piece off a big root and chew on it; you don't have to swallow that chunk of root (please don't)
  • Drink baking soda and water--1/2 teaspoon stirred into one cup of water

Some folks complain about feeling like they're going to vomit, then throw up, and still feel nauseated. You can buy the ginger I mentioned at any grocery store's produce section, or you can get capsules at any drug or vitamin store. Ginger really works.

I experienced what seemed to be all-day nausea symptoms for some strange reason and only  had pink bismuth tablets on hand. They worked like a charm.

So,  that's it, oh tea-drinking peers. It's most likely the tannin in your tea making you vomit (with an empty stomach), and you're not going to die from some weird-unknown-virus-stomach-thingy.

BUT, PLEASE, PLEASE, NOTE:Why do I keep reiterating, 'on an empty stomach?' Because I don't want to advise/confuse anyone who may be sick in some other respect. This post is strictly about vomiting after drinking tea . . . .

Also, I am NOT a physician, and I sure hope you don't have a stomach bug or other serious reason as to why you are vomiting. This post is my experience and expression of why I vomit after drinking tea on an empty stomach (which I won't be doing anymore) and not to be taken as advice on what may be a serious health matter. Certainly, if you feel like you should see a doctor, by all means go! Vomiting can cause severe dehydration and I'd say, you should talk to your doctor if you are throwing up without relief.

Folks, the moral of this story is, 'don't drink tea on an empty stomach.' That's any tea: hot or iced; sugar or unsweetened; fancy or not. Just don't.

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Rose Colored Bedding: Comforters, Sheet Sets & Pillows

Rose-colored bedding like these comforters, bedspreads, pillows and sheet sets, can bring the majesty of the rose, the impression of nature's beauty, and everything 'fresh' to your bedroom space.

Rose-Colored Bedding:                                                               But What's Your Rose Color?

Rose-Colored Bedding: From Under $40 Rose Ruffle Comforter Set
The rose is such a lovely flower and an amazing color that's quite a delicate shade of . . . pink?

Defining the rose color isn't such a delicate procedure when looking the shade up on the color wheel. Rose is such a subjective hue; it's as personal as the love behind the rose bouquet. 

Knowing that, I've included a host of rose-colored bedding in solids, patterns and the floral (rose) print. Most will betray the 'official' rose color: halfway between red and magenta. Let's get started! Comforter & 2 pillow shams.

Rose Colored Bedding: Twin, Full Queen King Quilt & Pillow Sham Set

Rose-Colored Quilt & Pillow Sham Set Under $35

I love the versatility solid colored bedding affords. With this rose-colored quilt and pillow sham set you have the freedom to bathe walls in any rose tint, or go with white walls as seen here in this model room, and allow your bedding to take center stage in your bedroom space.

Queen Size Solid Rose Color Quilt & Two Pillow Shams Bedding Set

Light-Colored Rose Comforter Set from Under $40

This lighter shade of rose is quite the contrast from the deeper shade bedding set above. And while the color is more reminiscent of the rose bouquet I mentioned earlier, this comforter set quite luxurious and feminine with its rusch detailing (the reverse side of the comforter is smooth, though).
4-piece set includes: Rose Comforter,                 Two pillow shams & One solid color                                                                                                throw pillow. Several sizes.

Rose-Colored Bedding: Fr $35 Solid Rose Comforter/Pillow Shams Set

The 'Real' Rose Color Exposed in a Reversible Comforter Set from $35

This bedding set features the artists' and decorators' rose color, but if you're not feeling the solid comforter, I've included more feminine bedding below.

Set includes: Rose-colored solid comforter and two pillow shams.

Rose-Colored Bedding: Tommy Hilfiger Rose Comforter & Pillow Sham Set
Floral Design; Rose Colored Comforter Set by Tommy Hilfiger

The rose floral design in this comforter set can be used in traditional to modern decor; it's all in the accessories and wall art you pair with the bedding.

Here, it's obviously a fun, modern space befitting tween to teen girls.

Set includes: rose/Ivory comforter & 2 pillow shams

Rose-Colored Bedding: 7-Pc. Floral Rose & Ivory Comforter/Pillow Set

Traditional 7-Piece Rose Floral Comforter & Throw Pillows Set

Rose-colored bedding with the flower as design looks quite simple and harkens back to the simpler times of quilts (though quilt making was a task in itself, I imagine). The soft rose-colored tone is less a contrast of the comforter above but the blocking grabs the eye just as well.

Delicate embroidered rose vine detailing is ideal for country and traditional bedroom decor.

Rose-Colored Quilt Bedspread: Quilt & Pillow Shams Rose Bed Set

Feminine Rose Floral Quilted Bedspread & Pillow Shams Set from Under $40

I love this quilted bedspread; it's a bit of both quilt and spread with scalloped rose print pillow shams. 

The addition of lavender florals will lend an accent color for expanding your decorating palette. 

This budget-friendly bed set is quite homey, warm and fresh-air alive, isn't it?

Rose-Colored Bedding by Laura Ashley: Rose Print Quilt & Pillow Shams

Laura Ashley Rose Colored Quilted Bedspread & Pillow Sham Set

Not only does this bedding set by Laura Ashley feature the rose color you're looking for, but you have the rose flower print on this quilt and pillow sham set, too.

Having seen the price of this bedding elsewhere, I did a double-take head turn at the under $100 price tag (I don't sell these myself; I'm the forever window shopper.

Rose Print Quilt & Two Pillow Shams

About Those Rose-Colored Bed Sheets

I hesitate to use the word 'pink' where rose is our chosen color, but since rose is, indeed a pink hue I wanted to touch on how easy the color is to decorate with. Pink is a color you can't overdo; you can layer pink on rose on rose on pink on . . . well . . . you get my idea. I've seen bedrooms done in monochrome pinks. Note how well the two shades of pink . . . er . . . rose look next to each other in the sheet set below.

Budget-wise Rose Colored Sheet Set: Twin, Full Queen & King

Rose-Colored Bed Sheets: 4-Piece Set Solid Rose

16" Round Throw/Toss Rose Colored Pillow: Dusty Rose Accent Pillow

Once Upon a Time: Rosy Pillow Talk

As my title implies, I wanted to talk about accent (aka toss or throw) pillows and how times have changed.

This fabulous rose 'pillow' is, indeed, a pillow where you can expect the fluffy stuff in the middle, also know as filler. All too often I've been ready to order a throw pillow and it prove to be only a pillow cover.

There's nothing wrong with pillow covers but if you're looking for the whole shebang, be sure that gotta-have is the pillow.

16-In. Set of 2 Rose-Colored Throw/Toss Pillow Covers

Set of Two Rose-Colored Pillow Covers Under $15

Had the price been higher on these pillow covers, I may have looked elsewhere, but for a set of two, my interest was sure piqued.

The texture of the taffeta roses helps add dimension to an otherwise flat bed setting, something every bedroom space needs.

This pillow depicts the dusty rose color but there are a few other hues closer to the 'real' rose you may be looking for.

Where's the Rose Color?

Blue Rose Square Bed Throw/Toss Pillow w/ Bird & Rose

You may be wondering what happened to the rose color we've been looking at?

I added this wedgwood English style blue rose pillow as a reminder that incorporating other color into your original palette adds to your space's richness, its allure. 

Create a believable space using the colors you need for warmth and relaxation in a space you can call truly your own.

Which is your fave among these rose-colored bedding sets and pillows?


Disclosure Notice: Total Fab: Decor for Less may generate income via affiliate relationships with Google and other participants including Amazon Services, LLC Associate Program, wherein affiliates may earn advertising fees via relevant product-linking to Amazon and various sites.  

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Coral Colored Comforter and Bedding Sets

Coral-colored bedding like this large selection of comforter sets and related coral decor has the energy of the sun but with a hint of red and a splash of white. It's this perfectly blended hue that makes for the ideal color palette for your new  bedding set.

Coral Colored Bedding: Coral Sea Theme Coral Quilt Twin Queen King

Getting Started with Your Bedroom's Focal Piece: Coral Colored Bedding

Coral isn't just a color; it's a fabulous vision and a true gift from the sea. Obviously, the bedding here on the right features both the coral image and the coral color, melding both for a fresh, clean impression as only ocean-themed design can.

Not feeling the coral-from-the-ocean theme? You can opt for the coral color, taking advantage of the lovely mix of orange, white and red in a solid color   comforter set or fun pattern.

Either way, I've got you 'covered' below.

Coral Colored Bedding: 3-pc. Damask Solid Coral Bed Set

Solid Coral Colored Bedding

Here's a fabulous example of solid coral colored bedding. With its raised damask pattern, you've the benefit of a classic design and the versatility of a solid colored coral bedding set.

The  model room betrays how well the bedding pairs with light--or white--bedroom walls. There's two shades of white going on in this space: pure white and antique white. Neither shade clashes with the coral bed set.

Fresh, alive--and I'm loving it!

Don't Forget the Bed Sheet Sets!

Coral Colored Bedding; 4-Pc Set Solid Coral Bed Sheets

Coral bed sheets just make sense in your new color palette. If you're like me and turn down the top of your comforter or similar bedding, having coral or white sheets to expose the layers of bedding adds warmth and a welcoming touch to your bedroom's focal piece: your bed.

Aren't these budget-wise solid color coral sheets spectacular?

7-Piece Coral and White Comforter Bedding Set

Linear Design & Coral:  but keeping to a solid color

I like how the 'lines' in this coral bedding are featured by simple ruffles, while not taking away from a solid form, if that's what you're after.

Add a patterned coral colored sheet set as shown in this image to bring balance to all the coral.

Solid color coral and print: a bit o' both.

Coral Colored Bedding: Coral & Seafoam Comforter Set Twin Queen King

One-of-a-Kind Coral Bedding: you just gotta have it!

This coral color and seafoam green bedding set is truly a unique find. It's a bit pricey but not over-the-top expensive, and if it didn't have that amazing seafoam bed skirt, I may have overlooked the set.

Some bedding has the presence of everything fresh and new: a sunrise of coral color to start your day, and a 'cleansing wave' in seafoam to whisk away worries.

This bed set is available as comforter and duvet, with the duvet set being much cheaper. You can even buy the duvet filler and still be under the comforter price. Duvets are great if you tend to be hot or cold at night, as the fillers come in different weights.

Twin, Full, Queen, King & Cal. King Sizes

Coral Colored Bedding: 4-Pc. Lime and Coral Comforter Set

Playful Coral and Avocado Hues with a Bohemian and Classic Paisley Design: an exercise in the eclectic

Here's a more budget-friendly version of the coral colored bedding set above but with an accent of avocado-lime.

With just about any decorative design element, you can find a cheaper version, and this comforter set is the perfect example

This coral bed set is available in: twin, full, queen, king & Cal. king sizes

Coral Colored Bedding: 7-Pc Coral and White Comforter & Pillow Set

Coral Bedding with Matching  Accent Pillows

Comforter sets with matching accent/throw pillows like this coral and white, fresh-as-the-morning-air (isn't that a song lyric?) ensemble will save you big, as you'll have the full-on layered look that's so crucial to bedrooms.

It's here where decorative pillows in your chosen coral color really play up your decor palette while adding a warm and cozy appeal to the space.

QUICK NOTE: Remember, if you feel the need to wash the bed skirt before using it, use cold water and do NOT launder the skirt and comforter together. I'm a big fan of lightly spraying my washable bed skirts with a germ-killing aerosol instead of washing the skirt. Read your bedding set's instructions first.

Coral Colored Bedding: Modern White and Coral Comforter Set

Modern Coral Color on White Comforter Set: keeping your busy patterns under control

Here's an example of where using a comforter with matching window treatments (i.e. curtains or drapes) would be an epic fail.

Indeed, this fabulous comforter set is all you need to capture the eye and hold it: what a perfect focal piece!

Adding matching or equally busy patterned pieces may leave you dizzy and downright lightheaded. Not good.

Simple, solid white window panels--preferably sheer panels--is an ideal option. Keep the madness--and nausea--at bay and think, 'less is more.'

Getting Inspiration from Model Space Decor

Coral Colored Bedding: 3-Pc Trina Turk Coral/White Comforter Set

Trina Turk Coral Bedding Set

 First, and a bit off my promised topic, I've seen this identical, coral color trellis pattern comforter set for upwards of $200. Do NOT pay that much unless it's Christmas. And it's the last one. Anywhere. Ever.
While I'm not in the bedding business, I do know this bed set is a more affordable one based on those I've compared.

Notice the fun wall art in this model space. They may seem like intricate, fractal pieces, they're simply circles and arranged whichever way worked for the room. You can create the same artwork using a cheap school/math compass, or merely trace the lid of a large tub of margarine and color the circles with inexpensive craft paint. Easy-peasy!

Coral Color Bedding: 4-Pc Coral and White Comforter/Pillow Set

                                                  Coral-Colored Comforter Set for Girls, Tweens & Teens:

Bedding like this comforter set will last you longer than the few year lifespan of other decorative pieces.

Add new wall art and change out a lampshade or two and you're good to go another round!

Which bedding set is your fave?

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Burgundy Comforter & Bedding Sets

Burgundy Bedding: Burgundy and Black Comforter Bed Set Queen & King

Pure Opulence in the Bedroom: Burgundy Bedding 

Decorating with these plush burgundy comforters and bedding sets will quickly transform even the most banal of bedroom spaces from so-so to oh-WOW!

Your bedroom offers respite after a full day and having a look you love will add to your nighttime experience ~ there's nothing like climbing between plush sheets topped off with a dreamy comforter.
If you're like me, you love the rich look of burgundy, a sophisticated blend of deep red and a splash of purple and a hint of black; indeed burgundy is that complex, sophisticated hue that's easy to prefer over all else.
Dressing your bed in the burgundy comforters, bedspreads and sheets is a great beginning to a perfect boudoir.. I'll show you how to get started and give you some ideas for converting your bedroom into your dream room.
Scroll down to see lovely burgundy comforters, sheet sets and bedding in styles and patterns you'll love falling asleep to.

Your Bedroom: Getting Started with Burgundy Bedding

Burgundy Bedding: 7-pc. Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set Queen

Set Your Style and Creating Your Bedroom's Focal Point

I'm an advocate for beds being your room's focal point, as they're often the space's largest element. You'll want to go dramatic no matter what your room's theme.
Focal points are useful for introducing your bedroom's purpose ~ it's personality, 'vibe,' or flavor if you will. If you're going for a modern look, going with minimally appointed, but powerful decor pieces is the way to go.Each piece should have strong, clean lines, much like the burgundy comforter I've shown here.

Burgundy Bedding: 10-Pc. Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set

Your Burgundy Bedding & Decorating Around Your Bedroom's White Walls 

While white may come off as your least favorite among wall paint choices, it works quite well with this burgundy and gold bedding set.
Ideally, your bed should monopolize the space's attention and pale walls best support your efforts for a fabulous focal piece starring your burgundy bedding.
Too, sometimes we're not at liberty to paint (or just loathe it, altogether) and having such a strong contrast overshadows the blahzay walls. Notice how the walls look less 'white.'

You Bed: Creating Your Focal Point

Burgundy bedding: 7-Pc. Burgundy and Tan Comforter Set Queen & King

Burgundy Elements That Work

This bed set commands attention with its bold blocking and will easily contrast with lighter-colored walls. It's this unexpected, block design that works at warming your bedroom space while welcoming you and your guests.
Let your bed stand out and be the focal piece it can easily be, making your job successful with minimal effort.

Burgundy Bedding: 7-Pc. Burgundy Embroidered Comforter Set

Burgundy Bedding Yes, But What's Your Style?

If you're like me, decorating is the exciting part of your home's investment, whether you're renting or owning.
Getting started on a decor genre for your bedroom can take on several options. Will you opt for modern? Traditional? Country? These are options you'll need to consider when looking for bedding and accessories.
This selection of burgundy comforter sets are best suited for creating a rich, warm ambiance in your bedroom. Think high beds and fluffy textiles.
Opting for any of these bedding sets will get you the rich, burgundy and gold look you've been pining for.

Want The Designer Bedroom Look For Less?

Burgundy Bedding: 7-Pc. Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set Queen King

What Model Rooms Can Tell You

I've always loved dissecting those model rooms in magazines and now on the internet. If you're not so inclined to succeed with decorating, I recommend studying model rooms you like. Ask yourself what it is about the space that's most appealing. Is it the wall color? Furniture style? Pattern?
Collect a few images of your favorite rooms, circling your most favored pieces. Often times you can find very affordable look-a-likes for the more expensive pieces.
The strong hues of burgundy take over the space in this model bedroom with the lighter-colored walls and cream-colored armchair. Ideally, bathe your walls in a lighter shade when decorating with burgundy. You'll want all the "WOW!" your bedding can proffer.

Burgundy Bedding: Luxury Gold and Burgundy Comforter Set

Window Treatments & Your Burgundy Comforter Set

Often times you'll see matching window treatments being offered with comforter sets. While having all pieces match in your space may seem the way to go, if you've a small space or your bedding's design is really busy, you may want to rethink that strategy, as you may be overwhelming your room with too much 'sameness.'
Ideally, you're better to let your comforter stand out as the room's showstopper and having too many like elements will dilute your space's better pieces. The window dressings in the model rooms here reflect a successful pairing of plain and patterned elements. The comforter sets take precedence in the bedroom quite nicely, as they don't 'compete' for attention.

Burgundy Bedding: 7-Pc Burgundy and Black Comforter Bed Set

Decorating On a Budget 

Because we must check prices on each of the comforters I've featured here, it's easy to realize that there's a close relationship with cheaper bedding sets and their more expensive relatives.
As I mentioned, you can always find a cheaper version of expensive decor pieces. Here's a prime example of a cheaper burgundy bed set that will serve you well as your bedroom's main attraction. You'll have all the bang without the bucks.
It's easy to spend too much when decorating, hopefully the comforter sets in this article will keep you spot on and successful!

Burgundy Colored Bedding: 7-Pc. Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set

What is Jacquard Bedding? 

Jacquard bedding has been a traditional fave since its inception in the 1800s. Jacquard (pronounced, jack-ard) refers to a loom weave by a French inventor where it produces an intricate pattern we still love today.
The telltale jacquard design is obvious in this burgundy comforter set; it's ideal for a more formal bedroom decor where you're insisting on beauty, warmth and sophistication.
I think this bed set delivers, don't you?

Under $40 Burgundy with Gold Accent Comforter Set

Keep Walls Politely Quiet for a Restful Space

Burgundy Bedding: 7-Pc Comforter Set in Burgundy & Cream

Walls Do Talk; Keep Them Quiet

Much like I mentioned, earlier, burgundy bedding is a great choice for wan walls. I love this burgundy bedding set; actually, I love the whole space and it better illustrates the plain ol' wall conundrum than the earlier set.
Here, the walls seem to politely 'whisper' a richness all their own while allowing the comforter ensemble to be the keynote speaker.
Yes, your bedding is your space's most important element but your walls must speak the same language, hum the same tune, much like a back up singer (can you tell I'm all about visuals?).
This model room is the best representation of a harmonious, soothing space among others shown here. Just perfect.

Burgundy Bedding: 11-Pc Black and Burgundy Comforter Sheet Set

Your Burgundy Bedroom:  Focal Pieces Should Stay Front & Center

As mentioned in my first few paragraphs above, your focal piece--your bed--should grab your guests' eye quickly and hold it for a scant few seconds longer than its surrounds.
Obviously, with the similarly-hued walls the bedding has quite the competition with all four walls boxing the bed in and seemingly smothering it in a red sea of burgundy-gone-wild.
Follow along below as I discuss better ways of using wall color to enhance your space.

Solid Color Burgundy Pinch Pleat Comforter Bed Set

Adding to what I talked about above, painting your walls in an appropriate shade really isn't difficult.
The successful look in the room earlier was achieved by pulling a color from the comforter set and painting walls a shade or three lighter. Borrowing from subtle shades available in nearby pieces is an easy way to achieve a cohesive look that doesn't look contrived but very much like natural course of business.

3-Piece Burgundy Pinch Pleat Comforter Set Includes: Comforter and Two Pillow Shams

Keeping Wall Color on Course: add complementary hues to your burgundy bedding set

The wall in the model rooms above have a much lighter shade of the bedding but you can see just a bit of burgundy peeking through. The color really does a good job of complementing and not competing with the comforter set.
Burgundy and Black Bedding: 7-Pc Damask Black on Burgundy Comforter

The burgundy -on- burgundy room at the top of this article is nice, but the walls are competing with the bedding, almost looks like they're melting into one another. Keep your space a serene palate as possible, one you'll love retreating to--not from.

Burgundy and Black Reversible Bedding/Comforter Set

Uber-Cheap, Yet Uber-Versatile Burgundy and Black Comforter Set

I love this reversible black and Burgundy quilted comforter set. it's quite the warm and welcoming bedding set with plenty of density--a great start to your layered look.

A jewel in the making; don't you think so?

Under $40, this Black and Burgundy bedding set includes: Twin, Full/Queen or King Size Quilted Comforter and Matching Pillow Shams (one for twin size comforter).

My Fave: Burgundy and Gold Bedding Set with Gold Accent Pillows and Matching Sheet set

Burgundy and Gold Bedding: 11-Pc Comforter & Sheet Set

Incorporating Patterns into Your Space - Burgundy and Gold Comforter Set

This burgundy and gold paisley design comforter set is best accessorized with round elements and the lovely mirror behind it best supports the idea.

Noticing the patterns, shapes and texture in your main pieces will help you build a cohesive space by keeping in kind with all your additions.
Sometimes it's just a matter of being more attentive to these little things for creating the perfect look you'll love coming home to.
This bed set is available in all the standard bed sizes.
Doncha just love the gold pillows with the rich hue of burgundy?

What's your favorite burgundy bedding set?

Disclosure Notice: Total Fab: Decor for Less may generate income via affiliate relationships with Google and other participants including Amazon Services, LLC Associate Program, wherein affiliates may earn advertising fees via relevant product-linking to Amazon and various sites.  

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