Best Gifts Ideas for One-Year-Old Boys First Birthday

Chomp & Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy

A Gift Guide for Your One-Year-Old 'Mr. Busy'

These affordable gift ideas for one-year-old baby boys' first birthday, will provide those oh-so-important learning experiences while keeping them sufficiently and safely  entertained.

One-year-old boys are at different skill levels; some can be 'master of the living room crawl' while others are up and running full steam ahead and jumping in every direction.

These differences may make choosing the best gifts for one-year-old boys a bit tricky. But this updated gift guide is full of ideas to satisfy your one-year-old boy's curiosity, zest for life and need to explore while learning.

Gifts for Meeting those First Birthday Physical Mileston


Sit-to-stand toys are an ideal gift for your one-year-old boy is the best way to develop the new skill of walking and promote interest in taking that first step and final mastery with walking.

Toy Gifts to Learn By: Sit-to-Stand Toys

Janod Cray Doggy Cart Wooden Push Wagon for Toddlers

"Growing" Your One-Year-Old's Physical Strengths

A popular(and top-rated) toy, this die-cut wooden push wagon is a great toy for steering your one-year-old in the 'right direction.' Toddlers can fill the adorable puppy dog wagon full of fun 'treasures' and when playtime is over, the wagon makes for great decor.  

Melissa & Doug 50-Pce ABC Numbers Wooden Blocks

Wooden Toys are a best bet as teaching toys for toddlers. ABC/123 wooden blocks are great stacking and building toys where Mom or Dad can join in.

Adorable Wooden Pull Toys

Walk Along Puppy Dog by Hape

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

Wooden Musical Xylophone

  • Highly-rated & durable
  • Pound and Tap while playing musical favorites
  • Easily sliding xylophone provides many ways to play
  • Encourages audio recognition and musical development
  • Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials
  • For ages 12 months - 3 years

Push & Pull Toys Enhance Cooridination

Hape Dancing Butterflies Toddler Wooden Push/Pull Toy

VTech Sit, Stand and Ride Baby Walker

Vtech Walker Sit Stand & Ride Activity Toy:

One Year Old Boys & Girls Can Stand and Push
Walker Toys Are Ideal For 1-Year-Old Babies To Learn & Play

Your one-year-old boy can play at both levels: sitting on the floor while playing with the bottom portion of the toy and later, walking, pushing and steering--oh, my.

 ALEX Jr. My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

Wooden Activity Centers Like This From ALEX Jr. Are Best Bets for 1-Year-Old's & Up

Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Center Play Cube for Toddlers
If you like a tidy home and content One-year-old toddlers like I did with my twin boys, Learning/Activity Centers like this Wooden Activity Cube by ALEX Jr. Toys or Hape's Country Critters Activity Play Cube are total fan-tab-u-lo-so! The units are stationary, can't be knocked over (ideal if you have stairs), and heavy enough to support babies and toddlers on up to preschool. And all while the play pieces stay stuck to the cube! Nothing's worse than stepping on a plastic "brick" while barefoot--a real pain in the arch! I love the 5-sided play surfaces to keep non-walkers and 'standers'' hands busy while their brains are busy learning.

For Boys Who Just Have To Run & Jump  


Little Tikes Basketball Goal for Toddler Boys

The One-Year-Old Boy & Those Milestones

While the milestones are important, they're only guideline, another reference to give us parents a general idea of what we might expect. Every child is different and development of a one-year-old boy or girl can be quite varied from the 'norm.' Gifts that are adjustable and encouraging, but don't insist on a given skill and/or set size, are best for your one-year-old boy.

In my experience with three boys, I witnessed one boy matching those guidelines very predictably while my other two sons had varying degrees of adeptness. 
If you're really concerned about your 1-year-old, do consult a good pediatrician, but most times it's a matter of individuality that makes your growing toddler truly the unique individual he or she is--and always will be.


Floor Toys: Best Gift Idea For Two Toddler Boys

New in 2017 for One-Year-Old Toddler Boys: Fisher-Price Little People Loops 'n Swoops Amusement Park Playset
* * *

Add Play Area Rugs Like This For Under $40

Kids' Play Car Area Rug - Community Carpet Mat Large, 78" x 39"
When you have multiples at home, or just have company coming, molded plastic toy units like this one, Little People Loops and Swoops Amusement Park Playset by Fisher Price are your best bet for many reasons: Toddler-hood is a tough time of many changes and rapid growth; suffice it to say,they have a hard enough time learning to share what they consider, "Mine!" Other reasons are: Minimal mess, Molded Plastic is safer, Designed for one or more kids from one-year-old toddlers to Preschool (even slightly older kids), Cars can go in different directions at once and children will be active retrieving them. I love affordable activity area rugs; they're great under floor toys, and allow toddlers a soft place to extend their play space. 

* *

The Pick Up & Throw Down Game Toy Gifts that Engage 1-Year Old's 'New Tricks'

Fisher-Price Poppity Pop Hippo for One-Year-Olds

The 'Isaac Newton Phase': The Big 'Throw Down' for One-Year Olds

Take advantage of all those 'oops' moments with toy gifts like this Baby Go Poppity Pop Musical Dino. Babies go through long engagements with the throw down, pick up game that I've coined the 'Isaac Newton Phase' where babies learn things fall down, even after being thrown upward.
Yes, we might find this new found principle slightly annoying to maddening but it's an important part of learning, so why not provide the necessary 'tools' (i.e. toys in the 1-year-old mind)?
On-the-Go Play Roll-Up Play Mat for 1-Year-Old Boys
With this soft roll-up play mat, toys and travel just got miles easier and you'll always have safe, convenient, clean and QUIET entertainment your Mr. Busy can drop (probably more like throwing) the cars without injury to furniture and friends (yours and your toddlers). Of course, your baby boy will retrieve the them and start the process over . . . and over . . . and; well, you get the idea. Are you thinking wear him out and naptime, like I am?

My #1 Pick for Best Gift Idea for One-Year-Old Boys

Ride-On Toy for All Levels of Play: Floor, Ride-On & Scooter

VTech 3-in-1 Zebra Scooter Sit-to-Stand Toy Gift Idea for 1-year-old Boys

The One-Year-Old Picker-Upper

Here's my fave for best toy for one-year-old boys: Vtech 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter. Not only is this toy great for your one year old, its usefulness goes beyond babyhood and into preschool years as a kids' scooter.
Not only can your one-year-old boy strengthen his lower extremities with this ride-on push toy, he can pick up smaller toys and load 'em up in the little basket . . . unload 'em . . . load 'em up . . . and then rinse and repeat.
While all that activity may seem monotonous, baby boys learn to fill objects and learn when it's to capacity. Sometimes the simplest of actions can be great teachers.
Later on, this ride-on can be reconfigured into a 'big kid' scooter. I've included another view on the scooter below but the link here, at right will show you its many forms. Sturdy, budget-friendly, long-lasting with many option for play make this Vtech 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter a great gift idea for your one-year-old boy.

Determine Which Toy Gift Best Suits Your One-Year-Old''s Ability and Interests

The Cozy Coupe: A Gotta-Have for One-Year-Olds

Frustration-Free Gifts for Honing Your One-Year-Old Boy's Abilities

Defining a Gift's Value for Your Mr. Busy

One-year-old boys have so much to see and learn. Before I bought a toy or gift for my boys I determined what each child might benefit from most.
One of my twins wasn't quite up to par with his hand/eye coordination, so naturally I focused on those toys that best entertained those mechanisms. Every toy has its benefits in teaching your little one a specific skill.
This Little Tikes Cozy Coupe police car can develop one-year-olds' cause and effect skills and hand/eye coordination while developing lower body strength. I was a big fan of active toys, as my boys seemed to have 'built-in batteries' that were fully charged upon awakening.
And getting all that energy corralled and expended was easier done outside.Trust me, nap time does get easier after an outing. Now, that's one A+ gift!

That CrAzY Thing We Call Cause & Effect: Pile 'Em Up & Dump 'Em Out Toys for 1-Year-Olds for Boys

Step2 Walker Wagon w/ Blocks Make Great Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boys

Best Toy Gift Ideas for 1-Year-Olds Learning Cause & Effect

With my boys, including set of twins, it's toys like these building blocks with wagons and wheels that satisfied their constant desire to move . . . er . . .run and make and topple everything round them.
Plus, I loved the idea that the boys would be plenty tired having expended all that energy--a great gift for one-year-old boys to enjoy and learn by.
A definite Win-Win

Gift Ideas for Teaching Your One-Year-Old 'Mr. Busy'

Toys That May Seem Too Elevated, Work to Familiarize

Best Among Gift Ideas: Building Blocks Make Good Gifts for Baby Boys

Toys that Get Better as Your One-Year-Old Boys Goes Along

By the time boys are one year old, you may have read just enough to know that cause and effect is a milestone for one-year-olds but what is it that babies can benefit from?
Cause and effect to a one-year-old boy means, "If I dump this out, there's none left!" or, "If I stack these blocks up I can make it bigger!"

A Wagon, ABC Blocks = Great Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boys

Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart: Best Toy Gift Idea for Early-Learning

One-Year-Olds Learn Best While Playing: Gift & Teacher Toy

Being a mom, I'm a big fan of ABC blocks. I liked the idea of familiarizing my sons with the alphabet as early as possible; every little bit helps in the learning process. While these wooden blocks aren't meant to teach your one-year-old to recite the alphabet, they do a great job at implanting the letters into memory for later.
It's these simple principles that are the basis for more complicated problem-solving skills later on. Just giving your one-year-old boy the very basic of learning resources (i.e. toys) helps set the wheels in motion for learning--literally, one block at a time.
Kids have so much to learn in kindergarten and in my experience, anything you can do to help little learners recognize some of the earliest concepts, will be a big help. I know it may seem your one-year-old won't learn much with alphabet blocks but just playing with them as babies means those ABCs won't seem like a foreign language come their first day at school.

One of My Faves for Best Social Skill Toys for One-Year-Old-Boys:

Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza: a Fun Gift Idea for 1-Year-Old & Up Boys



Learning 'Up & Down' ToyLessons Learned by 1-Year-Old Boys

One-year-olds are learning what is up goes down; what goes hidden can be sought after. Toys that help little ones with this principle of discovery are usually among the most popular with boys--especially when there are balls involved.
I was always fond of toys that 'grew' with my boys, those that weren't disposable come the next growth spurt. This fun ball toy is one of the best in my 'book,' as more than one child can play. Since I had one child walking and one not, toys that engaged both stages and differing abilities that my boys possessed were a favorite for me and proved most popular with them.
At one-year-old, with plenty of growing ahead, I recommend investing in toys that teach as well as last.

Expose One-Year-Old Babies to the World of Books: the Electronic Learning Gift

Electronic Books for Babies Make for the Best Gifts--Even for One-Year-Old-Boys
Great First Birthday Gift: My First Book Good Night Scout By LeapFrog

Get Babies Excited About Reading: Top Book Gifts for One-Year-Old-Boys

I once read, "You can't have too many books with children." There's no truer statement when it relates to preparedness at school and learning in general.
 I believe starting a little one's interest in books can begin as early as one-year-old.
I used books as 'markers' in my boys' schedule. Book time meant it was naptime, or bedtime or a kind of clock where I would say, "When we finish the book then you can . . .." My kids knew what what expected after the book.
 If you're having trouble with the wind-down process, it's best to try a book!
Here's a few of the most popular books for one-year-olds where they can turn the pages while you read. Books make great gifts at any age.

Books for One-Year-Old Boys: Music & Reading-or Not

Best Electronic Learning Toy for One-Year-Old Boy

The concept behind this book line is simple: Your little one-year-old boy has a story read to him and soft music; there's no bell and whistles to get baby all wound up again at bed or nap time. Ideal for getting the most active little boys to settle in for the duration.

The Magic of Music

Present Your One-Year-Old with the Gift of Music

VTech Spinning Tunes Music Player: Great Under $20 Gift Idea

Great Gift Idea for One-Year-Olds: Musical Toys to Go

Ideal for a one-year-old boy's gift, this part toy/part teaching device, VTech Spinning Tunes Music Player, has all the buttons, music and songs that will teach your one-year-old boy to expect an action in response to his own.
What a great gift--it's a perfect music toy to take with you.
This VTech Spinning Tunes Music Player has all the buttons, music and songs that will teach your one-year-old boy to expect an action in response to his own. Perfect music toy to take with you--especially on unexpected car trips.
Lasting Musical Gift Idea: Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

Your 'Mr. Busy' & the Gift of Music

I consider musical toys a golden opportunity for all one-year-old boys to learn while having fun. When I brought my twins home from hospital I turned on the classical music and hoped for the best. I like to think I now have the 'best' with all three in college!
Babies are naturally attracted to music--to noise in general. With so many perks from music alone, it makes good sense to fill your one-year-old's world with music and lights.
LeapFrog My Talking LapPup (Scout): 1-Year Old Under $20 Learning Toy

LeapFrog  My Little Lap Pup Keeps One-Year-Olds Busy

We parents know the value of pick-up-and-go toys like this electronic My Talking LapPup for under $20. Your baby boy will lift the lid and learns to expect an action (that cause and effect thing): music, shapes, sounds, counting, opposites and colors--that's a bundle of energy, just like our one-year-old baby boys.

Lots of Activity in One Tiny Package: Just Like Your One-Year-Old-Boy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen: Under $20 Gift Idea for 1-Year-Old Boy


Another under $20 Pack Up Toy for Learning on the Go: Great Gift Idea for One-Year-Old Boys to Grow By

I was always aware of the surroundings wherever I took my boys; I wanted to be prepared for long lines and waiting. Small toys that have several functions are best for this on-the-go fun. You may need to help your one-year-old get excited about the toy by showing him the buttons and lauding his his every effort. It doesn't take much when they're a year old.
These popular toys have that promise of portability and fun in a pinch. They're affordable and promise over a year full of enjoyment, making them a good investment.
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Workbench

All-in-One Toys: Ideal 'Mr. Busy' Gift for 1-Year Old Boys

Toys that have a lot going on in one package were always a favorite for my one-year-old boys. They seemed to survive longer than those smaller toys I remember stepping on, fishing from the bowl--the toilet bowl-- and vacuuming up for so long.
I'm really excited about this fun, musical toy. It provides that all-important musical aspect that's both stimulating and educational. There's plenty of buttons to push, songs to learn and lights that reward cause and effect action. No bits and bobs; it's all there in one piece - and stays that way.

Why Dolls Make Great One-Year-Old Boy Gifts: My Story 

Melissa & Doug Annie - 12" Drink and Wet Doll

One-Year-Old Boys & Doll Gifts for Best Expressing Compassion

I believe every child should have a doll; they're among the best toys for teaching a young child empathy. At one year old, boys are imitating what mom and dad does and how they relate to others in the family unit--a very important part of learning to care about other's feelings.
When one of my twins asked for a doll for Christmas, I happily obliged--much to my husband's chagrin. I still remember his 'evil eye' while I browsed in the doll aisle. 
There's no harm whatsoever in a boy having a doll to 'care' for. At one-year-old, boys aren't aware of the 'boy or girl' gender role, yet.
I was touched by the tenderness and care my son bestowed upon "Sheila" (the doll's name) and his twin brother took a bit of interest in giving the doll her bottle. Although both boys had only a fleeting interest in the doll, I was happy to provide and be a part of this important juncture in their development.
It's crucial to recognize and nurture as many learning experiences your child encounters. Some may be just a bit out of the 'ordinary.'

A Final Note About Our One-Year-Old Boys

While I shared a lot of information about milestones and development, it's important to remember that wee ones are programmed to learn by having fun. It's easy to forget our babies are just one-year-old when we think of the big picture and all they're expected to learn. Barring illness, most babies learn by imitation, reward and 'try it and see' (cause and effect) behavior. Just focus on having fun and creating a healthy learning environment for a happy baby.
My best wishes for your favorite one-year-old!
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