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Rustic Turquoise & Teal Blue Furniture: SoHo Sophisticated with So Low Price Tags

Turquoise/Teal Blue Furniture: Media Cabinet Under $250

Going for the Artistic, the Fab & the Unique with Turquoise Furniture

If you've been following along with my blog here, I'm one of 'those' decorators that want fab but not the price tag. 

And when I saw my first pieces of rustic turquoise and teal furniture among a collection of other distressed cabinets and tables, I had a quest and several subjects on my hands.The subjects are these artistic tables and cabinets; that's easy enough.

But the quest was finding teal and turquoise furniture that didn't require we surrender our next
rent or mortgage payment-you know I'm prone (but we . . . ahem . . . won't talk about that). If you're familiar with fabulous teal and turquoise pieces like the console cabinet above, you
well know how much this stuff costs--a big ol' OUCH! on that one. 
I love pieces that are more art than furniture; they make the biggest impact on a space and you only need ONE!    


Under $500 (free shipping) Turquoise/Teal Blue Buffet Cabinet

Getting More By Opting for Versatility 

Uber-Budget Wise Furniture: Rustic Turquoise Handcrafted Cabinet

Turquoise Accent End Tables: the versatile piece

I can get be mighty cranky with some prices but you  won't have to get all riled up with this turquoise 'anywhere' rustic cabinet. I'm pleasantly surprised here with this cutie. You can literally put this furniture piece anyplace--I'm thinking bedroom, wine tasting room, any living space needing life, light, interest and art. Don't you agree?


Turquoise & Teal Chests & Dressers: Furniture with Form & Function

Turquoise/Teal Blue Bedroom Living Room Furniture: Chest with Drawers

Budget-Wise and Shipped Free (as of this writing)

I love ordering furniture and big accent pieces for the simple facts as these:

  • I opt for free delivery furniture pieces
  • Usually delivered to my door
  • I don't have to borrow a friend's truck
  • I don't have to pay for a rental truck
  • I save my back from strain
  • I preserve my friendship (with said truck owner)


Under $300 Turquoise Blue Furniture with Storage: Cabinet with Doors & Drawers

now this is Art . . .

Two-Door Teal Cabinet: Fabulous for Storage & Display
The artist in me is lovin' this rustic teal  cabinet with its distressed gold detailing and unique sunflower knobs that mirror the painted design. Now, this is FAB!
It has the rustic finish and a 
perfect blend of teal blue.
Like I mentioned, with teal furniture you only need one piece; really, you should only have one turquoise or teal piece per room or you'll take away from its regal-ness. After all, a space only needs one queen (or king, if you want to be correct).  

Keep your teal and/or turquoise furniture a Lone Ranger and place any others you might have in another room and outside of view from each other.  

Turquoise/Teal Furniture Piece: Blue Rustic Three-Drawer Chest
I love to see chests like this one, above out of bedrooms and in living spaces.
Doesn't this teal chest look great in this dining room? I have a bureau in my dining room but I'd trade it in a minute for a teal or turquoise furniture piece. Such chests are fabulous for holding your holiday linens, silver and/or better flatware (I'm too cheap to splurge for formal silver). 

Turquoise or Teal: which is it?                                                                        

Both teal and turquoise blues are very similar but if you see the two side by side
it's easy to note that turquoise is the brighter of the hues, while teal has a bit of green mixed in.

Keeping to Your Decorating Budget with Cheaper Pieces

Turquoise Blue Nightstand with Rustic Finish

Rustic Teal Blue Nightstand with Secret Drawer

 Teal & Turquoise Nightstands and End Tables      

 Here's a look at both teal and turquoise furniture pieces. I won't be a spoiler and tell you which nightstand is the 'uber-cheap.'                                                                                                                                                                      

What's your gotta-have rustic turquoise or teal furniture piece?


Here's a few other turquoise and teal decor ideas you might like:

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Lime Green Black and White Bedding

6-Piece Lime Green and Black Duvet/Bedding Set

Getting Started:                                your lime green, black and white focal piece

Two words best describe this lime green black and white bedding set: "Oh, WoW! I just love it!" Well, that's five words if you want to be uber-precise; I went a little overboard but isn't this duvet set absolutely luxurious, fab and loud?! 

Loud, luxurious and fab is just what you want for your focal piece and if you hang around me long enough, you'll hear again and again like it's my mantra (is it?).  I have a lot of those the older I get but great decor starts with one showstopping point of entry, so it makes sense to get it right from the get-go with your lime green and black bedding.

Needing Inspiration?                                      finding those budget-friendly ideas

Modern Lime Green, Black and White Comforter and Sheet Set
Have you ever gotten overwhelmed when you're shopping or perusing those designer websites and all their things are crazy-expensive? It happens to me all the time with clothing stores--of which I know very little. I could never figure out how I can find the right window panels at a dirt-cheap price but it's a real chore buying a pair of slippers. What's that all about? 
If you can relate, here's an idea for getting the best for less: copy-catting. I'm not talking going out and stealing the RL embroidered letters from the latest Ralph Lauren home collection and calling it your own but you can take cues from this model room. 

Aren't all those yellow, lime and black glass bottles amazing? Come time to crack open that next bottles of wine you can make your own. Just pour in cheap craft acrylic paint in the bottles and other leftover glassware, turn the glass piece around and pour out the remainder. I've included a how-to video I found on YouTube. For Under $5 you can make several pieces in your lime green and black bedroom palette.  Think outside the box on things you see and love and chances are you can create your own.

Using Patterns to 'Create' Space:                     lines make your bedroom larger

7-Piece Budget-Wise Comforter Set
I'm sure you know that a simple line can't add inches to your bedroom but we know if we've a few extra inches on our hips we should stay away from wearing horizontal lines or that dress will really make our butt look big (it's true). We can get back at those 'mean 'ol lines' and use them to our advantage with our  bedroom decor. Just remember: horizontal lines/stripes make a room look wider; vertical lines make the room appear longer or deeper. 

Black and Lime Green Comforter Set by Sweet JoJo
Reversible Lime Green and Black Bedding

My New Love:
           Stacked Ball Table Lamps
Set of Two Stacked Ball Nickel & Linen Shade Table Lamps

Here's a look at my latest crush: the stacked ball table lamp; actually, this is a set of two standard-sized lamps for under $60. How cool is that? The style is really all you need if you're looking to save money. You won't need crystal or other expensive material for the lamp's base. These lamps have linen shades which I find surprising considering their low cost. 

Going Uber-Cheap:                                                     your budget isn't so bad after all

Lime Green and Black Zebra Print Comforter Set
Tweens and teens love the lime and black color combo; add zebra stripes to it and you've a dynamic duo like with this uber-cheap comforter set for well under $40.

Pair this comforter up with a budget-friendly lamp or pendant like the puzzle globe lamp below and you've a fabulous focal point for under $50!

Large Lime Green Puzzle Pendant Lamp for Under $15
Yup, you got that right: under $15 for the large lime green lamp. It's available in a host of fun colors and will add volumes to your bedroom's color palette. With both the lime and black zebra comforter set and the pendant lamp you're already one fab focal point where ll that's needed is a rug, pillows and wall art. Easy-peas.

Lime Green Window Panels: Super Cheap @ Under $10 Pair
Saving on window dressing:                             sheer panels
 Window sheers are the best kept secret when decorating on a budget. These lime green panels are under $15--for the pair. While they're available in a ton of fun colors, I suggest using whatever color best supports your needs. For bedding that's a little lax on lime, go for these panels or if the bedroom needs more light, go for white panels. For extra fun, go for a lime, hot pink, lime hot pink pattern. Sheers look great with two colors per window.  

Super-Cheap Lime Green Adjustable Arm Task Lamp

As Promised:                                                       turn old wine bottles into Total FAB!

I'm loving all the projects here in this short video but if you're not  fan of arts and crafts, just go to any craft or discount store, buy cheap bottles of acrylic lime green, black--whatever color of craft paint you want for under $2 (some for under $1!) per bottle and dump it into any empty clear bottle you love the shape of. Turn said bottle upside down; drain. 
So, in less than one minute, you've an amazing new vase!

You might like this collection of lime green and black bedding sets and decor ideas I talked about, here: Lime, Green and Black Bedding Sets and Decor Ideas

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Large Wall Decal Chalkboards for Kitchens--and Any Place

Wall decals are one of the best kept secrets next to that eccentric colonel's chicken recipe.  I've yet to figure that recipe out but I swear I've come close a time or three.

It's true!

Er . . . back to these Total FAB wall decal chalkboards in black or white; they're even available in the schoolhouse green chalkboard. I want to suggest the blackboards for modern kitchens, though, as these decals best show off your stainless appliances in the kitchen.  Note how well the wall decal blackboard contrasts with  the stainless (nickel, really)  drafting lamp.  

Wall Decal  Chalkboard:                constant reminders calendars  

Set of 4 Wall Decal Chalkboard for Kitchens & Home Offices

Large Wall Decal Chalkboard Mural-Style

Large chalkboard wall decals like this one, here make a great impression. I love its simplicity and the idea you can add your own style of fun or fancy. Notice how the drum shade pendant lamp both contrasts with the blackboard while its classic black design melds with the decal.

Large-to-Huge Chalkboard Wall Decal

budget-smart uber large
chalkboard wall decal

You can easily trim this chalkboard to fit your space or wall area. All you need is a pair of regular scissors and a yardstick. I recommend a level or T-square to keep things straight and super-neat. This large chalkboard wall decal is uber-cheap and you can create the shape you want. 

If you're artistic, consider using a Sharpie pen to add designs or themed images that will support your decor and withstand the constant, chalkboard erasing and cleaning.   

Getting Fancy                                  

    with your chalkboard

Fancy 'Framed' Large-Size Chalkboard Wall Decal

Oh, boy, these large wall decal chalkboards are 
fabulous for our fancier side with their ornate frame designs. And there seems to be no shortage of fancy frame styles, so I'll include several in my post, here.  

If you're looking for more sophisticated, finished wall decor consider square chalkboards like this one on the right; its 'frame' will give you the structure you want and it's topped off with a classic trim design. 

choosing your blackboard shape: oval or square?

Large Oval Chalkboard Wall Decal

Warm decor needs a healthy mix of 
shapes, textures and layers.
If we all lived at the dentist's office, 
great; keep the boxes. Nobody cozies
 up to the x-ray machine and melts into 
the dental chair with a best seller. So, 
yeah, we need some 'warm and cozy' 
now and again. 

Take a breather from the box and be
 sure to use the occasional rounded 
edge in every living space you have.  

Going for straight lines only seems natural when it comes to wall art; we think 'frame,' so that must mean rectangular or square but using rounded shapes like oval for your blackboard is a great way to steal away from all that linear design our rooms tend to boast. Kitchen have boxy refrigerators, while home offices sport desks. All these linear arrangements can make a space harsh and not at all warm and welcoming. 

Fancy Frame Large Size Chalkboard Wall Decal

Please be Reminded:                                      large wall calendars

Large Chalkboard Monthly Calendar Wall Decal

I'm the world's worst at remembering dates and appointments. What's even worse, is when I forget those dates and times, I get on the big guilt trip roller coaster we moms are famous for. Despite my cell phone, I forget the date the minute I hang the phone up, so miss putting the date in my app!

Having a wall calendar at the ready is a great way to get those dates and time down without having a bulky dry erase board.    

Large Chalkboard Decals:                         for the kitchen & refrigerator 

Large Wall/Refrigerator Decal for Kitchens

This blackboard decal is made for refrigerators but you don't have to literally stick to the rules on this one. But the decal's size is large and well designed for appliance use and you can certainly have the chalkboard are your ideal height--something we short folks appreciate.

Big time.  

Large Chicken/Rooster Wall Decal Chalkboard
Other fun blackboard shapes for your wall or refrigerator

Refrigerator Wall Decal with Bird Design

What do you think about these chalkboard 
wall and refrigerator decals? I'm lovin' 'em all!
Please share your ideas and share a pic
or two if you have something fabulous.  

Here's some of my home decor idea faves: 

Fabulous for Less: Laundry Room Decor

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Earth & Sky: Blue and Beige Comforters & Bedding Sets

Under $40 8-Piece Blue and Beige Bedding Set
Blue and beige comforter sets and other, related bedding like these, lend an air of ethereal purity, the perfect hues for your creating a bedroom befitting a retreat: yours.

Let's have a look at the many bedding options in your planned color palette: blue and beige and together with some basic decorating 101 tips, we'll chisel away at each and make determining your fave a whole lot easier.

                     your bedroom's focal point

9-Piece Classic Blue and Beige Comforter/Bedding Set

If your interpretation of serene is light and bright, keep
to blue and beige bedding and surround yourself with
natural elements like wood, glass and grass weave pieces.

Beds are most likely your space's largest contribution and they're a vital part of our bedroom's decor--that much we know but it's the style bedding we're after that often eludes us when we get started.

You'll need to determine what 'voice' you want your blue and beige bedding to introduce into your space. 

Odds are, you want a serene retreat for a bedroom but what's your idea of serene?

At left here, is a quiet, traditional blue and beige comforter set that is emboldened by the white furniture and accessories. There's nothing loud about this fresh and bright palette. 

Set of 2 Budget-Friendly Lamps with Drum Shades

not all neutral is Plain-Jane

Metal finishes like these silver ball
post lamps with their beige drum shades
are a great choice to pair with your new bedding, as they can easily meld with  contemporary, modern or even Hollywood Regency decor. 

Indeed, they're fabulous to admire but they have the neutrality you'll enjoy with each room redo.     

It's the Little Things:                    borrowing design
8-Piece Blue and Beige Traditional Floral Comforter Set
I just love this beige, brown and
blue bedding here on the right.                                 
The vine-like twigs seem to 
meander rather delicately; you 
can almost feel a warm crisp
day upon sight of this bed. 
It's here you can take your
 cues from when 
opting for other pieces like 
the bedside table below. 

Birds on a Branch Nightstand/Lamp Table 

Coordinating Decor:                                                        Less is More 
The winding branch design on this lovely nightstand
are a feature borrowed from the comforter set, above.
If you're not looking for such detail in your furniture, 
consider adding a few natural twigs in a neutral vase.  

Or add wall art with a simple twig design. Try not to make
branches look too obvious, 'gracing' every table, print and
doo-dad. You don't want to create a bonfire, keep to the
'rubbing-two-sticks ideal; too much of anything will thwart your efforts for well-balanced decor.

Fabulous Wall Art:                                                                               a mix of hues

Abstract 3-Panel Blue Brown and Beige Wall Art
Abstracts are a great way to have a new piece of art every time you behold its beauty, as its complexity affords you to see it differently with every shift of the space's light.

Keep your artwork a mix of shades; it doesn't have to be about a perfect match.
And wall art should never be all about matching your upholstery or bedding.

This painting has a blend of tones with
brown mixed in--perfect for your planned
decor but most notably, beautiful.  

Getting Warmer:     medium blue and beige bedding

8-Piece Beige and Blue Comforter Set
You don't have to keep to lighter blue hues
with your bedding; medium shades of blue like those in these next few comforter sets can  work at creating an even warmer bedroom environment. 

Keep your space on the bright side with my

faves: sheer white window panels. 

Go Light on the windows: sheer panels                
 A light dressing on your windows won't compete with
 your bedding and they'll let all the natural light in. 

Note how in these model rooms the windows are devoid of 
heavy dressing; this is done to show off the fabulous bedding.
It doesn't look too 'missing something' does it?

Allow your bedding to earn its keep and take center stage.

10-Piece Blue and Beige Comforter & Sheet Set

Silver Finished Metal Night Table

Sparkle & Shine

I'm lovin' this uber-cheap [dare I say it]
but highly lauded for its form and function
as a fabulous addition to your blue and
beige bedding.

This table is so many things:
it's bright, alive, simple and

A picture-perfect mate for your
blue and beige palette.
Shhhh! Don't tell
how much it was; they'll
never guess.

blue and beige in stripes

     Stripes make a great design for your bedroom’s focal piece. Not all striped bedding is contemporary or modern-only and many pieces like this classic blue and beige bedding set.

 Too, this comforter is gender-neutral, so you would do well to fit this set into your guest bedroom. Consider pairing it up with the silver accent table above or the ever-so-versatile white nightstand below. 

     Isn't this comforter fresh and breezy?                                                                                           

8-Piece Uber-Cheap Blue and Beige Comforter Set
Grabbing patterns from your Bedding:                      more elements of design            

If you look at the design in this lighter blue,taupe, white and beige comforter set, you'll notice a starburst-type design.

Much like the bedding above with its twisted
vine design and the coordinating ideas for the metal table, this bed set will look fabulous with
the starburst (also known as sunburst) mirror 
Great spaces have hints of its best features
sprinkled about the room. Note the lamp shade here in this model room; it mirrors
the taupe in the pillow shams and again in 
the foot of the comforter.   

'Mirror' Your Design:                                      sunburst mirror

Large Budget-Friendly Sunburst Wall Mirror

The sunburst mirror here, will certainly deliver, you'll have an extra bit of reflected light
as it's bounced about your space. For super dark spaces--especially bedrooms with no or not enough windows, you'll need a mirror for sure. And add plenty of white to your bedroom. White is a great reflector where dark hues tend to 'soak up' all the space's light like a gnarly kitchen sponge (pardon the drama, here). I'm loving this mirror with its weathered finish and multi-dimensional frame. 
Plus, this sunburst mirror and its design is a close match to the bedding's 
own pattern without being contrived, like you're trying too hard to be matchy-matchy.

 same idea;                                                   different approach         

8-Piece Beige Blue and White Comforter Set
You'll love this predominantly white contemporary bedding set with blue, grey and beige detailing. Its design, much like the comforter set above, has the telltale sunburst pattern but in a much more contemporary/modern look and feel. 
For uber-dark bedroom spaces, I suggest a bed set much like this one. The white is a fabulous projector of light, don't you think so?  

Getting a designer look--                                even if you're not

Designer rooms can be mighty pricey, that much we do know but what we all don't share is the natural ability to put a space together. But you can have the room of your dreams and not the bedroom of your nightmares by keeping a file with full of all your faves. 

 Study model rooms and determine what you like most in space.   

Keep a file on your computer or a hard copy in a notebook; just keep it handy and clip anything you love tucked inside. I included a blue and beige comforter set here, with a stacked ball or bubble lamp, much like in the picture. 

See more out this comforter set on Amazon:
7-Piece Blue and Beige with Chocolate Brown Accents

Clear Stacked Ball Table Lamp

What you need for your wish file~                                       jot down the following:

  • color
  • shape
  • size
  • shape
  • any unique features that appeal to you most
After you have a whole host of gotta-wanna-haves, study the models rooms you see in the bedding images and pick out your ultimate fave and figure out which of those wishlist items fit best for the model room's copy. 

How easy-peasy is that?!   

Fabulous Ideas: 
Remember, you just want to get ideas, not carbon copies--unless you want exact replicas. But don't stress about getting look-alikes; just the suggestion, color, size, etc. will do the trick. Here's an uber-versatile blue, beige and brown comforter set that budget-friendly. I added in a brown vase to replicate the table accessory. As I said, decide what it is about a room, its furniture, wall art, accessories and go with that and you'll succeed.    

Accessory Idea: Brown Vase

8-Piece Blue and Beige w/ Brown Bedding Set


Tree Branch & Bird Night Table

Cottage Charm

While the model room here has an amazing white iron bed, don't discount the beautiful quilted blue and beige bedding set just yet. The lovely, simple but so quaint it seems cottage-posh, doesn't it? The birds on their branches will work perfectly with this glass top table. It's the perfect bed set and night table combo for a small room with white, beige or cream walls. Love it!   

Blue and Beige Bird & Floral Bedding


Versatile Blue and Beige Bedding Set:     the two-faced 'friend'

7-Piece Turquoise Blue and Beige Bedding Set

I know, I can be a bit overly dramatic when talking interior design and decor. The beige and blue comforter set here on the right with its brown accents can take on a host of decor styles like traditional, contemporary and even zen.

How cool is that?

The brown vase I talked about earlier, will pair up well with this bedding set. Go for uber-cheap white sheer panels for your window dressing. You'll save big while adding to your bedroom's master plan. 

Notice how well the throw pillow with the leaf

motif will pair with the brown vase, above.
Little things like a leaf can connect two unrelated pieces.

More Model Room Inspiration:                                                               

Set of 2 White Nightstands

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